Johnny Depp & Amber Heard – a macabre dance to the death

Three weeks of squalid muck-raking is promised for the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard $50 million defamation trial. He has already lost one UK libel trial before a judge and this is his second go in front of a Virginia jury with the intention of showing ex-wife Amber Heard’s lurid tales of domestic violence at his hands were to further her career and ruin his. She is counter-suing for $100 million for being called a perjuror and a hoax artist.

  There are fans on the court-room steps cheering for their hero/ine with the stars dressed for a red carpet performance in sharp contrast to the grubby reality of their short, drug-ridden and degenerate marriage. Legal experts doubt his ability to prove his innocence but celebrity warps everything. His Dior adverts increased in popularity after the last airing of very dirty linen.

  Jan Moir in the Mail described them as “a pair of scorpions, locked in a dance of death, repeatedly injecting each other with venom” which may be unfair to one or the other but certainly seems to fit.

He was born 9 June 1963 8.44am Owensboro, KY, and is a Sun Gemini trine Saturn in the 7th (= partners bring hard work); with a volcanic Uranus, Mars, Pluto in Virgo. His Capricorn Moon squares Jupiter.

  Amber Heard, 22 April 1986, no birth time, Texas, is a super-stubborn and controlling Sun Taurus opposition Pluto, trine a showbizzy and assertive Neptune Mars in Capricorn. And she may have a T Square of a Libra Moon opposition an argumentative Mercury in Aries square Mars Neptune.

  Neither of them are exactly easy-going personalities and what is significant is that both have their Venus in Taurus conjunct the destructive Fixed Star Algol – and in their relationship chart the composite Sun is also conjunct Venus and Algol – so the writhing serpent-headed goddess rules their match.

  Their relationship chart is riddled with oppositions – Sun Venus opposition Moon, an argumentative and explosive Mercury opposition Mars and Uranus; Neptune opposition North Node, and a wide tussle-for-the-upper-hand Jupiter opposition Pluto. Plus a chained-together and resenting it Saturn square Pluto.

  It’s not a particularly brutal chart though certainly high-tension with a tendency for arguments to flare up.  The wedding chart of February 3 2015 is also not altogether suggestive of outright violence though did point to an unstable, crisis-ridden combo with overtones of aggression.

 The Lunar Eclipse in late Scorpio in mid May will cause maximum emotional upset to both as it collides with their respective Venus in Taurus – and will be in effect earlier. Usually this kind of Eclipse connection brings feelings of being unloveable and a hint that being tolerant and compromising will be necessary. It was also around late last November – so clearly the message didn’t get across.

  The late October Solar Eclipse in Scorpio will rattle Amber’s Sun and Pluto prompting the need for life-changing decisions. And it also opposes Depp’s Mideaven which could bring far-reaching career implications, knocking him off track.

  Her Sun opposition Pluto is fairly key to the Depp debacle since her Sun falls within a degree conjunct his Midheaven and her Pluto on his IC. She’d be attracted to his career/status. Well-aspected in synastry, one person’s Sun on the other’s MC can be helpful in career terms. But if it goes wrong, there is a  rivalry for power and importance.

  Her Pluto on his IC would make her controlling in the domestic environment and she would have a subconscious effect on his deeply-rooted psychological compulsions; and be resented for her attempts to intrude and be in charge.

  Neither of them look too happy through this year. She has calamitous transits to her Mars/Saturn midpoint from May 20th onwards, on and off into 2023; with losses August to November this year.

  He’s also facing dashed hopes exactly now and on and off till late 2023; upsets across mid May; plus disappointment mid September onwards.

  Their relationship chart indicates rancour will drag on if anything ramping up in 2023/2024 and beyond with tr Pluto square the composite Mercury and then opposition the Mars. Though 2024 may blow it all out of the water as tr Uranus is in a separating conjunction to the composite Sun Venus, giving us all blessed peace.

  I’m tempted to say they should both take responsibility for their choices in marrying each other and just bury the hatchet.  But there again, if a smidgeon of what she alleges is true there’s no reason why she shouldn’t be allowed to say so.  All a murky swamp.

