Mexico Quake & Florida Hurricane – natural fury



Mexico has suffered an 8.2 earthquake, the strongest in a century, as Hurricane Irma and a couple of others following behind lay a trail of devastation across the Caribbean.

Mexico, 15 Sept 1810 11pm Dolores Hidalgo, had the August Solar Eclipse, like Texas, conjunct the midheaven; and their Mars in Leo was also being rattled. At the moment the tr North Node is closely conjunct the Mexico Mars; with the tr Sun opposition the 10th house Pluto; with tr Saturn moving to square the Mexico Virgo Sun within three weeks as they mop up the damage.

Charts for the Caribbean Islands are difficult to pin down given their complicated history. But Puerto Rico, 25 July 1952 1.36pm San Juan, which missed the eye of the storm have a shocking, disruptive Solar Arc Mars opposition Uranus exactly now. They also have Mercury Pluto in last decan Leo catching the Eclipse.

Irma is heading for Florida, 3 March 1845, which, like Texas, has a Pisces Sun being directly undermined by tr Neptune; with a ‘collision’ Solar Arc Mars square Sun still in orb; and its Mercury Venus Neptune in Aquarius were opposed by the Leo Eclipse so a high-stress time.

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