Joe Biden – the defining moment of his Presidency ++Kamala Harris

And so it has come to pass. The explosive turn of events that was aways going to mark Joe Biden’s term, much pondered at the time of the inauguration, has arrived on cue – with the Term Solar Arc Sun closing the conjunction with Saturn to exact and SA Saturn closing the square to Mars Uranus to exact. Saturn = weighty matters and heavy responsibility. Mars Uranus Saturn = a volatile, high-risk and destructive situation.

  The Taurus Lunar Eclipse late this month will also conjunct the Term Mars Uranus adding to the challenge and danger. Ebertin describes Mars Uranus as violent people, fighters for freedom, revolutionaries, a test of nerves and a sudden intervention (sometimes an operation).

  Biden took the almost unprecedented step for a US President of visiting a war zone, offering full support to Israel but that was conditional on aid getting into Gaza, with cautions about not repeating the same mistakes as the US by taking a vengeance spree post 9/11. He called for respect for the rules of war and for the innocent lives on both sides who might be put at risk in the conflict. He backed his support for Israel by sending two carrier battle groups into the region – no doubt with a wary eye on Iran. 

  Joe Biden’s personal chart has Mars exactly on the Descendant for Iran so it is very much his warzone hotspot. 

  Biden’s personal Mars/Uranus midpoint is on red alert over this crisis and for another few days; with a similar tr Uranus opposition his Sun/Mars midpoint picking up mid this November to mid December. He’s facing a panicky disaster just after mid November to late December with tr Neptune opposition his Mars/Pluto when he won’t have the energy or wherewithal to handle calamities decisively. He’ll get back into confident gear from late February 2024 onwards with tr Uranus square his Jupiter/Pluto midpoint.  

  But will be seriously rattled come July 2024 as tr Uranus squares his Mars/Saturn midpoint = which may be when the Middle East moves into an even more perilous phase with another major atrocity. (Or admittedly in his case could be a million different things.)  But that period certainly flags up on Netanyahu’s chart and his relationship with Mohammed bin Salman, as as well as MBS’s relationship with Israel. (And Trump and the GOP Convention.)

  It also flags up on Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s chart. He is doing sterling service at present zipping from capital to capital backing up Biden’s message. Born 16 April 1962 New York, he is experiencing the same extreme turbulence with his Solar Arc Mars square his Uranus and SA Uranus opposition his Sun now. And his Aries Sun is opposition the recent Solar Eclipse for a crisis. Next June he has tr Uranus opposition his Saturn/Pluto midpoint and then in July tr Uranus square his Uranus and his Pluto/North Node midpoint – which points to him being under maximum pressure in a potentially war-like situation.

  There is a blackly humorous and depressingly on-point cartoon today by Martyn Turner. The Bleedin’ Obvious: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results…” Israel – More force will put manners on them. Hamas – Kill more and they’ll go away.

  From the look of Israel’s chart this one is not going to go away for several years ahead. Indeed the situation is much as James Cameron pointed out 50 years ago and nothing much essential has altered since.  See post 10th October. 

  See previous post on Netanyahu 11 October, and also previous post on Biden 2 July 2023.


Kamala Harris, as ever waits in the wings, a stand-in if the unthinkable happens and Biden becomes incapable for whatever reason. Born 20 October 1964 9.28 pm Oakland, California, she has a Libra Sun about to emerge from a gruelling two years of a blocked tr Pluto moving through her 8th house square her Sun from late this month which has put her through the wringer. Tr Saturn is now hovering around her Midheaven beginning eight years of heavier responsibility, hard work and possibly promotion ahead in whatever she does. The key complication from an astrological interpretation viewpoint is her Fixed T Square of a sharp-edged and prone-to-setbacks Saturn in Aquarius opposition Mars in Leo square a lucky, though overly confident and acquisitive Jupiter in Taurus. Such a Fixed T Square will give her stamina and the potential to be an enlightened political spokesman though Jupiterian excesses in terms of arrogance, inertia and intolerance can interfere with progress.