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  1. The story of their marriage therapist, who is a witness in the trial, is illuminating. The therapist told the court that Amber Heard was abusive. Apparently her father used to hit her when she was young and it was a ‘point of pride’ for her to hit back when hit by anyone. Depp, as told by the therapist, was abused by his mother, but did not have a history of abusing his partners. Until he met Heard, who apparently triggered him.
    I do not by any means condone Depp’s behavior and his continued drugs and drinking habit make a normal life and good relationships probably very difficult if not impossible. He was the older person in that relationship and should have been more responsible. But however messy and drawn out this case is, I do understand Depp persevering. Because it turns out that the situation was much more nuanced than him being the sole abuser and Heard being a helpless victim.

  2. More tawdry revelations today I think. I spot the Mercury Chiron v close in their composite opposite Uranus – spiteful words I imagine, both now and in the relationship. I think Uranus is the focal point of a yod too? Sun/Venus in Taurus sextile Jupiter in Pisces which sounds like overindulgence in all senses, horribly disrupted by the Uranus yod. Sure it was all very intoxicating in every sense at first, then just toxic. I’m not sure apart from this squalid Punch and Judy show that I even know who she is.

    • Their marriage counsellor has referenced his abusive mother and her abusive father with them triggering each other. Possibly other relationships are not triggering this dynamic and that here they were both seeking to resolve something.

  3. Another very undignified second Saturn return! Not quite horror of Ghislaine Maxwell, but still.

    There’s not much out there on the second Saturn return specifically or how it differs from the first, but I’m sure it’s not meant to go like this. Marjorie what do you typically see in people going through this?

    • Saturn returns are always about – grow up and get real. It demands maturity. If you keep acting like a child – Ghislaine M or Depp – then it will deliver a sharp reality check.
      It may be more obvious first time round at 29 but even the second one at 58 demands that the individual takes a good hard look at their lives and faces the truth about the next phase. If you haven’t matured into your sixties you’re in trouble.

    • You do tend to see quite a few car crash second Saturn returns in the Entertainments world. Sean Penn for instance apparently wants to go and fight in the Ukraine war at the tender age of 62, Tom Cruise recently did something very strange to his face involving some sort of dermal filler and Steven Segal continues to convince himself that he has naturally jet black hair, whilst simultaneously expressing his support for Putin. Then of course there’s Madonna, bless her.

      • ‘@VF, Lool Very funny summing up! Especially “Steven Segal continues to convince himself that he has naturally jet black hair …’ Loool!!!

    • Erin Sullivan’s book (“Saturn in transit”) is amazingly comprehensive about the cycles, the returns, half-returns etc. Journey through the houses and phases etc.

      Taking a quick looks she points out that 2nd Saturn return tends to happen around the same time as the 5th Jupiter return and the applying Uranus square Uranus both helping people to further individuate.

      Typically it’s the age where they’re beginning to retire and where they’re being grandparents (“all the fun, none of the repsonsibility); so people either set themselves new goals for the twenty or so remaining years they expect to have or simply give up and calcify

  4. Well, seems like that May lunar eclipse at 25 Scorpio is simmering nicely already today. Elon Musk (28 June 1971) is being talked about in the Heard/Depp trial, in the context of having a fling with Amber Heard when she was with Mr Depp….He’s also just made a big bid to buy Twitter today.

    Elon Musk has Jupiter at 27 Scorpio, sextile Pluto at 27 Virgo, opposition Saturn, 1 Gemini. The late Scorpio/Taurus degrees are proving quite sensitive it seems.

  5. And with the trial, lots of eyes looking at them! A clear reminder of how much a star likes (needs?) to be looked at – for Depp anyway. I guess attention is attention …and distraction is distraction for me during trying times.

  6. Apparently that beauty-danger-sex cocktail has its fans – that she lures as many lovers as she does amazes me.
    Maybe she’s one of those polarizing ppl you love or loathe. ( The toxic aura reminds me of Heather Mills – though Mills at least had inspo mojo.)

    Seeing a photo from the current trial showed such complexity of emotion on her face, it appears Heard genuinely feels tormented. Perhaps most sad – and perplexing – is how enlivened they both seem to be by the dark stuff. It may be “living well” for them means vengeance.

