Covid progress report – no fast relief

The groundhog day of coronavirus lockdown may extend till spring according to the UK government, thereby obliterating Christmas. In laissez-faire USA, the number of cases is spiralling with an increase likely after Thanksgiving. France having seen a spike in early November imposed a second full-scale set of restrictions which is now easing slightly but will be reimposed if the situation reverses. And so it drags on in many though not all countries.

   The astrology would indicate a shift in mood after the middle of this December as Saturn and Jupiter move into airy Aquarius out of leaden Capricorn and begin a gradual move away from Pluto. But that will not necessarily open a gate into the sunny uplands instantly. Mars in Aries which has been causing aggravation and frustration since mid year in square to the triple Capricorn conjunction won’t exit until January 9th and has one last scary, blocked hard aspect to Pluto running into December 23rd.

  Neptune is also sitting on the Saturn/Uranus midpoint exactly now until the New Year which suggests a paralysis of will, and the need to resign to the inevitable. The December 14th Total Solar Eclipse is in a Saros series with a similar theme – caught up in events beyond control, checked, blocked, a great deal of frustration – with the advice to avoid rash action until the dust settles.

  The December Eclipse highlights Neptune on the focal point of a Mutable T Square which is not encouraging – indecisive, confused, impractical, lacking will-power. Mars is trine the New Moon Mercury for a burst of energy, but also squares Pluto for a major road-block. It lasts in effect for several months.

  Into January Mars moves into Taurus and promptly rattles up against Saturn in Aquarius for setbacks and Uranus in Taurus for insecurity and irritations as well as Jupiter for a few rays of sunshine; with the first economically-challenging tr Saturn square tr Uranus due mid February.

   Relief may creep in only in small stages.

The delightful Marina Hyde is on form in the Guardian about the Boris gibber and witter in the face of impending doom.

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13 thoughts on “Covid progress report – no fast relief

  1. @Marjorie, there is definitely something going on with Iran, based on activity surrounding International prisoners. Not only Kylie Moore-Gilbert’s liberation, but threat of imminent excecution of Ahmandreza Djalili, who is a Swedish citizen. I’m still thinking it’s more about internal power struggles and purges, French series “Le Bureau” that has been praised for their realistic depiction of clandestine operations spent much of their second season on Iran and how these scenarios play. As for Trump launching an attack, I think he was already talked out of it by unnamed “advisors”. It’s most likely Jared, who gets his notes from MbS and Netanyahu. They both know exactly how devastating a traditional war in Iran would be for the region.

  2. To be remembered – there are other possibilities for high tension. Trump in his dying gasps lashing out – attacking Iran? Or ramping up the pressure elsewhere. His narcissism won’t let him go without throwing a fit of one sort or another. Plus Brexit keeps being pushed back in terms of deadlines.

    • News rags posting articles here abt Trump crashing the inauguration. He had a rambling interview on Fox; with classic Trump responses and answers to why and how “his win” was stolen. All those dead people voting, and the machines shuffling “his” votes over to the Dems. One wonders if his granschildren have inherited those personality disorders.

      How did America ever elect this person in the first place?

  3. The transits of December show a population that is frustrated with restrictions and looking to lash out. The problem with such an approach is that it will lead to an inevitable reckoning, that of increased case counts and overburdened hospital systems. Those are the consequences of recklessness.

    I anticipate that the pandemic will be having a social and economic effect until late 2022, when the square between Saturn and Uranus finally lifts. Next year will probably be economically difficult, with deflationary shocks possible in late January/early February, July and December. Protests and unrest might very well be possible too during this time, as we are already seeing in Europe. January and February will be particularly difficult, with Sun/Mercury/Venus/Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius squaring onto Mars and Uranus in Taurus. A New Moon in Aquarius aspecting all of those points on Feb 11th seems like a key date.

  4. It was a brilliant, realistic view of The Future, love her style, wry not denigrating, but deliciously readable… article in the Guardian today has said a final decision on Brexit negotiations will be made on 28 December, exactly a month from now, of the EU member stateswith growing scepticism among EU member states about ‘the (f)utility of further talks’…….and a decision announced at 6.30 p.m. (Paris).
    The Moon conjuncts the node in the 11th opposite 5th house Venus square Neptune in Pisces in the 9th…fishing rights in international waters very clearly the sticking point…so interesting that the Guardian (yes!) made a mistake and said ‘utility’ – how Neptunian can you get! Looks like more of the same, no decisions, no…nothing…..

