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President Trump ordered an end to the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals programme that shields young undocumented immigrants from deportation this week. He and Jeff Sessions, argued that those in the country illegally hurt native-born Americans by usurping their jobs and pushing down wages. And then handed the matter over to Congress to sort out. Around 800,000 ‘Dreamers’ could be deported from next March to countries which many will have no connection to, if it goes through.

Obama’s scheme was launched on 15 August 2012 which has a Venus in patriotic and very American Cancer opposition Pluto and trine Neptune, so intensely felt and sympathetic. The Moon is also in family-oriented Cancer. The Pluto square Uranus hints at constant upheavals in its path; and there is an exact strewn-with-setbacks Mars Saturn conjunction. The Leo Sun caught a crisis with the recent Solar Eclipse; and tr Uranus moves to oppose the Mars Saturn in December/January 2018 which suggests vicious arguments, much provocation, succumbing to brute force. The midpoints transits through this Sept/Oct also suggest violent interventions, acts of brutality and the breakdown of relationships. And general discouragement till late 2018. 2019/20 will dash hopes; but there will be some hope of resurrection in 2020/21 after an almighty and bitter struggle. It’ll be a really uphill protracted battle.

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  1. This is going to be just like the massive deportations that Trump ordered earlier this year…..Trump made a little splash with his base, and the courts shut it down.

    Keep calm and carry on.

  2. Larryc, I don’t know what you want me to say. I was only mentioning that I watched a playback of Obama’s announcement about the programme and he did use the words ‘temporary solution …..’ ‘ ….. until Congress can …… etc etc’

    It is another sad situation to add to the other sad situations and I am, like a huge number of people, very sorry about what is going on. One thing I have noticed nowadays is that most people complain about something but not willing to give up their time and energy to make a stand. To me this year there has been more marches in the US than another year in the last 10 years (for example), but especially since the world marched against the war in Iraq and everyone saw that the governments went ahead and did it anyway. That seemed to destroy the fight in people and I don’t recall marches in such numbers happening again. So many people say ‘what’s the point’ and then governments get away with whatever they get away with. I don’t have the answer from my mundane lay person point of view but maybe the world needs to starting marching again in those vast numbers – countries in tandem in support and not in isolation. My one response is weak but there is strength in numbers.

    However, also don’t forget that apparently this is one of Trump’s campaign promises and people voted him in … so clearly there are enough people in the US who wanted to see this happen to make him win? Just my 2 cents worth!

  3. Trump isn’t picking on children. The ONLY people to blame for this mess is the parents of those children who chose to break the laws of another country, abuse the system and suck out what ever services they could. The parents are the ones who brought the children here knowing full well what they were doing was illegal. Well the gravy train is about to be over. Long, Long overdue!

  4. OK, I am going to give Trump some credit becuase I just watched Morning Joe on MSNBC where they should the clip of Obama’s speech that this programme was a temporary fix. Congress was suppose to then come up with a permanent fix and vote but hasn’t done so. Trump I guess is forcing their hand with this. Just a thought!

    • 800,000 young adults about to be deported. An entire generation ratted out in exchange for a cheap campaign promise. So what fix do you propose?

      • Well it seems that was the job of Congress to come up with. Maybe Obama thought they would tweak the programme and make it permanent law? They did nothing but we all know Republicans only take action when it comes to helping themselves ie cutting taxes and making money and to hell with everyone else especially the poor and needy. This is a campaign promise that people voted for? What does that tell you about the collective mindset of these people. Don’t be surprised!

        • The collective mindset of these people are… The people who voted for this were many of the poor and needy. Those who are out of work due to the 11 million (most likely at least double) illegal people in the country. The poor and needy are proud people and want to work. The system being set up in such a way that benefits illegals before Americans is what people are tired of. The politicians (including Trump) figured out what the people have had enough of and “spoke” to them about jobs and and putting Americans first. The Dems talked about protecting the illegals…

          • Ann what would you say about the original illegal immigrants who invaded and took over the native Americans lands violently when they came to settle because they were just seeking a better life. The pot calling the kettle black?

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