    • Heather Mills – there’s a name I’d forgotten. Ugh. I can see why Heard would attract lovers, she is beautiful and I’d guess as a Sun-Venus Taurus with Scorpio Pluto she loves having sex. That’ll attract most men!

      They both have naturally low EQ moons – Libra and Capricorn – so I imagine they spend their time projecting their demons out onto each other and believing the other needs to be fixed for them to be happy. In the end, while they’ve got someone to focus on as the bringer of their unhappiness, they don’t have to look at themselves.

  7. What a horrible waste of time and money. Looking at her Mars, Neptune sextile Pluto, and his Uranus, Mars, Pluto sextile Neptune it would seem to be some kind of toxic folie a deux. They are, at some level, still together. There’s no room for anyone else here is there? Imagine being in a relationship with either of them with all this obsession going on and on!
    As for Algol, all the potential for creativity which is there has been ignored somehow. Instead, there’s the rage, sexual intensity, and atmosphere of violence and vengefulness. Algol can be about ‘losing one’s head’, either literally or in the context we’re seeing here. They’ve both lost it, it seems to me, and the drugs and partying are only partly to blame. The Scorpio May eclipse will be sending a message, as Marjorie says – it’s only a month away. We shall see.

    • Not only is the 16 May Lunar eclipse clashing with their respective Venuses, but will be square Depp’s Saturn which in turn is currently undergoing its second Return. Second returns can be fine so long as you have learned some important life lessons and matured, but I’m not sure that has happened here so it looks fairly bleak.

      • “I’m not sure that has happened here so it looks fairly bleak.”
        VF – I am sort of laughing wryly at your remark! Yes, I agree, not too sure whether he has learned much so far. And he was such a mesmerising actor too, with an interesting body of work pre Jack Sparrow. Perhaps he inhabited that character too intensely, or mistook the Keith Richards/Jack Sparrow persona he created for the real Sagittarian Keith Richards? He (KR) has been married to the same woman since 1983.

        • I’ve know a few of those Mars/Uranus/Pluto in Virgo people, Jane and it’s such an explosive combination, you can sense all that nervous Virgo Mars energy bubbling beneath the surface. Gordon Ramsey has this marker too, and I think Piers Morgan. Btw, Heard has BML conjunct her Venus in Taurus on Algol too — that’s hot stuff!

          • Hot stuff indeed VF! A volcano of raging energy for both of them. I do think they are still together in some tormented way. I’ve noticed this with one or two couples I’ve known who split up, yet cannot be free or respectful of one another. It’s almost as if the relationship bond has to run it’s course whether or not they are divorced or whatever – possibly because they have something to learn or discover from being together. That might sound more wibbly than I intended!
            I don’t really know, just something I’ve observed. If there’s a lot of passion, it can fester in poisonous ways, and has to be cut right off for a time I think. Not all splits are a total mess like this one. But then not everyone experiences that kind of attraction.

          • Oh yes indeed, my mother was friends with such a couple. He was Gemini, she was Scorpio. It was a lethal combination and you simply couldn’t work out how and why they chose to remain in such a toxic, destructive situation. There was so much cheating and deception. He, being the Gemini was a player who hit on his wife’s female friends and had affairs, she was understandably, a perpetual victim of his cruel ways (looking back, I think he displayed strong narcissistic traits), but she would use her friends, leaving them alone with him in order to test both their loyalty and his and she would on occasions, accuse her own friends of stealing small items from her which would drive them away.

    • Odd how no one else seems to have come forth and made similar claims about either of them. I recall Depp had to pay for a torn up hotel room or two, but that was decades back. The assault tango seems to be on their own score.

      An amazing example of one plus one equaling hell.

      • Actually, a former (female) partner did call the police regarding assault charges by Heard.

        Depp did smash up some hotel rooms, but former partners like Winona Ryder and Vanessa Paradis have both testified that he never hurt them physically.

