Laurence Fox – a slash and burn Mercury


Luvvie land is all atwitter since a spawn of a revered acting dynasty went off reservation and blasted the new ‘woke’ culture on racism and sexism. Laurence Fox’s eruption on Question Time was not to the liking of the notoriously left-wing union Equity but he has gained sympathisers amongst those relieved that finally someone had the guts to say what they’ve been thinking.

Born 26 May 1978, his father James Fox is an actor as is his uncle Edward Fox and cousins Emilia and Freddie Fox. His uncle Robert and grandfather are/were theatrical agents. He’s best known for playing Detective Hathaway in Lewis for nine years till 2015 but has only appeared sporadically since and has dabbled in music with two albums without much success to excoriatingly bad reviews.

He’s a Sun Gemini with maybe an Aquarius Moon which latter might make sense of a controversialist. But what really lights his fuse is a Mercury in Taurus opposition Uranus square Mars (Saturn) in Leo – so he will be short-tempered, inclined to blurt out his opinions without much thought. He’s also got a pushily-confident Pluto square Jupiter (Venus) in Cancer.

He’s looking fairly wound up at the moment with a Solar Arc Sun square Pluto and a Solar Arc Pluto approaching the square to his Saturn over the next few months.

34 thoughts on “Laurence Fox – a slash and burn Mercury

  1. There is something quite weird going on. I nearly didn’t write about Laurence Fox after his minor Question Time spat since it seemed too parochial and trivial. Then looking at his chart decided it was illuminating. But the reaction here and elsewhere has been startling. Either he hammered a nail into a sensitive spot in the zeitgeist – or everyone is so boiling over with free-floating rage they need a hook to hang their aggro on. Anita is quite right – we’ve caught the American disease.

    • Marjorie,

      I’m sorry now that I suggested it but it seemed to fit a pattern of projecting the shadow that Jung talked about. There’s a lot of it about. Steven Forest wrote about Pluto in Capricorn and the shadow… The dark side. My field is Jungian psychology with an interest in astrology.

  2. More contempt. What’s wrong with people nowadays? ‘I would have thought you were more of a higher mind and more mature’ ?? People half read, catapult in their confirmation biases and then go off on a rant. Tone down the ad hominem attacks and focus on the astrology.

  3. Well done Laurence, you had the guts to voice what a large proportion of the population think but out of fear of retaliation keep quiet. He has had death threats for telling his truth. Disgraceful! The woke snowflake left have become extremely oppressive and we all know where that leads.

  4. Fox may be an obnoxious prat – his Mars Saturn in Leo is unpleasant enough without bouncing off Uranus and Mercury. However like many opinionated oddballs he may have a point. That sexism and racism exist isn’t in argument, but what in his blundering way he was getting at is it sometimes used as a diversionary tactic – viz not prosecuting mainly Pakistani men for grooming underage girls in the Midlands. Not all criticism of Meghan can be written off as racist, or sexist for that matter.
    Widening it out, there is a disturbing trend for anyone voicing an opinion that doesn’t fit certain obsessions to be blown out of the water. Why in the name of heaven would anyone think that a person with a penis should be allowed into a woman’s prison or a vulnerable domestic violence shelter just because they claimed to be in transition? Yet arguing against it brings the wrath of the trans lobby down on your head. Ditto feeding underage and often disturbed kids puberty-blocking drugs when they are not old enough to make rational decisions. Double ditto veto-ing research on post-transition persons.

    • “Widening it out, there is a disturbing trend for anyone voicing an opinion that doesn’t fit certain obsessions to be blown out of the water. Why in the name of heaven would anyone think that a person with a penis should be allowed into a woman’s prison or a vulnerable domestic violence shelter just because they claimed to be in transition? Yet arguing against it brings the wrath of the trans lobby down on your head. Ditto feeding underage and often disturbed kids puberty-blocking drugs when they are not old enough to make rational decisions. Double ditto veto-ing research on post-transition persons.”

      I’m not seeing it this way, at all. I think that trans people are mostly justifiably very upset and frustrated about not being heard or understood at all. If they let their frustration flow, I’m not blaming them. That people, including you, would reduce their experience to “penises”, is just one sign of how misunderstood they are. I do not claim to understand all of what trans people are going through, but have met quite a few and listened enough to know their struggles are profoundly different from me, even if I’ve always felt uncomfortable with certain gender roles and stereotypes.

      Also, I don’t get your issue with non-gender specific shelters. Cis men get abused too, or have to protect their families. Should we close doors from them, too, because of, oh horror, penis?

    • “Not all criticism of Meghan can be written off as racist, or sexist for that matter.”