 Tr Uranus is in hard aspect shaking up this T Square, first in an edgy, insecure square to Mars late this month to mid November and again next April which can come about because of a sudden surprise change of circumstances and will also bring arguments. Tr Uranus then is conjunct her Jupiter late May to mid June 2024, late November to mid December 2024 and again March 2025.   On its own tr Uranus conjunct Jupiter brings lucky breaks and new opportunities. But tugging on that accident-prone Mars Saturn, it could well lead to an entirely different outcome. [As was obvious from individuals with Jupiter opposition Neptune in their chart who failed rather than succeeded when their Jupiter was triggered since their over-hopeful Neptune was pulled into play.]

 Her Mars/Saturn midpoint will be triggered at the same time as her Jupiter in June 2024 and December 2024 and into 2025. This could bring a fortunate separation, a silver lining in a major setback or having to concentrate extra hard on a complex and risky problem.

  Around the high-agitation phase in mid July/early August 2024 she has tr Uranus square her Sun/Node which suggests upsets within her community.

  What is marginally alarming is her relationship chart with Donald Trump – whom she was never going to blend with at the best of times with his Mars in Leo clashing with her Mars in Leo plus Saturn Jupiter. Their composite shows up with a bitterly hostile Mars, Sun, Pluto which is being severely aggravated from June onwards, peaking in June/July and extending on through into 2025. Which rather suggests he is still in the game.

  Relocating her chart to the Middle East, Saudi Arabia looks most stressed with her Mars close to her Midheaven there – definitely argumentative.  Her relationship with Mohammed bin Salman, is rattled at the moment and if she is still in situ 2025 onwards it will deteriorate.

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  1. Marjorie,

    Curious to see what may be transpiring for Biden during the transiting Uranus transit to Harris’ Jupiter Late May-mid June 2024, I chose June 1, 2024 to take a look at Biden’s chart. Aside from a square from transiting Pluto to his Moon which could indicate upset regarding Hunter’s legal entanglements, Pluto trines his 10th H Neptune and his Uranus forming a Grand Air Trine. Additionally, transiting Neptune (reflecting his 10th H energy) forms a trine to his Sun-Venus conjunction and to his Jupiter forming a Grand Water Trine. Meanwhile transiting Saturn is conjunct his IC. Although I am an amateur this does look positive for whatever changes and challenges face Biden-Harris. Am I missing something?

  2. One of the reasons Biden is seen as borderline senile is because of his terrible diction. He slurs his words, giving the appearance of an addled mind. This might be the result of his early struggle with stuttering. Whatever…..he should have engaged the services of a diction coach long ago. Wondering if Biden’s astrology reflects his speech problems.

    • Not really. He has a 12th house Mercury but that shouldn’t be a stumbling block and no key aspects to his Mercury or 3rd house. He is a dreadfully bad talker – has he always been like this? I never understand why those in the public eye do not take voice production lessons.

      • He does have a stuttering condition he’s had since childhood and has gotten some help for it. There is a very touching video out there somewhere of him talking with a boy who stutters who Biden lends inspiration to. A vocal coach at this stage in his life given his profile sounds like a terrific idea.

    • To me there’s an unevenness in the impression that President Biden makes; he can be spot on and very good at times, and weak and confusing at others. I think natal Neptune sextile his Ascendant suggests opportunity for this kind of inconsistency (highs and lows) when relating to others. Additionally, his Neptune is in his 10th House and co-rules his 3rd House, referencing communication is an important part of his job that may be questioned or problematic at times. Right now, for example, his Neptune is undergoing a stressful, challenging quincunx from transiting Saturn in Pisces and his 3rd House.

