Kamala Harris – an uneasy partnership under strain

Rumours that Joe Biden has been sidelining his VP Kamala Harris, with both their poll ratings plummeting south, have been stoked by her inner circle and denied by the White House. Her side complain she’s been handed politically-fraught issues with little support while her critics point to her missteps and dysfunctions within her own office.

  Their relationship chart is not ideal with a suspicious, doubt-ridden and cool composite Saturn opposition Venus Neptune which squares onto a no-compromise Uranus. At a pinch it could be useful for a joint reforming platform but more likely points to an instability in the relationship, with two strong individuals who want to walk their own path. There’s also a tough, stuck-together-by-circumstances Saturn Moon trine Pluto – which is admittedly sextile Jupiter which will offset some of the bleaker feel.

 Tr Pluto has been trailing confusion around this year with a square to the composite Neptune which ends later this month. But tr Neptune is in an enthusiasm-denting and undermining square to the Jupiter from April 2022 onwards, on and off till late 2023. It could turn inwards to dissolve the foundations of their connection, or could be an indication as a pair that they are floundering and not making progress.

  Even before then the tr Saturn square tr Uranus is battering the composite Sun Mercury with late this month to mid January looking especially separated, chilly and jolted; and again in March 2022. If it was a marriage it might well split.

  President and VP don’t necessarily have to get on but this pair are particularly not well matched with her short-tempered and hard-edged Mars in Leo opposition Saturn in Aquarius squaring Biden’s Sun and other Scorpio planets; with her evasive Neptune conjunct his Mercury and Mars. Her Saturn is also conjunct his South Node which won’t bring out his best side.  And Indeed Biden’s South Node is conjunct her Midheaven which wouldn’t suggest a supportive link.

  On her personal chart she was always going to face a tough two years from early 2022 with tr Pluto moving through her trapped 8th house square her Libra Sun and her Aries Moon. She also has her Progressed Moon moving through her 12th from three months back until August 2023 which is inward-looking, a time of endings and can be downbeat.  All in all she looks log-jammed and not content.

Technically he cannot fire her since she was elected but he could pressure/humiliate her into resigning and is free to say she won’t be his running mate in 2024. There was another suggestion that he could nominate her for the Supreme Court but how sound that is I’ve no idea.

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10 thoughts on “Kamala Harris – an uneasy partnership under strain

  1. Hi Marjorie.

    This link shows the astrology chart of Austria:


    Austria wants to make the covid jav mandatory from, I think, February 2022. Or else: ticket or even prison.

    The chart shows descandant at 13º Scorpio. Mars is in that degree today. The Lunar eclipse at 27º Scorpio happens on their 7th house (allies, open enemies) and it squares Saturn at 27º Leo (5th house), squaring also Uranus at 23º Jupiter and Moon (the people) at 1º Pisces (the sacrificed people) – Uranus/Moon are in the 11th house.

    What do you make of this? Will this actually happen? Or will the people revolt and not allow a mandatory jab? Maybe Jupiter in Pisces will alleviate this diactaorship in the making?

    Astrologically, where do you see this going for Austria?

    As always, thank you!

  2. Assuming her birth time is correct, her Saturn sits one degree off the U.S. Sibly moon. Heavy, cold slog of a relationship with “the people.” Her north node is also reasonably close to the Sibly Mars in the 7th. I see this as maybe we got what we need rather than what we might have wanted. Good things often don’t come easy. Americans (and I am one) often want apple pie instead of spinach. But the spinach is unquestionably better for the body on the whole.

    • What did this contribute?

      “One can always leave if not satisfied?”
      Or :
      Just ignore a comment instead of obliquely complaining about it while pretending to be sage, unaffected, and superior.
      Or, better yet: Speak Plainly. What bothered you, and why?

      I read comments to gain other’s unique perspective. I find content delivered with clarity and espect illuminating, whether I ultimately agree or not.

  3. I do not trust Kamala Harris one bit. That Sun full Moon combo fills me with dismay, as does the Saturn Mars.
    An uncomfortable combination of people pleasing and sheer naked ego that wont back down.
    Not exactly ecstatic about Joe either.
    If they are not careful they will bring back Trump.
    And yet again they are misreading the source of their recent election losses, which is a fatal mistake.
    We have to deal with the societal issues of ideology and fantasy corrupting all our institutions as reflected in the Neptune Pisces and Capricorn Pluto placements that is expressing as a break down of democracy, eroding of necessary social boundaries, and suppression of free speech in an increasingly decadent fear filled atmosphere.

    • Agree completely Marina, regarding both the astrology, and US politics. The Democrats were so focused on just winning the election that they sacrificed the permanent on the altar of the immediate by nominating these two Machiavellian reptiles. Neither has anything in their history that indicates they would live up to the Democrat’s campaign promises, and most people who voted blue were really voting against Trump. Biden is senile, Harris has no integrity…and no words even for Trump. It makes Bernie’s loss all the more tragic.

  4. The doomsday version of your prior post in 2020? You are so great Marjorie, I hope you don’t get caught up in the fear factor for headlines and new followers…

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