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The Australian election is due July 2 2016 when the uncertain, anxious Saturn Neptune square is exact and pulling in Jupiter in Virgo and a Gemini Moon to make a scattered Mutable Grand Cross – so it’s likely to be going in all directions at once. There will also be emotional intensity and hope for a change with Venus (Sun) in Cancer opposition Pluto square Uranus; and a confident Jupiter trine Pluto. So a complicated mood.

Neither of the two main candidates has birth times which doesn’t help.

The present Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, 24 Oct 1954, a bullish Sun Scorpio square Mars in Aquarius opposition a lucky Jupiter Uranus, has little showing apart from a Solar Arc Pluto square Jupiter, sometime this year. That could make him successful; or make him overplay his hand and it backfires. Whatever happens will likely show up on his chart axis which we don’t know.

Bill Shorten, Leader of the Opposition, 12 May 1967, is a determined, innovative and idealistic Sun Mercury in Taurus opposition Neptune, trine Uranus Pluto in Virgo, with a hard-edged Saturn in Aries square Venus in Cancer and opposition Mars.

He has a real mixter maxter set of influences. Tr Pluto will be square his Mars which is deeply frustrating and aggravated. The tr Saturn square tr Neptune is in hard aspect to his Sun/Venus which suggests unpopularity and loss. And his Solar Arc Sun Mercury is square his Saturn around this year. But he’s also got a successful tr Jupiter conjunct his Pluto a few days after the election; and a couple of useful, though mild, Uranus transits to two Jupiter midpoints.  So he won’t be wiped out. His great time comes in two/three or four years when his Solar Arc Jupiter will conjunct his Pluto and Uranus.


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  1. Over the coming two to three years Shorten will also have tr Pluto trine his Sun Mercury conjunction and his Pluto Uranus conjunction which should indicate considerable rise and success.

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