Katie Price – anguish over a special needs child

Katie Price, former glamour model turned media personality and businesswoman, once worth £40 million and now bankrupt, has been talking on television (where else) about the anguish of having her eighteen year old son Harvey sent off to a residential care college. He was born with a rare genetic disorder affecting his eyesight, autism and Prader-Willi syndrome which can cause learning difficulties and behavioural problems. He has the cognitive age of a seven year old and is twenty stone. He is unable to control his weight, requires 24-hour care and his autism can lead to meltdowns when he becomes distressed and angry.

  Whatever you think about her, her chaotic love life and tendency to star in her own reality show, she’s cared for her son and several other children. She says “I hated him going to residential. I cried. But I was at crisis point. It was affecting the other kids, it was the danger-zone for him, smashing the house up. He needs to have his independence and I think he’ll enjoy it – make friends. I want him to be in a room with his mates while he plays the keyboard and sings his songs.”

  The move depends on local authority funding for the likely cost of £300,000 to £350,000 a year for a full time, all-year round residential student with high health care needs.

  Harvey was born 27 May 2002 at 1.15am (newspaper report), London, and like his mother is a Sun Gemini and like her also has Venus in Cancer, in his case in the playful 5th house. He has a tough Saturn North Node in the 4th opposition Moon Pluto in the 10th so he has not been short of challenges and restrictions in his life.

   His Mars in Gemini in his 5th will make him expressive when it comes to anger and his Mars is trine Uranus which has a hint of volatility.  His Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius in his 1st and conjunct his Ascendant will add to his fairly highly strung temperament with 6 Air Planets and an outspoken Sagittarius Moon.

 Katie was born 22 May 1978, no birth time, and hasn’t been short of difficulties either with a Mars Saturn conjunction in Leo, which will have attracted her to tricky partners and car-crash situations. But she’s also got a pushily confident Jupiter square Pluto and in an adventurous trine to Uranus, so she’s never lacked guts even when her common sense was lacking.  

  She’s not an ideal match for Harvey with her Mars Saturn opposition his Neptune Uranus, but she’s never been backward about displaying her affection for him and insisting that others accept him for who he is.   

  The father Dwight Yorke, 3 November 1971, a Trinidadian footballer, has never been in the picture and wasn’t a good match for either Katie or Harvey. He’s a Sun Scorpio with Saturn in Gemini conjunct both their Suns and his Saturn opposes Neptune Venus Jupiter square Mars in Aquarius. With his Mars conjunct Harvey’s Uranus, so he wouldn’t be much help.

9 thoughts on “Katie Price – anguish over a special needs child

  1. Her Scorpio moon at 29 degrees squares Regulus, so I think she may live this rags to riches to rags experience more than once in her lifetime. I wish this young boy well and hope that he does well in his new environment.

  2. This is not astrology but I want to give a little facts here because the familiies of people with autism might be reading this and getting worried. Prader-Willi is a rare genetic syndrome and not related to other forms of autism. I recognise the some things in this description from other people with Prader-Willi. I hope that the council pays for his care because his needs are very specific. In the right environment he may be able to make great progress.

  3. My son is severely autistic, he is still at home with me and my husband, but eventually they all have to live with others. You said Harvey was here for a reason, I certainly think he has taught others about disability and kindness. Katie should not worry so much, we are all on an individual life path and that includes those with disability issues.

  4. I had once had a very close friend who had a severely autistic son.
    He was a very kind and caring man, but the strain of looking after him destroyed
    his marriage. I have no time for Katie Price at all however, I wish her well in such
    an unforgiving situation.

  5. Balancing elements (roughly) has much to do with conforming to ‘normal’. Harvey has 6 air planets – no earth! – his vocational indicator is Uranus at 29 degrees Aquarius – read Inside Degrees by Elias Lonsdale….whew. He’s here for a reason. I heard on Radio 4 this week Katie talking about him – he certainly doesn’t lack love from that direction, but how many other kids are out there – without famous parents, any means or sympathy ( even recognition) – 350,000 pounds a year to be cared for adequately! The mind boggles. There will be groups of people, I think, with far fewer means who have to be creative and/or persistent with the authorities – what a mess and horror, that logically so many young people cannot be catered for in an overstrained health service. Katie is brave to be up front about this – but I also understand that the options are limited – even if ‘only’ financially – for this group of youngsters. Truly heartbreaking.

  6. “He has a tough Saturn North Node in the 4th opposition Moon Pluto in the 10th”

    I can’t help but think about his cold, absent, disinterested father Dwight Yorke in the 4th and the caring > controlling > smothering Pricey in the 10th.
    That’s a tough hand.

    I read she wanted the kid to start his own plus size clothing line?

    Anyway, we all continue to wish the best for the young man.

    • …maybe she wanted him to attract attention in a positive manner, and not be viewed as a burden…..? He is only noticed through her fame so I can see anything that meant HE did something positive would help him.

  7. I don’t know how I hapened to catch some of those reality series on her life back in the day, but I remember Harvey being mostly such a sweet kid and getting along with his stepdad Peter Andre. But yes, when kids on challenging end of autism spectrum become adults, fits caused by their incapacity to manage feelings may become overwhelming.

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