Julian Castro – a visionary Virgo who packs a punch

Julian Castro


Julian Castro is a Democrat politician, former Mayor of San Antonio, Texas, and in Obama’s Cabinet since 2014, who is being talked of as a possible running mate for Hillary Clinton.

Born 16 Sept 1974, Texas, he’s a Sun and Venus in Virgo (not conjunct); with Venus opposition Jupiter square Neptune in Sagittarius; and his Sun sextile Saturn.  Sensible, hard-working, idealistic, at times over hopeful or gets carried away with his dreams (Jupiter Neptune).  He’s also got a powerhouse Mars Pluto in Libra, perhaps conjunct a Libra/Virgo Moon; with Mercury Uranus also in Libra. So a curious mix of understated Virgo, slightly over-charming Venus; plus a do-or-die determined Mars Pluto.

He doesn’t look too upbeat this year with tr Neptune conjunct his Jupiter opposition his Venus; and tr Saturn square both. So muddled, uncertain and not sure of his popularity. He looks agitated in September to mid October with tr Pluto square Mars/Uranus which will be a real test of nerves.  And stuck in 2017 with Solar Arc Sun conjunct Pluto.

He’s a so-so match with Hillary.  His Venus Sun fall in her 10th which is good career-wise (HC 8.01am bt); and his Saturn is trine her Venus Mercury in Scorpio which is also practical for work. But his Neptune falls in her first conjunct her Jupiter; and her Neptune is conjunct his Mars Pluto – which is less great, slippery and unfulfilled. Plus his Sun is square her Uranus which wouldn’t bode well for a close relationship.

Their relationship chart has a friendly composite Sun Venus; and the powerful composite Mars Pluto, which latter can turn hostile, though if they keep it together they could move mountains. However tr Saturn square tr Neptune is hitting on that Pluto and the Mars/Pluto midpoint through this year and over the election. Tr Uranus will square the composite Jupiter in December this year which will provide some luck, but too late to matter, unless HC wins.

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