King Frederik – a step from playboy to monarch ++ Prince Henrik

King Frederik acceded to the Denmark throne yesterday at just after 2pm as his mother Queen Margrethe officially abdicated. This puts a downbeat Moon Saturn in Pisces in the 10th and if the time is right Sun and Pluto in the 8th. There is a friendly Jupiter in the 11th in an exuberant trine to Mars to offset the sombre overtones.

  King Frederik, 26 May 1968 11.50pm Copenhagen is a fairly scattered and chaotic New Moon and Mars as well as Mercury in Gemini with an 8th house Uranus Pluto in Virgo. He does have Saturn in Aries on the focal point of a yod, hinting that maturity will be needed if he isn’t to trip himself up. His Venus in indulgent Taurus is at 29 degrees conjunct his Gemini New Moon and opposition Neptune as well as in a frivolous square to Jupiter – so he will tend to be wayward in his affections.

  The new Queen Mary, 5 February 1972, no birth time, Hobart, Australia, is a steadier temperament with Sun Mercury in Aquarius and Saturn in Taurus. Her Saturn at 29 degrees is inconjunct Jupiter at 29 Sagittarius which may be sextile a Libra Moon, forming a yod so she will walk a singular and challenging road in life.

  Her Aquarius Sun fits well enough with his Gemini planets; and her lively Mars in Aries trine his Jupiter in Leo will produce fun moments. But her sensitive Venus in Pisces opposing his 8th house Uranus Pluto conjunction will be an emotionally unsettling connection; and his cold-hearted Saturn conjunct her Mars will be wearing on her patience.  Their relationship chart does have a needs-space composite Sun opposition Uranus suggesting two individuals who will tread independent paths. There is also a suppressive, irritable/resentful Mars Saturn square Moon. And a fated composite yod of Venus inconjunct Neptune sextile Pluto – a tie that binds both together for good or ill.

  Crown Prince Christian steps up as heir, 15 October 2005 1.57am Copenhagen. He has an expansive, confident, quick-witted and communicative 3rd house Sun Jupiter in Libra which is sextile Pluto and inconjunct Mars in Taurus in his 10th. Definitely a go-getter and ambitious, but will have difficulties modulating his anger and assertion. His Pisces Moon on the cusp of his 8th is square his Pluto hinting at a possessive mother. Saturn in the 12th = a not entirely practical or good role model for a father opposition Neptune square Mercury – he will be neurotic but may also have an interest in improving society. 7th house Uranus = wanting freedom in close relationships.

  His mother’s rigid Saturn in Taurus falls in his 10th so she’ll be a disciplinarian, keen to see he sticks to his responsibilities. Her Moon in Libra fits well with his Libra Sun though her Uranus opposition Mars will be a disruptive mix at times. Her Sun is conjunct his 6th house Neptune opposition Saturn so she will be irked by his vagueness and concerned about keeping him healthy.

  His relationship with his mother is fairly fraught with a composite Mars opposition Pluto perhaps because she is guiding him towards the strictures of his future role as monarch.

  He regards his father as a mixed blessing with Frederik’s Saturn opposing his Libra Sun and Jupiter; but Frederik’s Venus on his Midheaven and Jupiter on his Ascendant give him status to soften the downside.

ADD ON: Prince Henrik, 11 June 1934 10pm Bordeaux, France, Queen Margrethe’s consort never settled to what he regarded as his inferior status within the Danish monarchy since he wished to be king beside his wife. He was a winemaker and a poet. Like Frederik he had a New Moon as well as Mars in Gemini; with an emotionally intense 7th house Pluto.

  His relationship chart with Margrethe was affectionate with a composite Sun Venus sextile Pluto; and mainly contented at home with a 4th house Jupiter. Though she would find him wayward with his Uranus falling in her 10th.  

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  1. I have often wondered if The Queen regretted making that promise. After all who would want to work up till the age of 96?

    I have misgivings about King Charles, because I think he has been terribly weak concerning Harry and Meghan. Though not responding to their continued attempts to disenfranchise themselves, does appear to be working. Albeit very slowly.

  2. Henri’s Venus squared Margrethe’s Moon – “The Moon person may not be able to provide the Venus person with emotional care and nourishment, and the Venus person may struggle with their own self-worth.” (one explanation for she not giving him the title he wanted), his Moon, though, was conjunct her Venus, for a lessening of the blow that would be very nice, they had Mars conjunction Mars (battle for the top spot or spending energy on the same goal?), his Moon was square her Neptune (“The Moon is never sure of their partner’s devotion or intentions.”), his Sun squared her Neptune (one interpretation says this would be like a feeling of constant courtship, and the Sun realizing they are always left empty-handed), his Pluto squared her Sun (“subconscious paranoia towards the other partner”), his Neptune squared her Mars, so their relationship would mirror his natal aspects and would be a kind of externalization of this aspect in one regard, his Uranus conjunct her Saturn (she would be a stop, Saturn, to his free-mindedness, Uranus), his Uranus (independence, free-spiritedness) squared her Pluto (power, control).

