Jurgen Klopp – time to recharge

Jurgen Klopp has startled football fans in announcing he is retiring as Liverpool FC manager after eight and a half years in charge, having won every top-level competition available to him. He says he has run out of energy. Though Manchester City FC manager Pep Guardiola thinks he will be back with another team after he recharges his batteries.

 Klopp, 16 June 1967 7.28 am Stuttgart, Germany, has a friendly 11th house Gemini Sun inconjunct Neptune and square Uranus Pluto in Virgo. He has a self-reliant, well-organised, good-executive-material Saturn in Aries conjunct his Midheaven in a disciplined opposition to Mars square Mercury in Cancer, which will make him direct in his comments though maybe behind the scenes.  On the surface, he has an upbeat and amiable Jupiter Venus in Leo on his Ascendant.

  He has been drooping under tr Neptune square his Sun through 2022/23 which could well have sapped his energy and motivation. His Progressed Moon has been going through his 4th since early 2022 which is usually a time to hunker down at home, be introspective and take a chance to reflect on what comes next. From early 202 as well tr Saturn moved into his 8th house which can feel under-supported and a time when others were relying on his resilience so it can feel draining. He was on a nodal return as well through 2022/23.

 Nothing too drastic pointing to a significant career change but a cumulative build up of various factors. He looks upbeat through this summer with two Jupiter midpoints fired up and they run into early 2025 though he will be fairly disoriented as well into 2025. 2026/27 look to be discouraging years but with tr Saturn heading upwards in his chart I can’t imagine him retiring altogether.

Liverpool FC 3 June 1892 is also a Gemini with Neptune Pluto as well as the Sun there square Saturn in Virgo. It is showing signs of an upheaval and disruption this year and next with tr Pluto square the Uranus and sadness from tr Saturn square the Neptune, Pluto, Sun. The SA Pluto Neptune oppose their Jupiter in 2025 which I couldn’t even begin to interpret but probably not good news.

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  1. Took a peek at his astrocartography – was going to ask about that – and he has Moon on the IC (home) over the South of France, Paris, or e.g. Benelux (if perhaps he gets to head a team from there).

    Jupiter on the IC is in Montevideo, Cuiaba, Paramaribo.

    Venus on the ascendant goes all the way from San Francisco, United States, to Valencia, Spain. There are clubs there too.

    Belém and Brasília are Venus on the IC. Porto Alegre perhaps too.

    Jupiter on the ascendant is all the way from Portland and Eugene, United States, to north of Germany, Slovenia, the heel of Italy.

    Sun on the MC – western India.

    Jupiter on the MC – Pyongyang. He won’t be going there for sure. Catarman and Tacloban City in the Philippines and Dili, the capital of East Timor.

    In the United States everything from Omaha south towards Dallas and then further to the western coast of Mexico has Sun on the IC, but that also kind of intersects with that Uranus–Pluto conjunction on the ascendant.

    Moon on the MC is a bit off New Zealand.

    Berlin, Prague, and Sicily all have Mars on the IC, so to be avoided.

    • I wonder with that Jupiter line if he were the Brazil national football team manager, would he bring them shining successes. But then, Brazil hasn’t really ever had a foreigner as a manager, or has it? Just rambling.

  2. Another interesting thing about Jürgen is that he has that combo I got the idea Marjorie thinks as of difficult: Taurus North Node and, thus, Scorpio South Node. That was so depressing to read. I got this impression that it is so difficult to shake the burdens on the road towards that North Node, it might even be impossible.

    • Nothing is impossible. While the Taurus or Scorpio North Node is among the more difficult, the Taurus Node if handled well, after pulling away from Scorpio turmoil achieves the better end of Taurus – settled, stable, rooted, in tune with nature.

    • El Aznar, thanks for mentioning his Taurus/Scorpio nodes. It adds another layer of complexity to his chart. I don’t know much about Klopp’s personality or life, but I wonder how this plays out for him.

  3. The big thing that’s about to happen is transiting Pluto going over his Descendant. You’d expect him to be encountering some ‘enemies’ and criticism. Suggests to me that his next job may be more challenging.

    There was an interesting quote from him earlier this season, or before it started, where he said that he knew his job at Liverpool was only secure because of what he’d achieved i.e. winning Liverpool’s first league title since 1991. That occurred in 2019-20 and then the team hadn’t repeated. Currently though he’s got them playing well again and top of the league by a margin.

    I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if, with that Saturn Aries oppo Libra Moon he is something of a pessimist despite appearances. Had a girlfriend with that same combo and she was always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    • Pluto, from what I read over the years, on the descendant could also signify a coming of the time when “creepy”, manipulative, power-playing, dark, obsessive types come to you as partners or wishing for a partnership. It is a difficult energy to deal with.

      • Pluto transiting the 7th wants you to look deeply at the part of yourself that you project onto others. With Aqua on the 7th house cusp, I’m not sure he’ll encounter creepy, manipulative types. Aqua likes to keep its relationships remove and impersonal. It doesn’t want someone else to tell it how to be.

        With that Jupiter Leo-Venus on the ascendant, he has probably always been very friendly and positive towards his players. The first to strike up a conversation or offer an opinion. With the 7th house Aqua, he will especially have been ‘attracted’ to the more remote types who seem to listen and agree with him – the live-and-let-live, non-judgement of Aqua. That would likely also go down well with his Libra moon/Aries Saturn which don’t want to get too close.

        I believe every manager comes to realise that you have to keep some distance between yourself and the players. If you start to care too much, it becomes harder to drop them, sell them or do any of the tougher management tasks.