  3. @marjorie
    Purely speculative, and there are other possible outcomes but i’m trying to take a broader view based on all the charts you have posted on the various family & political characters surrounding both Trump and Biden. It may be that Biden will squeak by
    only for Harris to take over shortly into the second term (A daunting task surely, given two wars overseas) This includes your post of April 27 Joe Biden’s handy helpers: Jill Biden and Chief of staff Jeff Zients. Jill: “triumphant over inauguration” and Zients: Jupiter connecting midpoints “plucking good news out of a unfortunate situation” as well as post on Adam Schiff among others.
    I can not imagine that any of them would welcome a potential Trump win given the enormous consequences for the country.

    • @ Anita,

      I literally hypothesized this same scenario a few weeks ago. Since Biden (at least as of right now) appears to be the only Democratic candidate some key demographics (like white suburbanite women voters, Never Trump Republicans,nsenior swing voters, and older African American voters) are willing to vote for in this extremely polarized political climate…I’ve often wondered if Biden is simply staying in just until the election before handing the torch over to Kamala Harris.

      I know this is all pure speculation…but the reason why I considered something like this occurring is because I kept thinking about Kamala Harris’s Jupiter Return in 2024 (which in itself can be very lucky) and the fact that Saturn will be conjunct her natal midheaven (which could signify career goals and achievements).

      • @chris … Not just her Jupiter return i’m especially considering some of the other politicians connected on both sides whose charts Marjorie has posted over the last 6-8 months. For example Adam Schiff part of the Jan. 6 committee would be affected with our democracy on the line.
        See post “ Mid Terms 22 – Biden eclipsed, Schiff and McConnell hopeful” Sep 23, 2022 and other posts. Based on the new speaker and his values they just elected it may all back fire on the GOP in 2024

  4. This just happened:

    So, not only are Western powers lining up behind Netanyahu’s continual disproportionate attack on Gaza, but those with outsized economic powers also want to shut down public criticism about Israeli government’s inhumane collective punishment of Palestinians.

    Only 20 trucks of the normal daily 400 were allowed into Southern Gaza:

    Has Israel’s right-wing only learned to become the bigger bully through the nearly two thousand years of displacement and persecution the Jewish diaspora has suffered through?

    I feel so hopeless for our collective future.

    Astrology wise, Biden’s 12th-house stellium always scared me–a hidden hunger for power that makes him the DNC’s (failed) ethical challenge (as Trump has been for the GOP). Venus in Scorpio could indicate that he values power. Mars square Pluto in Leo (9th house): power of the king (which? Saudi Arabia? What does his composite chart with Bin Salmon indicate?). A hidden Mercury that’s the ruler of the Seventh house can indicate that he has little understanding of his (younger/ fibbing) partners as well as enemies.

    His exalted Jupiter in Cancer was triggered by the Solar eclipse and the Lunar eclipse will square that Pluto.

    If this pair of eclipses reverberate with so many charts across history, then this latest Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as someone living through it (quoted in the AP article) has said, is unlike others.

  5. Marjorie do you think this latest event is the beginning of some sort of deconstruction of Israel – like the deconstruction of South Africa. Both seemed unimaginable but the latter did happen. The responses from American Jews condemning Israel doing this in the name of Judaism is fierce. Jewish Voice For Peace webinars are encouraging American Jews to jam switchboards to their local senators supporting these war crimes. Rishi Sunak, a Man Of Colour, fronting these Crimes Against Humanity will be the end of his career and he will be forevermore be remembered, like Tony Blair as a War Criminal. The Israel event is being severely questioned by Israeli army and police as it could not possibly have been done without the Israeli Government being complicit. So from within and without, Jews everywhere are making Zionist and Jewish two completely and at odds entities. One for the evil and one for the Good.

    • I find the suggestion that the Israeli government had anything to do with the sadistic slaughter of 1400 of its own citizens extremely abhorrent. That is a conspiracy theory too far. The more reasonable explanation is that which has been reported in the press, that the Israeli administration concentrated its forces in the West Bank due to unrest there and let its guard down in the south.

