Richard Burr – a risk-taking and over-confident Sagittarius


Richard Burr, Republican senator and chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is getting it in the neck for making money out of the pandemic. He offloaded millions of dollars in stock after receiving private briefings about the coronavirus outbreak, but before markets crashed, all the while continuing to talk the severity of the virus down in public. Other senators have also been fingered but they have said their portfolios are managed by others and they were not aware of the sales. Burr is the only one who said he was directly involved but that his decision was not insider trading but based on news reports. It has been illegal for members of Congress and other government employees to trade on secret briefings since the passage of the 2012 “Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act”.

Burr, born 30 November 1955 in Virginia, is a Sun Mercury in Sagittarius in an expansive and supercharged square to Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in late Leo. He also has an uber-determined Mars in Scorpio in an uncompromising square to Uranus, so likes taking risks and dislikes interference in his plans.

Both tr Saturn and his Solar Arc Saturn are due to square his Mars for a major setback through from early April to mid June in the case of the transit and the Solar Arc over several months. All of that looks considerably unsettling and bad-tempered. With more hitches and glitches in 2021/22 as tr Saturn opposes his Uranus followed by Solar Arc Saturn.

He does have a strongly aspected 10th Harmonic chart which is the fickle-finger-of-fate one which throws the individual high and then the wheel of fortune turns and it goes the other way.

4 thoughts on “Richard Burr – a risk-taking and over-confident Sagittarius

  1. I have a feeling that opportunistic populists in general are going to topple as Pluto approaches it’s final degrees through Capricorn. It’s more than obvious that Trump is out of his depth with the handling of Coronavirus. Bolsonaro’s approval rating is at a record low. These kinds of politicians take advantage of peoples fears and prejudices to gain power, but when faced with a crisis such as the current unprecedented situation show their true colours – absolute lack of substance, lack of true leadership and total self-interest. As Saturn and Jupiter enter Aquarius, heralding Pluto’s arrival in the sign just a few years hence, I wonder if we are about to embark on a more collective, less individualistic era.

    • Sadly – President Trump’s approval rating is on the rise for how he is managing the COVID-19 crisis, according to an ABC News poll published Friday. The survey showed 55 percent of Americans approve of Mr. Trump’s strategy compared to 43 percent who disapprove. The ratings show a reversal from last week where 54 percent had disapproved, but 43 percent had liked the president’s handling of the crisis.
      I don’t wish to sound too anti-American but I really do despair of the great congealed mass of US voters who appear to have no wits at all.

      • It’s staggering, Marjorie. Trump doesn’t have any of the qualities needed to guide the ship of state through a global crisis. Reading the Fauci post, I cannot understand what it is the Trumpsters are seeing. I see a man utterly out of his depth, lying to his people and making as much political capital out of this as he can get away with and dog-whistling with his “Chinese Virus” nonsense.

  2. this is nothing But crooked politician who is there to make money for himself

    i believe nation should recover all that money he made and should use for better purpose to treat needy people in this time of crisis

    and he should be forced to donate money he made without any haggling and if he is a true gentleman which i doubt very much he should voluntarily donate money for this natural calamity that our nation is facing
    wish me and all needy a Good Luck if we are thinking he is going to donate you are grossly mistaken he is there to get himself enrich not common people who are dire need !!!

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