Harry & Meghan – trying to have it all ways



The young princes Harry and Will are about to learn the hard way what their mother Diana never grasped – you can’t use the media to publicise what you want and expect them to back off when it comes to celeb snooping and raking up embarrassments. Harry’s squeeze, Meghan Markle, an undoubtedly beautiful but not hugely talented actress, has been front-covered in a Vanity Fair fashion shoot and given space for a long gush about how in love they are. Harry and Will talked on television about their grief at losing their mother which undoubtedly helped other sufferers; but then went over the top in their celebration of Diana, without mentioning their father’s support or taking on board the damage she’d done to the monarchy. Channel Four are reportedly putting together a Meet the Markles show introducing Meghan’s family, not all of whom are huge fans of hers, with a disgruntled sister writing a tell-all memoir about her social climbing tendencies. It’s going to get nasty.

Harry is an earthy and intense 8th house Sun Virgo trine a 4th house Taurus Moon, which roots him firmly into his family line; with his Sun in an impulsive square to Mars in Sagittarius. He looks emotionally enraptured 2016/17 with tr Pluto square his 9th house Venus, which would point to an ‘abroad’ romantic partner. That runs out in early this December. Late Sept/early Oct tr Saturn squares his Sun which will damp his enthusiasm; and tr Neptune will square his Mars from May 2018 into 2019 which will bring a sense of panicky failure. In 2018 as well tr Uranus opposes his Pluto, for a complete upheaval in his life. Tr Jupiter moves through his 10th in 2018 which suggests a rise in status, more public attention and success. 2019/2020 has tr Pluto square his Sun/Moon midpoint, which is the significator for one-to-one relationships, so he’ll be going through inner turmoil working out what he wants; at the same time from 2019 onwards tr Saturn moves across his Ascendant into his lower-profile first quadrant, which will give him a desire to be away from the limelight into a phase where he turns the focus on his personal life.

There’s a tentative time for Meghan Markle 4 Aug 1981 4.46 am Los Angeles (astrotheme) though it should be treated cautiously. She’s a Sun Leo with a Libra Moon conjunct Jupiter Saturn with only one Earth planet so the opposite of Harry.  Her Venus in Virgo will resonate with his Sun and her Libra Moon with his Venus, though these are not conjunctions. Her flamboyant, entertainer Leo Sun squares his Saturn in Scorpio, so his sense of duty will put a barrier between them; and her filmic Neptune squares his Sun, so her career will prove a slippery obstacle as well. Their relationship chart is a mix of hot passion, adventure, emotional blockages and worse an ego-imbalance which suggests differing ambitions with two careers that won’t live happily together. And Neptune square Venus Mars and trine the composite Sun hinting at an illusory quality to their connection, which when the shine wears off will bring a let down.

The relationship will undergo a fairly jolting change come this December with tr Uranus opposition the composite Saturn, then Pluto and maybe square the composite Moon; with a definitely cool patch as tr Saturn squares the composite Mars Venus. That could just be external circumstances but it looks a sticky time ahead.

Harry doesn’t look entirely settled with the rest of his family. The Queen is frustrated and irritated by his behaviour through 2017/18; his father also, as is Camilla. Even Will, with whom he has an affectionate if competitive bond, looks disappointed with increasing separation between them this year and more so in 2019/2020.

Will has a soft spot for Meghan, but that is being overtaken by aggravation that she isn’t toeing the Royal line, and being submissive enough. Equally the Queen has a friendly feeling towards her but that, as ever, is over-ridden by weightier concerns which will come to the fore in early 2018.

If they do go ahead and announce an engagement there’ll be some dismay in his family, with Charles especially looking sour towards the New Year.

It’s a shame since Harry deserves a wife and children, but this one, alas, doesn’t look a recipe for long term contentment.

4 thoughts on “Harry & Meghan – trying to have it all ways

  1. It’s interesting the different take we’ve been given on the Vanity Fair interview by Canadian media. Here we’re being told that the interview would definitely have been set up and vetted by the Royal Family, and that it is an attempt to sell her to the public. Also, that the reason the interview is in Vanity Fair is that they were the only ones willing to accept the restrictions that the Royals put on the content.

  2. Marjorie: Based on your excellent prognosis, not to mention Meghan blabbing about her relationship with Harry in a Vanity Fair interview (with cover photo no less), I don’t think Ms. Markle will be wearing a tiara anytime soon. Her relatives could be right about her social climbing ways. Being a Leo, she’s probably hooked on a show biz career, which–as you say–would make for a push-pull marriage to Harry. Poor fellow. It must be extremely challenging for someone in his position to find Ms. Right.

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