        • He also had a tumultuous relationship with Kate Moss. Nothing except hotel furniture has been broken. Luckily.
          I’m not justifying, but being loud, sometimes neurotic, kicking things doesn’t even come close to harming another human being via physical abuse.
          It wasn’t a parent-child relationship. She had a choice!

  8. Good grief. This trial is in danger of becoming even more tedious and drawn out than the Wagatha Christie nonsense in the UK.

    • I’ve been thinking about this overnight. I’m not sure I’d go as far as to say “don’t trust” but there’s often not a lot there.

      My dad was a Libra moon and there’s been another 5-6 significant people scattered through my life with it. This is what got me thinking, if I were analysing someone else I’d have said those later relationships occurred because it’s reminiscent of my dad.

      He was devoted to my mum and they were together for sixty years but I wouldn’t want their relationship as it was sixty years of low passion – never a kiss or hug between them. But, like Heard and Depp, they were Libra and Capricorn moons. People can only function with others on the same level as themselves. Libra moon tends to run away as soon as the emotional temperature hots up even though it’s what they say they want. They simply can’t handle the discomfort.

      Generally speaking, Libra moon is high on social intelligence; not so good on personal or emotional intelligence. That’s what they have to grow into. They always need someone in their lives but that might as well be anyone – there’s rarely anything intimate with them because they don’t have any insight into their own lives. They tend to make you feel they’re interested in you but it seems to me it’s more about filling the silence than genuine interest. You can try asking them about their day or their thoughts but it usually amounts to a one word answer or turning the question back on you. If they have much to say it’s a rant about something that isn’t fair.

      Going back to my dad. I think he talked himself into an early grave. His older brother died at 80, and my dad could never quite believe that he’d gone so early and became convinced it was a harbinger for himself. He simply didn’t know how to handle the grief and as soon as he turned 80, his own health declined rapidly. Classic Libra moon in that he was more interested in being right than being happy.

      Like I say, I’m not sure I’d say “don’t trust” – just be aware of their limitations.

      • Thank you GD. Knowledge or wisdom, but You’re spot on, as always.☺
        Sorry to hear about your dad.

        It’s me. Cancer moon in a great water trine – just can’t get along, nor understand people, including my own mother, with Libra “emotional brat” moon. Always conflicted. And I know she loves me in her own way…
        As for comment on Marjorie’s article, first sentence stays – they deserve each other

  9. I would’ve believed her version of events had I not an ex-sister-in-law (Taurean sociopath) who worked hard to persuade people that my brother (gentle piscean) was a wife-beater. It was only when he woke one night to find her hitting him that he got out of the house and had her arrested for assault. Given that he had bruises and she had none, the police had no choice but to believe him. Her plan was that he would hit back to defend himself, not being fully awake, and then she would call the police. She had it all worked out. All because he wanted a divorce…. It is not always the man who is the aggressor.

  10. While she may have won the last case, let’s not forget that transcripts showed her as an unreliable witness and there was the “Amber Turd” moment because he didn’t do enough for her on her birthday. With her Sun opp Pluto, I reckon Heard genuinely believes she is the victim in all of this. But I suppose that is the nature of projection.

    My guess is any person would have to have the patience of a saint to deal with her. I generally find the 60s generation with their Virgo Pluto love to play the victim or persecutor. So once he snaps he thinks he’s entitled to do so. And then she magnifies that moment as if it’s been happening all the time rather than because she’s pushed and pushed until he breaks.

    The best revenge is a life well-lived. Can’t believe these two are still going at it five years after they separated or divorced or whatever. Surely they have been things to do with their time.

  11. He should have stayed with Vanessa Paradis, it was a long lasting union and she was the one who encouraged him to accept the role of Jack Sparrow which made him his fortune. It was rumoured however that she was jealous of his international success and that partly led to their split. It’s a pity that so many celebreties these days hang out their dirty laundry to air in public thereby harming their careers. I think he is a good actor onscreen and she is a good actor offscreen but I am sure he does have substance abuse problems which lead to fits of rage. As you say, they are probably as bad as each other.

    • I’m sure there is – and at this point he is in WTH mode. Little to lose, joy of bashing her reputation…apparently he lost a big job after she published her article in the Washington Post. I imagine it seems only fair to him.

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