Leonardo di Caprio – running on the same treadmill

Leonardo di Caprio’s repetition compulsion for losing girl friends when they turn 25 is still in operation as yet another one exits on cue. Quite what he is re-enacting isn’t entirely obvious.

  He was born 11 November 1974 2.47am Los Angeles which gives him a charming and seductive Sun Venus in Scorpio in his financial 2nd house with Mars in Scorpio also in his 2nd in an enthusiastic trine to a 6th house Jupiter and a 10th house Saturn. Money and work are his priorities.

   His Libra Moon sits just below his Ascendant conjunct Pluto and square Saturn which hints at an emotionally bleak childhood and a controlling and disciplinarian mother. Though his relationship with his mother in publicity photos appears close and he describes her as the driving force in nurturing his talent. His parents split when he was one but continued to live in neighbouring houses to be able to co-parent and he talks of it as a happy time.

 Not to be overly Freudian about it, the younger-girlfriend syndrome will be tied somehow into his relationship with his mother. Immelin Indenbirken, 14 February 1943, born in Germany during the war, is an Aquarius with a Gemini Moon and Venus in Pisces. Her Jupiter sits in Leo’s 10th conjunct his Saturn and trine his Scorpio planets so her enthusiasm would spur him on. Her Venus is trine his Scorpio planets for good feelings. What does stand out is her Pluto square his Mars which suggests a power imbalance and underlying fear.

  That Mars Pluto theme repeats in several of his relationships with past girlfriends. The submissive one gets a chance to dominate perhaps? He also appears to pick girl friends who are unlikely to stick around to eternity.

 Gisele Bundchen had her Uranus conjunct his Sun Venus. Bar Refaeli had her Venus opposition his Uranus. Camila Morrone, the latest to leave, has her Saturn opposition his Moon and their relationship chart has a composite Venus square Uranus.

  His relationship chart with his mother is strong on the power-couple energy and possessiveness with a composite Jupiter trine Pluto trine Sun. Plus a dominating Mars square Pluto. There’s a constant oneupmanship battle going on which is clearly never spoken nor even possibly conscious.

  He will have a fear of being trapped with a Moon conjunct Pluto as he was by his mother so when girlfriends get to the stage of being obviously adult or starting to flex their muscles in the relationship it’ll trigger his defences.

  His chart is Water Air – with a Water Grand Trine and a stellium in Libra – which is a difficult combination and a tight-rope act balancing emotions with thinking. He’ll veer between being immersed in feelings or being overly detached – and constantly pulled between the opposites.

  He does have hints of significant emotional change coming up. Tr Uranus will oppose his Venus Sun in 2023; tr Jupiter will move through his 8th from May 2023 for a year which brings positive emotional changes, fewer defences and maybe insight as he pulls away from the past. Tr Pluto will square his Sun/Moon midpoint in 2024/25 which will force him to face what he wants out of close commitment – it won’t be easy but the end result may bring better connections – and last but not least Uranus moves out of his 8th in 2025 which will be more settled emotionally thereafter.  

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  1. I have moon in first house. My astrologer friend told me I’m always looking for a mother figure. Could be true I married two older women.

  2. If we look at the Nodes as intimacy points, then Neptune in sag in the 3rd conjunct the NN and SN in Gemini in the 9th, that suggests to me a Peter Pan syndrome.
    Then that Libra stellium in the first is all about controlling public perception with Pluto on the Ascendant, the desire to project the beautiful couple and recieve cachet through your choice of partner, serial monagamy etc. the partner better be continually beautiful along with the competivenss of the Aires 7th, ‘i have the most beautiful girlfriends’. And the Uranus/Mercury conjunction reinforces both themes.