      My take on this is that it’s NOT ALL racist, but it’d deeply sexist, because certain kind of critism seems to have been a pattern every woman marrying to House of Windsor since Lady Di has faced from The UK press. Some more, some less, and if you’ve noticed, potential Future Queens often get a free pass. For instance, Diana was a press darling until it became apparent she wouldn’t put up with Charles’ affair(s), and then she became a pariah. But it’s really remarkable how they always find these women somehow lacking. For instance, they will be damned for working, but also for not working. Kate has been called a “slacker” (with 3 small children and a year’s worth of bad morning sickness), but both Sophie and Meghan, who had careers before marrying to family have been called out for making their staff work too much. Also, the constant attention to figure.

      Now, someone would say that “it’s the press”, but obviously, someone is reading these stories. Otherwise tabloids would be out of business – something that is happening go glossy weekly magazines already.

      • Unfortunately, criticism and rumours around royal women has a long history. This obviously includes prominent women as well, as we see in the obsession with what a female politician of any party is wearing, her hair, weight etc etc. But vicious rumours about sexuality, mostly, include Elizabeth 1st and Mary Queen of Scots; Anne Boleyn; Queen Anne; Catherine the Great; Marie Antoinette; and Gemini Queen Victoria – criticised in the House of Commons for her choice of pain relief during childbirth……and then later for her close friendship with her personal Indian clerk, Abdul Karim, who also taught her Hindustani. The furore, sexism, class snobbery and racism around this relationship was pretty intense.

        “For a dark-skinned Indian to be put very nearly on a level with the queen’s white servants was all but intolerable, for him to eat at the same table as them, to share in their daily lives was viewed as an outrage. Yet the queen was determined to impose harmony on her household. Race hatred was intolerable to her, and the “dear good Munshi” deserving of nothing but respect.” Wikipedia

        It seems human beings change very slowly indeed!

  5. With all these “conservative voices” sharing the influence, I’m seriously starting to dislike Gemini Sun/Taurus Mercury people. I hope there will be someone to prove me wrong, but right now it seems they have taken prime mouthpieces for not just conservative, but downright reactionary ideas. I just can’t wait for Saturn and eventually Pluto to come out of Capricorn to change this climate, although I expect full relief will only come with Uranus passing to Gemini.

    • I looked up the chart of actor Edward Fox, LF’s uncle who holds similar Right Wing views (patron of UKIP, supporter of Countryside Alliance) and he also has Mercury in Taurus conjunct Uranus, plus Moon and Venus in Taurus. LF’s father, the actor James Fox has Mercury in Taurus conjunct North Node with a Sun/Uranus conjunction in Taurus. Strong Taurus running through this family.

      I first saw Laurence Fox in a film called ‘The Hole’ which seems rather apt at the moment.

      • The Hole 😀 😀

        I know a few years back Edward Fox said some archaic tripe about how men are natural wanderers who cheat and need to sow their seed and that ‘women need to learn to be more patient and understanding and deal with it.’ Words to that effect. These are the kind of men that if you were a woman that cheated on THEM they would hit the roof! Men like this make me want to gouge out my eyes! Interesting that he is Emilia Fox’s father. She has had relationships with men that you could deem very difficult, hasn’t she? Plus, when she was on Gogglebox with Laurence and he made some comments about sex and equality and such, she seems to just laugh and simper next to him as if to say, “ooh, you are such a naughty boy, Laurence!” I guess she is perfect for men with these kinds of attitudes. Which is a shame. I really like Emilia, actually.

  6. I think he was spot on with what he said on Question Time. Calling him a white privileged male was itself racist. The world has gone mad. From a Sun Taurus, Moon Aquarius, Capricorn Ascendent.

    • “Born 26 May 1978, his father James Fox is an actor as is his uncle Edward Fox and cousins Emilia and Freddie Fox. His uncle Robert and grandfather are/were theatrical agents.”

      What would you call this? I realize not everybody is very familiar with Theater/acting World. This is essentially the equevalent of having inheriting billions in Business World. This guy has the background and the looks for potentially appearing in every British Period Piece sold to 180 countries from here to enternity. He actually was in many, early 2000’s. At least he could show some self awareness to acknowledge his priviledge.

    • The woman on QT made a mistake.

      But remove the word white – and he’s simply a privileged male. That bit is still true. After all the furore dies down, that bit is STILL true. Very true, and THAT’S the point.

      • The study warns of a lack of self-awareness among this wealthy elite, who would back “meritocratic beliefs” and not see themselves as being particularly advantaged.

        They do not see themselves as “especially fortunate” because they are “surrounded by numerous other people like themselves”, says the study.

  7. I liked Laurence for a while as an actor. He is still a good actor. But I have since changed my mind about him as a person since he opened that god-awful hole in his face about a year or two ago.