    His Mars was conjunct her Venus, so there was attraction there, and what attraction, and several other good aspects that could lessen the harder ones.

    Her Sun falls in his 3rd house, which would be good for communication, but his seems to fall in her 12th (on the cusp). Her Saturn falls on his IC, bringing discontentment to his home life, but her Part of Fortune falls on his MC. His Pluto falls on her ascendant, so he would try to control (Pluto) her first priority and outward appearance towards the world (ascendant).

    I think he refused to be buried next to her?

    Indeed there was that nice triple conjunction of Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Taurus in the composite. The Taurus theme is repeated, because the conjunction is in the 2nd house, so the relationship would be about income, stability, possessions, and bank balances. There was also Lilith there, as a fourth body in the conjunction.

    As with every other couple, a mixed bag, plus and minuses, but some very nice Moon, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter aspects there as well.

  3. El Aznar, I have studied the late Queen she sought compromise and never gloated about anything to my knowledge. Both Queens put the service of the country before anything else and this they have in common. I see Queen Margarethe as far more autocratic and perhaps that is a cultural thing. She certainly is very popular with her people the last fifty years.

  4. I wonder if at the same time when Crown Prince Christian will have Uranus on top of his Mars, ruler of his 9th house, the accession chart will have Pluto on the cusp of the 9th of that chart. It seems as if something substantial might happen with foreign relations, personal worldviews and philosophies, as well as with justice, and that the events might be tied together.

    I’m a little wary of Pluto going through Christian’s 6th house, of health, but also of daily life and routine, and if it will bring with it a lot of manipulation, power struggles and issues of control, and upheaval (Pluto) into his life.

    Also in the accession chart, Sun, ruler of the 4th house (home life), is conjunct Pluto (strife, turmoil).

    By the way, Astrotheme says that Genoveva Casanova was born on 8 November 1976 at 9:20 in Mexico City, Mexico. Moon on his Moon, his Sun on her Moon, her Jupiter on his Venus, his Jupiter and Saturn trine her Venus, his Mars and Sun trine her Pluto, his Pluto sextile her Mars… His Uranus and Pluto square her Venus, though.

    The composite is T-squarish (Gemini opposition Sagittarius square Virgo). Saturn squared the composite Moon, a repeated theme for him, it seems. Sun is at the cusp of the 8th, so if there were a relationship, its essence (Sun) was about sex (8th house).

  5. Interesting that he has ascended to this role as transiting Saturn has squared his moon and now his Sun. And transiting Neptune opposition his natal Virgo Uranus making him transcend his individuality for the greater good

    • With the Saturn squares, you might have just stumbled upon the aspects of that golden cage falling right on top of you out of the sky. He will feel the squeeze (Saturn) both on his personality and ego, his identity (Sun) and on his emotions, deepest self and inner life (Moon). Moon is ruler 6th, daily life and routine, and 7th, partnerships, relationships, marriage. We shall see what will happen to the relationship with his sibling when Saturn squares the Mars, ruler of the 3rd.

      In a natal chart, Moon is also one of the signifiers of what a man looks for in a woman.

  6. One of the most hurtful and deeply regretted thing is when someone has to hurt oneself by doing something he or she dislikes terribly and dreads for someone else. Oftentimes that brings a wound that never fully heals. And I wonder if that is what happened with Frederik and Margrethe, who had to renounce the throne to perhaps save it. That probably froze Frederik, who is of different fabric to the one his mother was, and froze him the way Medusa’s head petrified everyone who looked upon it.

    Margrethe seems very similar in two regards to Elizabeth II. First, she seems like someone who would like to have ruled until the end of her life, just like Elizabeth, and she might think Frederik took that away from her. Second, just like Elizabeth, she might have diminished her husband, however he might have been, by not making him an equal consort. Both men might have acted like spoilt children, but in a way they might have been right in demanding equality. I wonder if both women gloated and reveled a bit in all that.

    But then karma might have caught up with Margrethe, perhaps not with Elizabeth, or I don’t see it right now, and as she took away from Henri what he crave, so Frederik took away from her what she wanted the most.

    I am truly trying to get it if there is any truth to all this.

    Oh, if only things could happen for the good of all… And maybe they are happening, and I just don’t see it.