    Perhaps he is gay, and they are all ‘beards’ perhaps even to himself 😉

  3. I believe Elvis Presley had moon-saturn. His mother, to whom he was extremely close, had a very difficult pregnancy. She was carrying twins–the first to emerge was stillborn, then came Elvis. She was overly protective of him, rarely letting him out of her sight when he was growing up. Her untimely death at age 46 nearly destroyed Presley. I’m thinking it was his innate Capricorn ambition that ultimately rescued him from what might have been never-ending sorrow. Throughout adulthood, Presley was involved in multiple simultaneous affairs with very young women. He had a major problem with monogamy. I know all this because I recently read what is considered the definitive Presley biography–“Last Train to Memphis.” For most of my life I couldn’t stand Elvis. I thought he was a dumb, no-talent redneck who got lucky. I now have an appreciation for his huge talent/wonderful voice. He was far more complicated and interesting than I had ever imagined. A voracious reader, he had a massive library at his Graceland estate and was an inveterate spiritual seeker (Sadge rising), intensely studying the Bible, devouring metaphysical tomes (he was heavily into numerology) and frequenting an ashram in southern California. Marjorie–have you ever done a post on Presley? He strikes me as being particularly interesting astrologically, especially per his relationship with his mother.

  4. My experience of moon in the 1st house is a tendency to remain childlike in some way (not necessarily by not marrying). He shares this with Madonna, Charlie Chaplin and Michael Jackson. It’s obviously appealing to the public as well. Noticed his long time good pal Kate Winslet is also Libra rising with moon in libra so they must feel quite a connection.

    • Interesting, I recall a while back Marjorie referring to Moon in houses representing how the child experiences the mother or how she appears on its life, or something like that. Hope I didn’t misunderstand.

      So with that in mind, if it is a thing, how would Moon in 1st portray the mother? Marjorie? Anyone?

  5. “He will have a fear of being trapped with a Moon conjunct Pluto as he was by his mother so when girlfriends get to the stage of being obviously adult or starting to flex their muscles in the relationship it’ll trigger his defences.”

    Yes. In regards to his young women tendencies being linked into his mother issues – I thought this.

  6. I know that in di Caprio’s chart the Moon has in a more complex system of aspects, but I would not translate the Moon-Saturn quadrat always the same way, as a controlling, cold mother. It can be a sign of a deeply traumatic, dangerous birth – which can of course cause tendencies of overprotecting the child -, or a somewhat troublesome childhood. His parents for divorced when he was one. Leonardo di Caprio himself said about his time after the separation and their subsequent moving: “It was definitely a rough neighborhood, but it was cool. I got to see a lot of stuff. It’s good to grow up like that, I think. It’s good to see that side at a young age.”

  7. Warren Beatty was another who found it difficult to commit until he reached a certain age, eventually settling with Annette Benning and fathering 4 children. So there’s hope for Leonardo yet!

    • Warren Beatty was more understandable since he has Uranus Venus conjunct in the 8th – Di Caprio is more mysterious than that. Michael Douglas, anther wanderer, has Uranus in the 8th also.

      • How about the midpoints? The ruler of Di Caprio’s descendant, Mars in Scorpio, is right on his (Sun)Venus/Uranus midpoint. Also Venus=Uranus/Neptune and Uranus=Venus/Pluto among others

  8. I’ve noticed that some men with mothers who have been dominant in some way deal with it by not committing to an intimate partner until after the mother dies or is in serious decline. Somehow it seems to free something up.

    • Julie—maybe this was the case for JFK, Jr. He married and pursued flying lesions after his mother died.
      There’s persistent rumors that Leo, Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper are conflicted about their sexual identities.

  9. Maybe it’s that when his girlfriends reach 25, they start wanting more commitment from him. They start talking marriage or children. And his Libra moon, particularly with those aspects, simply can’t handle that intimacy.

    On reread, I see you said that “He will have a fear of being trapped with a Moon conjunct Pluto as he was by his mother so when girlfriends get to the stage of being obviously adult or starting to flex their muscles in the relationship it’ll trigger his defences.”

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