Keir Starmer – one step up, one step down

 Keir Starmer, the UK Opposition Leader, isn’t having a good week with murmurs surfacing that he is too cautious, a misheard accusation from Boris Johnson that he hotly denied and then had to retract; and leaks about making the Labour Party more Union-Jack friendly and patriotic. All this as the PM is revelling in unexpected popularity over the vaccine coup.

  Born 2 September 1962 (no birth time) Starmer has a talented and well-knit-together chart with a Water Grand Trine of Jupiter in Pisces trine Mars in Cancer trine Neptune, formed into a Kite by Jupiter opposition Sun Pluto in Virgo. He’s not short of confidence or drive, though may be a touch overly controlled with such an emphasised Pluto on top of a Virgo Sun. He’s also got a cool Saturn in Aquarius opposition a leadership North Node in Leo squaring onto Neptune – such a Neptune will make him elusive at times, hesitant to commit.

  Tr Saturn is square his Solar Arc Sun Pluto this month for a few setbacks; though tr Uranus is also sextile his Jupiter and conjunct his Mars/Jupiter for lucky breaks also this month. March looks crisis-ridden with a few disasters around. Late April and May will perhaps see a repeat of mis-speaks with a confused tr Neptune opposition his Mercury/Pluto and that repeats later in the year and into 2022. Not all plain sailing, but politics never is. He does have worrisome influences towards 2024/5 when the next election is due and before.

  His Leadership Term, 4 April 2020 10.45am has a directionless Neptune in the 10th, so won’t always be great at setting out a route map. Though there’s a confident and usually successful Jupiter Pluto in the 7th, indicating persuasive skills and selling an upbeat message.  What’s isn’t easy or helpful is a Mars Saturn conjunction in the 8th square Uranus –  which suggests setbacks, disruptions and unexpected distractions or predicaments, which will come to a head and cause major aggravations in two years’ time when aspects close to exact.

11 thoughts on “Keir Starmer – one step up, one step down

  1. Ive grown up spoon fed the virtues off the Labour Party within the Northern labour heartlands when I grew up but labour don’t speak for me or anyone I know now.Can you do a chart for the Labour Party as I think they are finished as they have lost their traditional heartlands because of their arrogance, greed, ignorance and deafness and shocking betrayal of thier traditional voters.There is a lot of silent seethers in the UK at deaf politicians.

    • I’m not a great fan of political party charts – any of them. They never seem to be illuminating. Both the 1900 and 1906 charts show ups and downs, some progress in 2022/23; but a slump in 2024.

        • It’s interesting to look at the chart for the Tamworth Manifesto, 18th December, 1834 (midnight) for the Tories. It may work better than the other Conservative Party chart. Anyway, it is heading for a tr Pluto conjunct it’s 0 degree Neptune in Aquarius in 2024, and a Jupiter return in Gemini after the probably election day in May. Uranus will be square Uranus too. This chart suggests changes within the Tory Party, or some kind of reassessment of its aims and values.

          The Labour Party is also reassessing it’s values it seems. They have been fighting amongst themselves, on and off, for what seems like their entire existence. Every political party does this, of course, but Labour seems particularly prone and comes across as inward-looking at these times. I agree we need something fresh, and perhaps the Pluto transit to the UK 1801 Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Libra might indicate a shift.

    • The Labour party has to cater to diverse groups of people. Any position will disappoint a group. The recent leak that the party may go “patriotic” is a good example. To avoid losing support permanently to the likes of libdems or to conservatives, he better not spell out anything now. At the election time, they can choose their position based on how and what screwups the current party in government have done.

    • Mmm.. It is frustrating that on an average of the polls the Tories have a marginal lead – although the Tories did have a 26 percent when Keir Starmer took over last April. However Marjorie does say that his aspects for 2024/5 are not bright so hopefully this is something else rather than another Labour defeat caused by party infighting.

    • Delia – I was just thinking this. If there were an election tomorrow, I wouldn’t have a clue what Starmer’s Labour is offering me. He’s been the party leader for almost a year now.

      I’m a floating voter but I won’t be diving into vote for them based on a manifesto created two months before an election.

  2. Seems to be quite fond of purging (Sun Pluto in Virgo) members from the left of the party including Jewish activists in an attempt to impose a top down obsessively micro-managed control of the party. The Sun Uranus Pluto conjunction could be seen as autocratic and authoritarian particularly as it is the focal point of the kite formation involving Jupiter which can be linked to excessive zeal. Starmer has also said he had a strained relationship with his father which fits. (Interesting to see that Starmer somehow managed to put the spotlight on his predecessor with the current legal battle). I do think the Mars in Cancer is linked to the self inflicted domestic in-fighting that seems to have dogged Starmer’s leadership; far from uniting the party the internal divisions are widening under his tenure. Could the emphasis on Libra indicate the conflicts and challenges in finding a balance?

    • His term chart is not great. Pluto and Jupiter in the 7th house (the house of open enemies) may indicate a fight to the death power struggle within the party which could be triggered when Mars in the 8th house (house of shared assets) squares radix (?) Uranus in the next year or two. The potential for Labour to fracture under Starmer’s management is there – perhaps the trigger might be if Corbyn loses his case. I don’t really see Starmer’s natal chart (plenty of disruptive aspects to the Sun and Mars) or the term chart showing too much togetherness.

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