Greta v Trump – no contest


Climate change is no laughing matter but there is something deliciously funny about Greta Thunberg facing off Trump. Called the ‘tiny Swedish climate change demon’ by Australian cartoonist First Dog on the Moon, she has perfected her death stare for the denier-in-chief’s benefit. At Davos he is decrying ‘the prophets of doom’. She later responded saying the world “in case you hadn’t noticed, is currently on fire.”.

And their charts are a masterclass in synastry. Her deeply serious Saturn in Gemini opposition Pluto sits on top of and squelches his Sun Uranus opposition Moon. Her reforming Uranus opposes his Mars Ascendant for an explosive chemistry – with her unbudgeable Mars Venus in Scorpio square his Mars and on his IC. Her idealistic and tricky-to-pin-down Neptune opposes and undermines his 12th house need-to-be-in-control Pluto.

Their relationship chart has an argumentative and competitive composite Sun trine Neptune and opposition Mars with a downbeat square onto Saturn perhaps opposition the composite Moon; and Mars in a hostile, power-struggling conjunction to Pluto.

Blissful to see him skewered by a teenage girl.

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  1. I hope to see her as a world leader in the future. She is passionate about the right things. And Hillary won’t be around forever so another female will have to take her place as the most hated woman for all our misogynists.

  2. Extract from one of today’s Reuter’s articles…”Whereas in the past Trump has told Thunberg she needs “anger management”, when he left Davos on Wednesday he told reporters he “would have loved” to hear her speak. Asked if he thought climate change was still a hoax he replied, “No, not at all”.

    The morphing of electioneering from a hoax into “a trillion trees”, in the same vein as reforestation of ancient Siberian forests.

  3. Another teen that gets some people riled is Billie Eilish. I expect a teen to be moody, have different hair and clothes. What is really interesting parents that take their kids to her shows end up enjoying her music. Smart teens just trigger boring adults.

  4. Greta’s Death Stare makes me wonder whether that Scorpio Venus of hers is conjunct an Axis, as with my couple of days younger nephew. Because he did this too, a lot, from an early age.

    Although something tells me that Greta won’t be Trump’s main concern “A Very Stable Genius” is coming out today and of course, it’s Impeachment Trial Day. I saw Trump’s schedule posted, and he is supposed to be on a dinner until 7.50 pm local time, 50 minutes into trial. My bet is he won’t be seen at that dinner.

    • Are you kidding? It’s his favorite meal – Grilled Greta with rice pilaf.

      Just teasing of course. All eyes will be watching those two.

  5. Trump mocking GT on Twitter following her Time Person of the Year Award was yet more evidence of his malignant narcissism. Nobody can compete with a Mars in Scorpio death stare so this pathetic old man shouldn’t even try.

    • Oh yes, I forgot these Venus is conjunct Mars on Greta’s and nephew’s chart. Nephew has become better at hiding it, he is “neuronormative”, but he can still mortify people when he wishes.

        • Thanks for this, Virgoflake and Solaia! I only realised I had a “death stare” quite slowly. I have Mars in Scorpio, making quite a lot of aspects. I now know that when con merchants of various types approach in the street, I simply have to look them straight in the eye. Sometimes, they even say sorry before running off! I don’t even have to speak, frown, or turn away. It’s quite funny. And very handy.

          Thank you Marjorie for this. Greta has much work to do I feel. But she is making mincemeat of Mr Climate Change Denier. And as you say, this is blissful to witness.

          • I feel I should be entitled to one, having Pluto on the Ascendant and a Scorpio stellium, but unfortunately, possibly due to a 1st house Venus, people mistake me for a ‘nice’ person. Little do they know.

          • VF – the “death stare” used to be called a “basilisk gaze”, after the mythological reptile or snake creature which could kill without touching its victim, simply by gazing at them. In some old astrological texts I’ve seen references to three symbolic creatures for Scorpio – the eagle, the scorpion, and the lizard. Possibly there’s a link here. The stories about the constellation of Scorpius is where I suspect this comes from:

            “Scorpius, because of its position, is one of the two ‘gateways’ to the Milky Way, the other being the opposite constellation of Orion. The Scorpion men attacked Osiris in Egyptian legend, and the Scorpions sting killed Orion in Greek myth.”

            “Scorpion men feature in several Babylonian and Sumerian myths, including the Enûma Elish and Gilgamesh. They are also known as aqrabuamelu or girtablilu. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, they stand guard outside the gates of the sun god Shamash at the mountains of Mashu. These give entrance to Kurnugi, the land of darkness. The scorpion men open the doors for Shamash (Sun) as he travels out each day, and close the doors after him when he returns to the underworld at night. They also warn travellers of the danger that lies beyond their post. Their heads touch the sky, their ‘terror is awesome’ and their ‘glance is death'” (Constellations of Words)

    • Death stare or basilisk risk is also called pashupati Shastra in Hinduism mythology..

      It’s a Shiva deity weapon wherein by eye sight enemy can b killed.

  6. Further evidence that DT is a buffoon of the highest order.

    His lasting legacy is that he has turned the USA into a global laughing stock.

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