    • An interesting perspective, do you assume the same is true for the wives of Kings – that they too should be made equal ruler and they and daughters are diminished and resentful if that doesn’t happen?
      In English/UK history: Mary 1 of England insisted her husband King Philip of Spain be titled as King of England, but Parliament immediately put in place very strict legal limitations on his power to the point he had very little ability to actually rule. Mary II of England and William of Orange (Netherlands) were each monarch regnant in their own right and with the approval of Parliament were co-rulers in both countries. While William was able to act as King regnant in England on Mary’s death, that was for his lifetime only and he had no say on the next in line to the throne. Otherwise neither male or female monarch’s regnant have ever shared (or tried to share) power with their spouses, regardless of any spousal ambitions to do so.

      • Yes, if a man is the ruler, the wife should be made equal in title. It is not about power sharing, because the ruler is one. The fact that something never happened in history is not a valid argument. Nowadays the relationships between the sexes, as well as views of the monarchy itself, have advanced.

      • Re William III and Mary II, it is worth remembering that William III was the next heir to the Crown, anyway, after Mary and her sister Anne. He was thus simultaneously, the husband of the Queen Regnant, the 3rd in line to the Crown, and the head of the army that had deposed the previous monarch (James II).

        It was thus a very specific set of circumstances that led to the first and only joint monarchy in the history of the British Isles.

    • @El Aznar The rules of succession have been changed recently, so that Prince George’s first born will become monarch regardless of gender. Several aristos would like to see the same change to do with a title.

    • 14 months before Queen Margrethe’s abdication, she completed a ‘house cleaning’ where she stripped 4 of her descendants of their prince titles. So something was in the works already in 2022. I don’t think we will ever know if her final decision to abdicate was related to King Frederik’s possible affair, it might not have been.

      I also think it is wrong to say that she ‘diminished’ her husband Prince Henrik by not making him a king. She was very close to him, very fond of him, and she always put him first, with exception of this question, so I am certain she didn’t “glote and revel” in the fact that she couldn’t make him an equal consort in this respect.

      The right to constitutional powers is given to the Royal Heir, not their spouse. Margrethe fought a battle over this question in her own marriage, and made a point of this when Frederik X was declared King a few days ago. He stepped out solo on the balcony to receive the people’s praise, Consort Queen Mary only joined him after several minutes, and she left shortly after, before she came back with the new heir. This was not accidental. It had the stamp of Queen Margrethe all over it.

      In this question – and many others – she reminds me more of Queen Elizabeth 1 than 2.

  7. His Saturn on her Mars might mean he will act as a stop (Saturn) on activities she likes to spend energy on (Mars), among other possible meanings.

  8. I think the BBC live blog on coronation had the 14:03 time stamp for the accession.

    I have my doubts that Margrethe II abdicated very willingly. The back surgery as a reason doesn’t have me convinced. She is someone I thought of had ideas similar to Elizabeth II in that she would rule until death. The teariness is a subtle showcase of that.

    I believe that there was something about the affair rumours, who one wonders how they came to happen in the first place, why were they splashed across the cover pages and out of nowhere, what was Frederik thinking, the Queen then had to step in to minimize the damage, put him in the spotlight and shut off any other untoward and irresponsible behaviour. I even think that Mary might have fled, or considered it.

    At times in his eyes it is as if I see the dawning that the golden cage is now on, and there is no escape.

    The heir, though, seems as if he thinks of all this as fun and as if he is rejoicing in it.

    • I don’t know if the abdication was voluntary or not, but I think it is for the better.

      My belief is QE2 inadvertently harmed the future of the British monarchy by hanging on to the title. When I was growing up the Royal tours of foreign countries and the possibility of royalty coming to your town were important news. I remember the Queen came to my town when I was eight and school was half empty. But we hardly saw anything of her since this side of the millennium. Understandable given her age and health but probably not wise. Now Charles is caught as an “interim” monarch – many of the older generation don’t like him because of what happened with Diana, the younger ones like William and Kate.

      • You’re probably right or onto something. It’s a mixed bag. On the one hand, her personality made it all stick together, but was also part of the downfall. She was immensely stubborn, hasn’t relented, and, weirdly, in keeping on in her own ways some of the mistakes as if they got rectified by themselves and in the end as if she hasn’t “paid” for them. The mistakes she made with Diana are still there, and also mistakes in her children upbringing, and if asked about it, people probably haven’t forgotten, but at the same time with years people grew more fond of her. It is so intriguing. She was in a way both a saviour and a terrible sickle-and-scythe-holder of the monarchy simultaneously.

        There is also something about the unrelenting wheel of time and shifting of the sands, whereby what monarchy once was is lost, and the royals themselves are confused as to what is the path ahead.

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