Kylie & Louthain – women facing oppression

Two women in the news this week for raising the ire of dictatorial regimes are both of the Pluto in Scorpio generation.

  Kylie Moore-Gilbert, 28 May 1987, an Australian academic has been released after 804 days in Iranian prisons. She attended a conference in Iran and was arrested on espionage charges which she has strenuously denied. The Australian government has refused to confirm her freedom was extracted through a prisoner swap. She went on repeated hunger strikes and her health had deteriorated during long stretches in solitary confinement.

   She has a New Moon in Gemini with her Sun on the focal point of a Yod inconjunct Pluto in Scorpio sextile Neptune – so a curious mixture of over and under confident.  Her Pluto is in an intense opposition to Venus in Taurus and her Neptune opposes Mars, with the two oppositions forming a Mystic Rectangle, whose energies are always hard to balance.

  Her life is certainly turning upside down as her release is organised with tr Uranus opposing her Pluto and an upbeat tr Pluto trine her Solar Arc Jupiter. Ahead is up and down with successes and contentment as well as uncertainties and concerns. She will experience a psychological backlash from spending so much time in fear and conditions of deprivation after the euphoria of freedom wears off. When she was arrested her Solar Arc Neptune was square her Pluto – not unlike Jake Haendel (post below) when his brain collapse locked him in.

  The other in a more perilous situation is Loujain al-Hathioul, 31 July 1989, who led the charge to allow women to drive in Saudi Arabia, and is back standing trial this week in in a special court which deals with national security crimes and terrorism. She was arrested in early 2018 and told her sister last year that “she had been held in solitary confinement, beaten, waterboarded, given electric shocks, sexually harassed and threatened with rape and murder. She was shaking uncontrollably, unable to hold her grip, to walk or sit normally”.

  She’s an intense and stubborn Sun Leo square Pluto in Scorpio with the triple conjunction of Uranus, Saturn, Neptune in Capricorn opposition Jupiter and trine Venus. When she was arrested in 2018 her Solar Arc Neptune was opposition her Sun and tugging on her Pluto, though Solar Arc Neptune won’t get to the exact square to her Pluto until 2022. At the moment tr Saturn is opposing her Sun with tr Uranus squaring her Sun which is high tension, being buffeted around; and she has a tranche of less than wonderful transits to midpoints over the next few years. Her triple conjunction is moving by Solar Arc to oppose her Sun and square her Pluto won’t clear for almost a decade ahead for a protracted period of crisis. She is one brave lady taking on that regime.

  It’s telling that both women have their Pluto in Scorpio aspecting their Sun – as does Jake Haendel. And all three had relatively similar Pluto Neptune Solar Arc collisions when they went into effective meltdown, their lives paralysed.

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