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  1. I note that Saturn in Aquarius squaring both Prince Charles’ Moon (may he recover soon!)
    and Boris Johnson’s Moon.
    Any thoughts Marjorie?

  2. Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York State, is emerging as a real leader in the US against Coronavirus. Could you look into his chart?

  3. Marjorie

    Any chance of an update on Alex Salmond.

    He has now won both a major civil case against the Scottish government and been acquitted of all criminal charges. There is quite a bit of evidence now that the campaign against him has been orchestrated by people at the heart of Scotland’s administration. In addition there seems to be some disenchantment among some SNP members about the way the party has handled the affair. Where does it go from here

  4. I’ve read that when Saturn Conjuncts Neptune in Pisces/Aries in 2025/2026
    there could be a pandemic also.
    Maybe you’ve covered this already (will look!), but have you any thoughts
    in case you haven’t written about it already Marjorie?
    Thank you.

      • Hello Marjorie

        Any thoughts on the SNP and Sturgeon in light of Alex Salmond’s acquittal? I think Salmond is a very skilful and effective politician and wonder if he has substantial political future. Thanks if you do

    • Good day Marjorie.
      I’m trying again to see if I can get a reading from you about RBG’s outlook going forward; given her age and current crisis. It would be nice to have a heads up on the future SCOTUS arena.

      • She’s nearly 90 and I’m not sure her chart will tell us much. She’s sagging a touch this year, more next, but whether that’s just a reaction to the state of the world or personal woes isn’t clear. SCOTUS looks logjammed in 2020/21, and uncertain. With strained relations with Trump from this July onwards.

        • Oh so there is an age limit in clarity; interesting. Well at least it doesn’t seem detrimental. More depressed, which is understandable. I think they should put her in one of those bubbles designed for children with severely compromised immune systems. I’m kidding (sort of). The Trump part is a welcomed.
          Thank you.

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