      • Incompetence is a much more likely reason – Netanyahu’s government is a jumbled mess of rabid right wingers all intent on hauling the justice system down and rabble rousing the settlers into taking illegitimate actions against the Palestinians. And he’s fending off allegations of corruption.

        • There is a major rift within Israeli society if one is to believe the Times of Israel

          At the danger of becoming a bore about those Roman era charts it is worth reading up about the history First and Second Roman Jewish wars. One of the things to note was that a major cause of the rebellions disastrous failure was rifts in the Jewish community. At the time of the Siege of Jerusalem by the Roman commander Titus in 70 CE various Jewish extremist factions such as the Zealots and Sicarii were engaged in military combat against the Judaean provisional government within the city. I see similar dangers for Israel now. Netanyahu may think conflict with Hamas will unite his country and at the same time save him from corruption charges but he is actually doing serious long term damage to the Zionist cause since there is increasingly no shared vision for the state of Israel.

    • Given the fact that the deconstruction of S. Africa left much of the structural inequities in place, if this latest Israeli-Palestinian conflict is really as potent, then let’s hope it does a much better job than it did in S. Africa.

  6. Everyone is more concerned about the next presidential election instead of worrying about who is exactly running things now. We know that Biden is really past it and that it is unlikely to be his running mate. So is it Obama or somebody else?

  7. With regard to Israel Wikipedia states the destruction of the the Second Temple in Jerusalem occurred on the 4 August 70 CE (jul) at the end of the First Jewish Roman War. The chart has Saturn at 21 Libra opposing Neptune at 23 Aries making a T square to Venus at 22 Cancer. This was activated by the recent Solar Eclipse at 21 Libra. The chart has has Pluto retrograde at 12 Aquarius opposing the Sun at 9 Aquarius and Jupiter at 14 Aquarius. In addition at the time the Romans sacked Jerusalem Uranus was at 2 Aquarius, a degree which is going to be triggered by the Pluto Mars opposition that will occur in later 2024 and early 2025.

    • Thanks Hugh, very interesting to see the echoes in time. Of interest, I think, is the first invasion of Israel by the Abyssinians in 732BC. A lunar eclipse in April that year was 21 Libra, square Jupiter 20 Capricorn.Moon’s North Nodes were in Aries then, as now. Mars was 27 Aries, while Saturn 2 Leo opposes the Uranus for the sacking of Jerusalem by the Romans. The Abyssinians paid close attention to the fixed stars and eclipses, as I’m sure you know. Their conquest of Tyre and Gaza was in 734BC, the expulsion and resettling of the Jews in 733BC, which is still commemorated today.

      I can’t help but feel history is casting a long shadow.

    • There were two Solar Eclipses on the Aries Libra axis in 134 CE during the Third Jewish Roman War (133-136). This conflict led to most of the Jewish population of Judaea being expelled in a great Diaspora which essentially lasted until 1948.

      The first eclipse occurred on 12 April 134 CE (jul) at 21 Aries with both the Sun and Moon conjunct Pluto. Mars was located at 9 Aries and conjoined Pluto on the eclipse point on 30 April 134.

      The second eclipse occurred on 5 October 134 CE at 10 Libra. The North Node was exactly conjunct 21 Libra with Pluto at 21 Aries.

  8. I said it in a recent post that it’s likely a Harris/Buttigieg/Whitmer mix.
    If Biden is prematurely out of the game, it’s likely going to be a Harris/Whitmer showdown with Buttigieg being the running mate of whoever wins the battle. Harris would likely be challenged for the Nom. and I suspect she’d lose to Whitmer, which would clearly be an upset in certain circles. Newsom is not going to challenge Harris out of respect, so it wouldn’t be him.
    This is my 2 cents after months of consolidating info among Astrologers so let’s see how it plays.

    • @ Troy,

      Well, at this point, I’ll be happy (and I’m sure many others would be too) with any reasonable person winning the Presidency next year. So, whether it’s Biden, Harris, Whitmer, Buttigieg, or whomever….it would be a sigh of relief.

