Madeleine McCann case – no end in sight

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The Madeleine McCann case drags on with no end in sight, cheering or otherwise. Goncalo Amaral, the original Portuguese police chief investigator has had his libel conviction overturned. He wrote a best seller called The Truth of the Lie which suggested the McCann parents were responsible for a  cover up. They are now appealing the reversal of their case in the Supreme Court.

He was born 2 Oct 1959 so is a Sun Moon Mars Mercury in Libra as befits a justice-seeker; though he also has Saturn trine Pluto, sextile Neptune – so could get carried away with a sense of mission with idealistic/delusionary Neptune leading. His Mars is badly affected over 2016/17 with tr Pluto square and then Solar Arc Uranus conjunct in 2017. So his hopes of ducking out of hefty libel damages may be dented.

Kate McCann, 5 March 1968 6.50am? Liverpool, has been through a punishing time with the tr Uranus square tr Pluto bouncing off her Saturn Mars in Aries over the past three years. Tr Neptune will conjunct her Pisces Sun from mid 2017 till late 2018 which is usually lacklustre. Though there’ll be some uplift from tr Uranus trine Jupiter in 2018/19.

Gerry McCann, 5 June 1968 7.45 am, Glasgow, Scotland, has a heavy chart with a Yod of Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct Saturn in Aries in his 10th, which suggests a difficult life with out-of-the-ordinary events. That focal point Saturn has tr Uranus conjunct this year into early 2017 which will knock him onto a different track. Even more so from 2019 when tr Pluto is square his Saturn which will make 2019/2020 significantly challenging and discouraging.

Before then he has tr Neptune square his Gemini from mid 2017 till late 2018 and tr Neptune square his Mars in 2020 – so a longish run of panicky failure.

The strain on their marriage must be intense and there could be ruptures in 2017/18.

Madeleine McCann, 12 May 2003 6.14pm? Leicester, England. There are some emotional ups and downs on this chart in 2017; but the next major disruption will be around 2020 when Solar Arc Uranus squares Pluto. On the disappearance chart, 3 May 2007, there is some movement come late 2018/2019.

It is an extraordinary case which has caught the public imagination and polarised opinions like no other in recent years.  Madeleine’s 12th Harmonic (= victim/sacrifice) is horrifically strong with a Fixed Grand Cross of Mars opposition Saturn square Pluto opposition Moon. Not an easy furrow to plough, poor little mite.

5 thoughts on “Madeleine McCann case – no end in sight

  1. What’s happening in the sky that we are suddenly getting news about Madeline? Is it transitting Pluto Square her Venus or Uranus opposition Ascendant?

  2. Joss, Astrology for some bizarre (and merciful) reason doesn’t show up death. Sometimes you can tell about accidents but not always. Just as well, since if it was predicted in her case then everyone would want to know – and really who would handle the info well? Plus which astrologers can get it wrong and in this context that could be devastating.

  3. Thank you for doing the McCann’s charts.Is there any way a brilliant astrologer like you can see whether this poor child is alive or dead? I’m well aware that astrologers do not like to predict or pronounce death but can this be seen by progressions and transits? Many thanks Marjorie.

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