    He’s pro-fox hunting, he gaslights people of colour saying racism doesn’t really exist and it’s all in their head as Britain and its people wouldn’t do such things (arrogant moron that he is), has said nasty anti-transgender words in a twitter spat, and he refuses to date women under 35 because younger women are too ‘woke’ in regards to men, meaning the fact many women today are less likely to put up with toxic masculinity and demand equality, and will speak out about it compared to their slightly older generation who are more likely to just put up with such dire crap in a relationship because they are stereotypically playing into those awful traditional roles expected of both genders. That really gets under his skin.

    What a typical, high-classed vile excuse of a human being bloated with such ugly white male privilege. With his blond, Aryan looks and sewage mentality, perhaps he could be the next poster boy for the National Front? All that privilege bestowed on him and he turned into a typical self-entitled gaslight machine on spindly, golf sticks for legs. What a terrible shame.

    • Christ, he just can’t help himself, can he? On black and working class actors, he has puked out this, “The most annoying thing is the minute a black actor – it’s the same with working class actors – the minute they’ve got five million quid in the bank, every interview they do is about how racism is rampant and rife in the industry.”

      British black actor, David Harewood has replied to this: “I’ve been speaking up on the lack of work for black actors in the UK for about 20 years. I’m now acting in and directing American television… and I still don’t have 5 million quid. / He is an irrelevance to me, his ideas are so common I’ve been dealing with them most of my life. It’s standard, normal. I just have to do my best to navigate around such opinions.”

      Working class British actress, Maxine Peake, hit back with, “Black & working class actors can only speak the truth once they’re established – their voices aren’t heard before,” she wrote on Twitter. “Posh actors, on the other hand, only complain when they want attention. / Anything s**t to sell @LozzaFox or is it just a coincidence you’ve gone right wing? Hope it’s worth it.”

      I’ve certainly noticed in the last few years how many actors in the uk are connected to very wealthy/elite backgrounds as working class actors/actresses are edged out because funds are not as easy to come by and they can no longer afford to go (even Julie Walters has spoken up about this problem.) Actors from wealthy priveleged backgrounds are;

      Tom Hardy (Reed)
      Tom Hiddleston (Eton)
      Emilia Clarke (St. Edward’s)
      Benedict Cumberbatch (Harrow)
      Eddie Redmayne (Eton)
      Emily Blunt (Hurtwood House)
      Henry Cavill (Stowe)
      Dominic West (Eton)
      Rosamund Pike (Badminton)
      Matthew Goode (Exeter)
      Juno Temple (Bedales)
      Damien Lewis (Eton)
      Carey Mulligan (Woldingham)
      Kate Beckinsale (Godolphin and Latymer)
      and the list goes on, Kit Harrington, Rose Leslie, Daisy Waterstone, etc.

      The list of the wealthy elite keeps growing but the working class and minorities are diminishing that it is causing problems and Laurence Fox only adds to this problem. Actor james McEvoy spoke out about this growing problem back in 2015:

      And yet……….Laurence Fox thinks this is all cock and bullshine and just doesn’t not exist! Ignorance is absolute bliss it seems.

      • Too true! A lot of what he said on QT was true whereas the comments about Sikhs in WW1 were not. The comments about white male privilege are deeply offensive and somewhat chippy to boot – think of the uproar if the opposite was said? Needless to say some people are luckier than others, some people are better actors, however today a problem exists when people say something contrary to the accepted woke agenda and they are vilified is wrong; people have different opinions full stop people also need perspective and if it doesn’t encourage people to harm others or is seriously offensive then hold back. One of the perennial problems in the UK is that people are chippy! Some people do better than others and that happens for a reasons, they are better at what they do. Virgo sun, Capricorn moon and Leo ascendant here to go back to astrology

    • “he refuses to date women under 35 because younger women are too ‘woke’ in regards to men”

      Well, at least he has this “age appropriate dating” thing going for him. Although the justification is absurd. Women who will be 35 this year were born 1985, hardly in 1885. And I don’t think they are any less woke than those born in 1995, maybe quite the reverse, because they are starting to experience difficulties in finding work/family balance. Women Laurence’s own age are obviously too busy to even engage, but I would think he isn’t on a top of dinner invitation lists.

      • Yes, Solaia, I do agree with this, that at least he sees women closer to his age group as more age appropriate. Although for absolutely ridiculous reasons.

