Kate Millett – anger fuelling change for the better



Kate Millett, the feminist writer whose Sexual Politics was a catalyst for progress in women’s rights to abortion and equality has died. She was a fervent campaigner for human rights, civil rights, peace and the anti-psychiatry movement and was described as ‘difficult, brutally honest, and tenacious’.

Born 14 September 1934 7.40pm St Paul Minnesota, she had an alcoholic and violent father, who abandoned the family when she was 14. Despite her childhood traumas, she graduated at university with honours and a wealthy aunt paid for her to attend Oxford University. Through an academic career she grew to become a leader of the second-wave feminism.

She had a rebellious Uranus in Taurus on her Ascendant, so was custom-built to upset the status quo; with a hard-working and communicative 6th house Virgo Sun and Mercury in Libra. Her 4th house describing her childhood and relationship with her feared father had Pluto on one leg of a Yod in sextile to her Sun inconjunct Saturn in Aquarius in her 11th – in some ways bleak, but she rose to the challenge of that Yod to make a serious difference out in society. Her performing 5th house had Mars in Leo and Venus Neptune in Virgo, so she undoubtedly appreciated entertaining an audience. Her North Node in Aquarius would also give her the impetus to devote herself to humanitarian causes.

She would not have an easy emotional life with her controlling 4th house Pluto square Uranus opposition Jupiter; or her 8th house Moon in Sagittarius trine Mars – she’d be domineering at times, overly secretive and inclined to blow a fuse when crossed. But she certainly created a few waves. Her leaving-a-legacy-for-history 17th harmonic is strong; as are her two creative harmonics, 5th and the inspirational 7th.

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