Hugh Hefner – a throwback to a sleazy era ++ Bob Guccione ++ Pluto 10th – Crowley, Polanski, Picasso

Hugh Hefner, a headline-grabber in the days before #metoo when Playboy bunnies and the bon vivant lifestyle that went with them were regarded as acceptable entertainment has been cut down to size six years after his death by his third wife, Crystal Harris, in a tell-all memoir. She was 26 when they married and he 86. She claims he was emotionally abusive and is scathing about his sexual prowess, relating tales of him demanding multiple women on his bed at the same time. She wrote:

‘This wasn’t about making love. It was about power and control and leverage. It was a performance.” His second wife Kimberley Conrad has stepped in to defend his memory suggesting the memoir was about making a quick buck and that Harris had made her choices willingly at the time.

  Hefner, born 9 April 1926 4.20pm Chicago, Illinois, had a 7th house Aries Sun square a controlling, possessive 10th house Pluto in Cancer; with an exuberantly sociable 5th house Mars Jupiter in Aquarius opposition Neptune square Saturn in Scorpio. His 6th house Pisces Moon and Venus were both in a seductive, possessive trine to Pluto. Last but not least he had a needs-space Uranus on his Descendant. Not built for fidelity.

 What intrigues me is his attitude to the women in his life firstly his mother from whom he borrowed money start his Playboy empire, then three wives and an endless stream of blonde bunny clones.

 A 10th house Pluto suggests a smothering, controlling mother which in adult life would make him a control-freak as a defensive reaction. Pluto in the 10th can be influential career-wise but particularly in Cancer is problematic. His Pluto was square his Sun, trine his Pisces Moon and inconjunct his Mars. Pluto in the 10th at its most negative can produce sexual predators. Fred West, the UK serial killer of girls, had it.

 His Pisces Moon was sensitive when it came to choosing wives since his first Millie had her Pisces Sun close by and wives 2 and 3 (born 24 years apart) both had Jupiter in Pisces conjunct his Moon.

 Crystal Harris, No 3 wife, 29 April 1986 had her Taurus Sun in his 8th opposition her Pluto in his 2nd (a deep connection and money-oriented). Her Moon in Capricorn may have been conjunct his South Node which sounds feasible. And her North Node is conjunct his Chiron. An intertwined and not altogether healthy bond. Their relationship chart had a composite Sun opposition Neptune square Mars – designed for showbusiness, not ego-supportive, argumentative, disappointing over time when the fantasy wore off. With a power-couple, power-struggling composite Pluto opposition Jupiter square Saturn opposition Node. Chained together, resentful and plotting to get the upper and and last word.

 Kimberley Conrad, No 2 wife, 6 August 1962, has a 5th house sociable Sun Leo opposition Saturn square Neptune in her 8th; with a pushily confident Jupiter opposition Pluto. His Saturn fell in her 8th and his Mars was conjunct her Saturn which would create irritations and block intimacy.

  His children in varying degrees have much the same undercurrents as the Trump children- strongly Plutonian relationships with a dominating father.  

  Playboy made Hefner a multi-multi millionaire seems such a throwback nowadays to a sleazy era.


 His rival in the sleaze publishing business was Bob Guccione, whose adult Penthouse contained more explicit erotic content as well as in-depth reporting of government corruption scandals. Less sociable than Hefner, he went in for conspicuous wealth, ultimately went bankrupt when the porn industry flourished elsewhere and was married four times.

 Born 17 December 1930 2.30am Brooklyn, New York, he has a similarly active Pluto to Hefner. Guccione’s Pluto was in a sexually-ramped-up trine to Moon Venus in Scorpio; conjunct Jupiter opposition Mercury Saturn and square Uranus North Node in Aries. His birth time is from memory so it is possible that his Pluto was conjunct his midheaven from the 9th.

Add On: More Pluto in the 10th men from the negative end of the spectrum. Aleister Crowley, Roman Polanski, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway. It makes for influential careers and huge relationship issues.

6 thoughts on “Hugh Hefner – a throwback to a sleazy era ++ Bob Guccione ++ Pluto 10th – Crowley, Polanski, Picasso

  1. Should we compare Epstein’s chart too? And Trump’s claim to have grabbed something other than headlines?

    Hefner’s abusiveness was already well documented, including Izabella St. James’s book in 2006 and Holly Madison’s book in 2015. The A&E documentary series of 2022 included discussion of his hidden cameras to make blackmail footage against any visitors who indulged and later complained. This series finally got the Playboy company to condemn him.
    How much the women were paid, living conditions at the Mansion – often not glamorous – and Hefner’s controlling rules and sexual demands were all described.

    Tunnels under the mansion, for sexual predators to have access, were an urban legend. Blueprints of tunnels under the mansion were released, then claimed to be an April Fool’s prank in 2015, Last year Hefner’s son included the same blueprints in a somewhat obscure, perhaps joking tweet where he wrote that the tunnels existed but were only for employee use, nothing depraved.

    I’m wondering if astrologically, do asteroids like perhaps Apollo or Eris or Lilith have an important role in the charts of men like this.

    I’m hoping Pluto in Aquarius brings a total end to people like this who found ways to institutionalize predatory abuse.

  2. You’ve read my mind.

    “This wasn’t about making love. It was about power and control and leverage. It was a performance.”

    If it weren’t for “performance” at the end of that quote, which I would say is Leo, perhaps, I wonder if that is the story of Pluto (sex) in Capricorn (power, control, leverage)? Headlines were full of stories of domineering sex much more than in the epochs before that one and how youngsters of the era were given bad examples by modern pornography, where behaviour towards women is appalling. Choking, violence, woman as an object – we’ve seen a whole lot.

    Pluto square Sun and quincunx Mars in Hefner’s chart suggests also problems with the father (Sun).

    And if Mars were genitals – or are they Pluto – especially of the male kind, maybe that Jupiter would bring good, but opposition Neptune and square Saturn suggest otherwise… I wonder what was going on there…

    • Last year there was a series on Netflix about how much physical abuse actually went on at the mansion. It,also, must have been how Epstein learned his craft of blackmail as Hugh videotaped a lot of powerful and wealthy men.
      There is another one on the founder of Penthouse, Guccione. Both seem to have needed one woman around for emotional support of some kind and the rest they worked like prostitutes for financial gain.

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