        On my Facebook recently, there’s been a few men similar to Laurence but who want younger women. One stated he would never date a women older than 25 because older women ‘just don’t know their place and are toxic. Men need to be in charge, NOT women.’ Which sounds more like a fear of losing control of their ‘property’ than anything to do with genuine love and respect. He is recently divorced with teenage kids. He’s almost 50 but wants a woman young enough to be his daughter who should ‘know her place.’ No wonder women are waking up to this crap. It’s damn creepy. God, I’d be ashamed of my father if he acted all controlling and entitled like this. This is the problem with our culture and gender expectations. Men are NOT born this way but molded this way as are women. It’s just women are going through some huge collective growing pains concerning what they really want and it’s rocking the boat violently and making men, especially, uncomfortable. Another man stated it’s best to ‘have much younger women so they can look after you with love and compassion in your old age when you are infirm.’ ABSOLUTELY NOT! If you want that, sign up for a bloody home care agency! Relationships should always be a two way street of genuine love, compassion, support and respect. If you can’t get that from a partner, stay well alone. Literally. Better to be alone for the right reasons than stay with someone for the wrong ones.

        Not all women want to change the status quo though and that’s okay. Some women like things set up in a ‘traditional’ way and that is fine too. And it can work for some. But I hate having it drummed into me that I have to be a certain way to be acceptable in a man’s eyes (and that of society) otherwise I am some toxic feminist destroying the fabric of our culture. I have to conform or there is something wrong with ME. Don’t know if my astrology reflects my ideas but for what it’s worth: Sun Virgo/Cancer Moon/Virgo Asc. Though I think my Pluto in Libra reflects the expectation that equality in ALL relationships, friendships, culture, etc. is paramount, more.

        Interesting though that yet another male Gemini Sun like so many others in the past couple of years is making waves in the collective. Is there a particular reason for this? Some astro aspect that is putting their ideas, words, actions, etc., under the microscope for any reason? I mean, guys like this have had ideas like this since the year dot. They never really diminish. So why put it under scrutiny or give it oxygen at this moment in time? Might it be from a grander perspective that these old ways need to come in the collective to see they are not working anymore, holding us back, or for some other reason?

        • The rise of the Geminis I see as a reflection of our current divided and highly polarised world, Jo. We even had it reflected in our Royal family with the falling out of William and Harry, the news of which was covered in the Press last year, just as Mars entered Gemini. Gemini is the sign of the warring brothers; Liz Greene in her ‘Astrology of Fate’ begins her chapter on Gemini with, “I fought with my twin, that enemy within, ‘til both of us fell by the way” a lyric by Bob Dylan, himself a Gemini. There is also I think with Gemini, the Light Twin, Dark Twin struggle, with the Shadow often projected onto some ‘other’, which we have seen occurring with the World Stage Geminis, during these times.

          • Thanks, Virgoflake. So a bit like a duality perspective that’s being pulled violently at two poles?

            It’s probably just me when I say this, but this current culture these past 3 or so years is like being pulled right into your head, mind, the thinking faculties. It’s like the cultural energy, like lightning or electric, is forcing you to overthink, over-analyze, over-react and just mentally over do it. Clashing with others on a mighty mental scale without stopping to consider and take in what is being said and done. Most of us are literally up in the air in our collective mind constantly zipping about and reacting. I guess that could be Gemini on steroids? And all your body is screaming out for you to do is to detach, recede and ground yourself and breathe. We need some earth to ground ourselves! When does this Gemini hyperactivity come to its end? It’s exhausting. Or do we have something equally irritating coming up on the horizon?

          • Yes, you can see the way Social Media, particularly Twitter has brought about a kind of speeded-up exchange of views, a kind of amplified stychomythia in which extreme views get the most attention. There’s little opportunity for reflection and weighing things up in this form of communication. How can you discuss and debate in depth using only 140 characters? It doesn’t surprise me that many of the World Stage Geminis take to Twitter like a duck to water. Then there is the trickster aspect of Gemini, the outrageous clown mocking the Status Quo and shaking everything up.

          • It’s Twitter’s birthday week this week. 21st January, 2000. Twitter has Mars in Gemini, opposition Pluto in Sagittarius, and Leo Moon, opposing Mercury, Neptune, square Taurus Saturn. And what seems to me to be very descriptive is its Sun, Mercury, Neptune and South Node all conjunct in Aquarius in the 10th house. Uranus is also in Aquarius. That Aquarian group seems to describe the more idealistic dream of connections, but there’s a darker undertow. And the Moon seems to suggest collective emotions under seige or hemmed in and misunderstood in some way. The ascendant of this chart is 5 Taurus. Current Uranus in Taurus could challenge much about Twitter. It’s only one of the new ways in which we torment one another, but it will be interesting to see what, if anything, changes in the near future.

  8. Not only does he have the right to say what he thinks, he enjoys the privilege of it not mattering one thin dime in a month’s time. Indeed it could become something he might profit from. A new series in the offing probably. Question Time has profited from expanding its panel rightwards. I guess this is more of the same. Sad. When I first came to the UK it was a true model of civil, erudite discussion. It now looks like something closer to Fox and Friends. Not always but too often.

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