Lindsey Buckingham – a fireball Libra

Lindsey Buckingham, best known as lead guitarist and singer with Fleetwood Mac through its glory days, has announced a new solo album along with the news that he is divorcing his wife of 21 years Kristin Messner. Amidst tales of rolling melodrama and conflict he and Stevie Nicks, his romantic and musical partner of the time, raised the band to global heights in the 1970s/80s and after a decade’s break he returned in 1997 only to be fired in 2018. Rock n’ roll took its toll and he had open heart surgery in 2019.

  He was born 3 October 1949 1.53 am Palo Alto, California and has a Libra Sun, Mercury and Neptune which sounds easy-going enough. Except that his Sun is in a rebellious square to Uranus. He also has a high-octane, steamroller Mars Pluto in Leo square Venus in Scorpio which will make for super-intense emotional reactions. His 7th house Aquarius Moon is the exact opposite, making him an odd mix of dependent and emotionally detached. A creature of opposites.

  His singing partnership with Stevie Nicks which was superlatively successful is intriguing astrologically since his megaton Mars Pluto was conjunct her Saturn Pluto in her 5th which is some combination. With his Jupiter falling in her career 10th boosting her chances of making it. And her Jupiter falls in his performing 5th house.

   Although her Gemini Sun fits his Libra Sun and her Venus in Cancer was semi-OK with his watery Venus in Scorpio, it would be a tearing-flesh kind of connection, which eventually became too much to bear.

   His about-to-be-ex-wife Kristin Messner, a former photographer, does have her Pisces Sun and Mercury in his 7th house which is a good crossover and her Venus in Pisces in his 8th for a deep connection. Her Jupiter hovers around his IC which would be supportive at a family and domestic level. Though her Uranus conjunct his Sun would bring a few tensions and her Mercury opposition his Mars Pluto some bitter arguments. She has a powerfully determined Yod of Mars sextile Mercury inconjunct her Pluto so she would be a match for him.

  Their relationship chart is a mix of supportive, adventurous, affectionate and strained. The composite Sun, Mercury, Jupiter opposes Mars and trines Uranus which looks fun. The Moon probably conjunct Venus is comforting. But the Yod of Mars sextile Uranus inconjunct Venus would bring emotional tensions.

  Lindsey’s Sun/Moon midpoint at 19 Sagittarius has been catching the transiting Neptune square in the past two years; and Kristin’s Sun/Moon in the last decan of Capricorn will have suffered from the tr Uranus square tr Pluto of the past few years. And their relationship chart has had tr Neptune undermining the Jupiter, Mercury and Mars, as well as tr Pluto square tr Uranus hitting on the Venus in recent years.

  At the moment he has both Pluto and Saturn moving through his 6th house of health – tr Pluto had just moved in when he had heart surgery in early 2019 – so he will need to be cautious but if all is well then Saturn is heading in the right direction in terms of career for a few years ahead. Jupiter will also bring more money his way through 2022, moving through his 8th and a good year success-wise in 2024.


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  1. Thank you so much for this, Marjorie. It sure does explain a lot more about him and Stevie than anything else I’ve come across! Those powerful 5th house connections between them – the romance, the creativity, the risk-taking – sure are intriguing astrologically, as you say. Such a shame about his divorce. Really wish they could weather the transits as they seem to be a pretty good match and he isn’t one who could do without the friction anyway, as that seems to spark his genius. It’s funny how we do partner up with people who reflect our own inner challenges, the way that his wife’s Uranus conjunct his Sun reflects his natal Uranus/Sun square. I often feel sorry for Sun Libras because the ones I am close to always seem a bit confused as to why they don’t feel too in sync with how they’re described. Inevitably, they are going to have something in Scorpio which belies that super-sweet Libra charm. I sure hope he pulls through everything and I certainly look forward to his new music – should be interesting.

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