        Under this transits with an Aqua descendant, I think he may find other people being a little more remote with him. Perhaps that’s part of why he’s taking the time away because he needs to honour his Aqua descendant’s need for remoteness by creating it. He might want to blame others for that remoteness until he sees it’s of his own doing.

        Just thoughts on what might be going on based on what my I’ve come to understand about astrology. I don’t know enough about JK to know whether it’s accurate.

  4. Thanks Marjorie! So interesting to see Liverpool FC’s founding chart as well. You say you can’t imagine him retiring altogether, and that certainly fits with his statement – he’s said he wants a year off, and more or less then who knows. From remarks he’s made in the past about himself, he seems pretty aware of his own abilities and what he needs in life. He’s always worked hard, so that sporty Aries Saturn, plus Cardinal t-square, seems to have found an outlet, especially at Liverpool, a city on the water – quite Cancerian, like his Mercury.

    Also notice Liverpool’s Jupiter in Aries – leader? – aligns with Klopp’s Black Moon Lilith, 19 Aries, and Uranus, 18 Aries for the start of his job at Liverpool in 2015. A ‘lucky’ day for them both when he started on that transit too, and Liverpool’s colour is a strong Martian/Aries red. I think the Aries Solar Eclipse in April at 19 Aries is making itself felt across these charts already, and perhaps tr Chiron in Aries too. The Lunar Eclipse in March is right on JK’s natal Moon, which could bring restless feelings up.

    I have never made my mind up about BML, but it is certainly a sensitive point. So it’s interesting to see how an eclipse there works out. Ditto Chiron and the Nodes. I hope those Jupiter midpoints you mention bring him every success this season – he’s an admirable man in many ways.

    • As somone with Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo (2nd H) – in my case also square Saturn in Scorpio – my personal experience of this aspect is that it is hard to say ‘no’. I have had to learn that. Venus conj Jupiter: everything looks interesting and it’s hard to resist, even when that would be in your own best interests. What it means on the ascendant I am not sure. Perhaps everyone wants a piece of you.

      • Thank you. There’s probably a lesson (Saturn) for your there somewhere about money, income, and bank balances (2nd house). Which could make you very rich. Saturn is in the banking sign of Scorpio.

        I sometimes bump onto interpretations from Vedic astrology and always wonder how interchangeable they are. Apart from a ton of sources saying how blessed with all sorts of things an individual is, take a look at this, from PsychologicallyAstrology.com:

        “The Venus-Jupiter mutual aspect or conjunction creates deep conflicts within the individual soul. Both these graha are Guru, so you desperately crave spiritual nourishment, but there is no clarity on which route to take. This causes internal anguish, a deep dissatisfaction with life. They do give all material stuff for the mind and the body, but the individual soul doesn’t find satisfaction in these and searches restlessly. You search for spiritual guidance, often going to one Guru then to another and you seem fickle in your protestations of religiosity/ spirituality.

        On the outward levels, you love luxuries, are easy going, very motivated on what you really want to do, generous, affectionate, loyal, idealistic, intelligent, generally well off in life, in some suitable profession, inclined towards religious pursuits, etc. But on the inner levels there is a deep disconnect with the desires of the body/mind and the desire of the soul. The married life is generally problematic. The spouse has very different thought processes and expectations from life which in the long run causes serious differences. It can be unfair on the person you marry and generally ends up in a superficial marriage of convenience or a break.”

        And it goes further.

        It reminds me of Marjorie interpreting trines as “bad” and squares as “good”. Even something that seems as “good”, Venus conjunct Jupiter, has a “bad” side.

        Times of India says: “Venus Jupiter conjunction is a kind of good omen for your social life as you can attract fantastic things around you.”

        Weirdly, for someone with this aspect, Jürgen doesn’t appear as someone Leonine or too Venusian. I don’t see the Jupiter. Except, perhaps, this contagious, genuinely radiating smile he seems to have. The Leo is maybe all the beardedness.

        • “Which could make you very rich.” Haha… I shall dream on! Always worked in low income fields but have been lucky in life in getting what I needed just when I needed it. Gambling is not my forte either but I usually come out even. I have made it an art to live like a princess on a pauper’s wage. I think the 2nd H is more about values than money. Venus-Jupiter can lead to excess, I think.

    • A while back you mentioned the woman who runs Bet365 who also has the Leo Jupiter-Venus. I believe is the sign of gambling so she has had huge amounts of money come to her through that.

      My cookbook is that the ascendant is how you meet the world. As opposed to the MC which is how the world sees you.

      So I’d expect with Jupiter-Venus there for him to be up for giving everything a go. And as I say, Leo is the gambler – player of games – so he’d expect to be lucky and successful in whatever he does. It’s the sign of royalty and expecting to be a leader.

      That said, it’s well-tempered by being in a mini grand trine, or learning triangle, with Saturn Aries and Libra moon – so he will probably only have been taking calculated risks.

      • I also have to ponder a bit perhaps and wrap my head around the fact that in his case the Venus–Jupiter conjunction is ruler 4th and co-ruler 10th conjunct Jupiter, so luck, love, beauty at home (4th) and in social standing (10th), and also ruler 5th conjunct Venus. So someone who loves (Venus) performing, acting, pleasures, social interactions, fun, romances and affairs, vacations, holidays, places of amusement, sports!, speculation, stocks and gambling, children (especially the first-born) – 5th house.

        Then also I have to wrap ruler 4th and co-ruler 10th conjunct ruler of the 5th…

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