Kenny Rogers – multiple successes and marriages

Kenny Rogers, the country singer has died. He sold over 150 million records worldwide and had 120 hit singles – all-time classic jukebox favourites including Lucille, Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town, The Gambler, Coward of the County, and, with Dolly Parton, Islands in the Stream. One obituary described him as “the grizzled king of easy-going country & western music, a gravel-voiced charm-merchant who spoke of real things with just a hint of cheese.“

He was born 21 August 1938 in Houston, Texas, at 11.29 am Houston, Texas and had a chart dominated by a Fixed Grand Cross of Mars Sun in flamboyant Leo in his ambitious and high-profile 10th house, Jupiter in Aquarius in his 4th, North Node in Scorpio in his first house and Uranus in his 7th. That last placing was possibly why he ended up married five times, the early attempts all being short-lived affairs. He would be explosive with Uranus square Mars and certainly none-too-adaptable with so many Fixed planets, insisting that others bent round his wishes. But he had endurance aplenty and confidence.

His Uranus was in a creative trine to Neptune in Virgo which produced a good many talented artists from that time. His Cancer Moon was buried in his intense 8th house; his Venus was also in one of the hidden houses, the 12th opposition Saturn. He grew up in poverty and was fourth of eight children, so wouldn’t be given as much nurturing as he needed.

His career was nearly undone by a sex scandal in 1990 when he admitted setting up special number for women to call so he could indulge in phone sex with them. He settled all claims before it came to court. At that point tr Pluto in Scorpio was squaring his Midheaven, giving his reputation a dent and opposing his Uranus – it led ultimately to the break up of his marriage.

Venus Saturn aspects oddly enough are associated with ‘sex addictions’ so called and an 8th house Moon has a hint of Scorpio about it.

His creative musical 7th harmonic was exceptionally strongly aspected. His superstar 22H was also marked.

He died at 10.25pm on March 20th in Colbert, Georgia.  At that point tr Uranus was exactly opposition his Solar Arc Midheaven. His Solar Arc Jupiter was conjunct his 7th house Uranus with tr Venus also conjunct and the Moon moving through his 4th house close to his Jupiter – he died at home surrounded by his family.

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