  5. Thanks Marjorie. Interesting to see that Neptune with the Nodes as well – infection in the masses? Plus, I guess Mars in Aries is hot headed in terms of fever, as well as everything else. The houses in the London chart you posted are a bit ominous, with that trio in the 8th and all those planets in the 6th. But as you say, so many countries are suffering and restrictions apply across most of Europe I think. They’ve been fairly successful in Australia and New Zealand, but I read that they have adopted an approach more like the Far East. I think their lockdowns and lock outs have been very strict too. Here in the UK it’s all been so all over the place, with new “rules” constantly changing until we’re all dizzy!

    It’s curious that the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at the Solstice opens a new era. It will mark a very strange Christmas holiday season for many of us. All standard expectations of meeting friends and relatives are shaken, or involve complicated plans.

    I noticed that Mercury in this eclipse chart, plus South Node, opposes Boris Johnson’s Mercury and squares his Chiron at 18 infectious Pisces. June 2021’s Solar eclipse in Gemini will be right there too. Wonder what he will be letting go in the next six months?!

    • Yes it is worth remembering that the London eclipse chart applies for most of Western Europe not just the U.K. The Johnson government are not the only one with problems managing the impact of the pandemic.

      The eclipse is near the fixed star Ras Alhague at 22 Sagittarius which is supposed to be of the nature of Saturn and Venus and is associated with infections, diseases, drugs, medicine, mystical healing etc. There is a Sextile between those planets with Venus at 28 Scorpio and Saturn at 29 Capricorn. Note also that Libra ruled by Venus is on the ascendant. There are also a couple of rather unpleasant fixed stars Lesath and Shaula of the nature of Mercury and Mars sitting at 24 Sagittarius. These form the Scorpions sting and have links to desperation, immorality, malevolence, catastrophe and poisonings. Mars and Mercury are Trine in the chart. I wonder if they portend both successes and serious problems with the various vaccine rollouts due to start in December, particularly as the Scorpions sting is a type of injection.

      • Interesting re those fixed stars, Hugh. I wonder what might represent fridges in astrology? Or ice? The first vaccines available require advanced refrigeration (not sure about spelling this!). I could see that being a real problem. The Astrazeneca vaccine only needs an ordinary fridge, but isn’t available until later on.

        It’s intriguing that Aldebaran will be one degree from this imminent lunar eclipse on 30th November. It is such a powerful star with so much history and myth surrounding it. Ebertin says it has extraordinary energy. I certainly sense quite a lot of anger out there, and many people wanting to subvert the rules in one way or another. The sense of togetherness in spring seems to have turned a little darker – still together but members of the public against the establishment now.

        • The AstrologyKing website specialises in interpreting charts through the fixed stars. It has an analysis of their role in both the upcoming Lunar and Solar eclipses. Apparently the Moon conjunct Ras Alhague is associated with increased vulnerability to infection which may be significant. Like most astrological events there are potentially both good and bad outcomes. The easier aspects the Trine and Sextile look stronger in the solar eclipse chart than the Neptune Square Mercury but this is not guaranteed to be beneficial. They may just let bad things happen with less restriction.

          It is obvious people want clarity and a road map out of the pandemic but at the moment it is just fog. Our forebears thought plagues were spread by miasmas. They may have been wrong about the epediomology but psychologically it does seem the pandemic has seeped into everyone’s head and is misting up their vision. In addition I think it is testing our faith not just in political systems and the ever fallible people who run them but also the ability of a scientifically focused health system to deliver solutions more sophisticated than locking people indoors and putting red crosses on the doors.

      • “These form the Scorpions sting and have links to desperation, immorality, malevolence, catastrophe and poisonings. Mars and Mercury are Trine in the chart. I wonder if they portend both successes and serious problems with the various vaccine rollouts due to start in December, particularly as the Scorpions sting is a type of injection.”

        It could also fortell unseen fatalities after the vaccine is deployed, due to a weakened and/or negligent population. Further fueling the non-vaccine movement (non-vaxxers).


      • “There are also a couple of rather unpleasant fixed stars Lesath and Shaula of the nature of Mercury and Mars sitting at 24 Sagittarius. These form the Scorpions sting..”

        Is this why astrological Persian manuscript illustrations of Sagittarius as centaur/archer show him with a tail with a dragon’s head? Often he’s aiming his arrow at the tail. I always wonder why he’s depicted in that way.

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