Brexit – doomsday hour aproaches


The fateful day is approaching at speed as Boris Johnson merrily hums ‘Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go.’ 11pm London time on January 31 is when the UK officially leaves the EU (give or take a transition period or several)

This puts the Saturn Pluto conjunction on the IC with Pluto in Capricorn exactly opposition the Midheaven, exact to within minutes of a degree. Uncompromising, unco-operative Uranus is close to the final degree Aries Moon in the 7th square Saturn Pluto  for a sombre and unsentimental mood.

The Moon Uranus is also on the focal point of a T Square to MC opposition Saturn (Pluto). A final degree anaretic Moon in Aries will exhibit the most extreme attributes of the sign and house which will double or treble up with it being focal point – so hyper-sensitive and overly impulsive. It’ll veer between dither and delay and reckless action. What’s also odd is Moon in the 7th is dependent on partners, yet Uranus is the opposite. So there’s great ambiguity in the chart.

Mars is in a publicity-grabbing and impulsive but not too realistic square to Neptune and Venus.

On the UK chart tr Uranus is still sextile the Pluto until early February which looks too mild to cause this kind of disruption, but obviously not. There’s also confusion and uncertainty from tr Neptune square the Solar Arc Mercury; and Solar Arc North Node conjunct the 2nd house financial Neptune. The country isn’t half as gung-ho as the present No 10 resident and his mad Svengali adviser.

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  1. Hmm, is it just me or is 11.00pm at night a strange time to choose for such an enormous political decision? Has Boris “read” his own chart and decided The Time is Right, and all will be well…..most people will be drunk well before 11pm or halfway across the Channel (possibly including Boris)….

  2. “The fateful day is approaching at speed as Boris Johnson merrily hums ‘Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go.’ 11pm London time on January 31 is when the UK officially leaves the EU (give or take a transition period or several)”

    He has proven even worse than I thought in all this, skipping to Carribean before Brexit Day rather than after, as I expected.

    I also think that part of the “Mexit rage” people in Britain are feeling is misplaced. Brexiters and Remainers alike must feel rather left alone right now. I just hope this won’t lead into rise of some strong man or strong woman figure as in “Years and Years”, but this too is an increasingly likely scenario.

    • Well the thing with both “Megxit” and Brexit is that they are both very permanent and irreversible solutions to what may be fleeting problems and temporary feelings. Both have escalated into a sort of siege mentality where it is felt that there is no other option, when a bit of time, reflection, distance, expert advice (all the good Saturn stuff) may be all that’s needed. Perhaps we should all be patient

      • I think Megxit has subtle doors left open “just in case”…..As for Brexit, it will be interesting to see what the extended Mars in Aries transit stirs up later in the year. It certainly goes on for long enough. And is in the 7th house mostly, for this Brexit chart and the UK Union 1820 too. For what it’s worth, the 1066 chart has 22 Aries rising. I do agree there is siege mentality, exacerbated by social media which just loves an us and them mode, and doesn’t cope too well with musings or grey areas.

        • Thanks Jane, I completely agree.

          With regards to Mars, another odd thing is that it will station on Boris Johnson’s SA Saturn exactly (after squaring his SA Mars), while tr Uranus will station on his SA Chiron – from previous analysis these seem like sensitive points in his career. With Mars involved there is a danger of some sort of reckless action backfiring on him.

          Including Mars, there are a whopping 5 planetary stations affecting 25-28 Cardinal this year. Both the Mars retro and direct stations also have a direct hit on Nigel Farage’s chart too (Jupiter and Sun), so perhaps something comes out about him.

          • Thanks Tara – that’s fascinating. I must do some more sleuthing! And what could be more impulsive and reckless than Mars in Aries? I had not realised about all those planetary stations either. The Venus retro in Gemini may also be of interest, digging up the past in some way, possibly financial or relationships, or both.

            I am also still curious about how these important transits might have manifested without Brexit. Clearly, there is a turning point or pivotal moment either way. And looking at Uranus in Taurus, it will transit both the 1801 Mars in Taurus (11) and the 1066 Mars in Aquarius (8). So for now, I fall back on the idea that coming events cast their shadows before them!

      • Tara, as a Capricorn that has just experienced the full onslaught of the grand conjunction, I fully support your sentiment. Both situations are too loaded with knee jerk reactions whereas some distance might restore perspective.

      • The point is, “Mexit” will affect maybe two dozen of people’s lives in any signicant way. Brexit effects will start to show in everybody’s lives in Britain. Given the scale of things, resources spent on “Mexit” is truly disproportional.

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