      My friend who does political astrology swears that diurnal charts (which require accurate birth times) tend to be the effective. Do we have verified birth times for Whitmer or Buttigieg?

      • @Chris: Whitmer’s birth time is listed as 8:51pm. She’s low key at the moment so she’s not on most Astrologers radar yet it seems.

    • @ Troy, after Biden was elected my dream ticket for 2024 as Harris/Buttigieg.
      I mean what could be more Pluto in Aquarius than the first multicultural female president and the first openly gay vice president.

    • @ Troy,

      After reading your comment and responding earlier….I decided to call my political astrologer friend again to ask her about Pete Buttigieg. While we were on the phone, she was looking at his chart and she mentioned that Buttigieg currently has Pluto transiting his natal Sun. When she told me that, I first thought that could indicate some kind of transformation (like maybe an elevation to power?). However, I quickly remembered the challenges that one can face with this aspect (Pluto often forces us to let go of things we don’t want to let go of in life).

      My friend agreed; she doesn’t interpret this as indicating much political success for Pete Buttigieg – she did say he might gain more prominence towards the end of the decade.

      She still seems fairly bullish about Kamala Harris’s chances…despite most other Western astrologers remaining ambivalent. I have noticed there are a few Vedic astrologers are predicting Kamala Harris will be our next President….but I know very little about Vedic astrology….so I would have no way of knowing how they’ve to their conclusions.

  9. Thanks Marjorie. The situation is infinitely complex, as you say. The history of the whole wider area is one of invasion, war, and conflict erupting since (at least) the Assyrians invaded, and then expelled the Jews in 733BC.

    Looking at the start of the Iraq War in 2003 (20 March 2003) there’s Moon at 22 Libra, and BML at 4 Taurus – both sensitive to this month’s eclipses, and resonating with the October eclipses of 2004 at the same degrees. Transiting Chiron in Aries is now square itself, at 17 Capricorn in March 2003. Saturn is conjunct the Uranus in Pisces for 2003, bringing what? Karma or chickens coming home to roost? History and the present day, or old and new up for review? Joe Biden’s South Node at 0 Pisces makes a connection to this, and perhaps suggests learning from the past – or repeating old mistakes.
    Meanwhile, the ‘fog of war’ and Western decisions swirls around with tr Neptune approaching the 29 Pisces Sun and 27 Pisces Mercury of the Iraq War. As we now know, that war had many dark secrets. It has had a destabilising effect ever since, and inspired and fostered extremists in the wider region in places such as Yemen, Lebanon, and so on.

    I also notice that the Lunar Eclipse this month aligns with fixed star Hamal in the constellation Aries. As you write, it also aligns with that Mars/Uranus in Taurus on the Term chart. Fixed star Hamal is headstrong, for it is represented by the Aries Ram. Elsbeth Ebertin says it can mean “fighting each other for domination”, other writers suggest it carries a Mars/Saturn meaning.

    Things look very grim. However, the Iraq War had Saturn in Gemini opposing Pluto in Sagittarius, and we don’t have that ominous signature present now. Faint hope and scant comfort I know.

    • Thank you. I am very keen on administration charts – they work very well, and are more straightforward than personal charts which are not always as clear.

      • Yes, you’ve definitely demonstrated that time and again, and this had me going back and looking at Canadian PM Trudeau’s term charts again. I have a related question but maybe I’ll post it in Questions and Comments for you. Thanks Marjorie!

  10. I’m betting Venus translates to money (maybe foreign money since it’ll conjunct Jupiter, or legal issues about money).
    Biden sending in the carriers sends the wrong message to the ME. It’s fear-mongering, fits with the region’s perception of U.S. backing an apartheid regime at all costs and gives Netanyahu the impression that his government has a carte blanche (hence, the continued bombardment, though I’ve read there might be a change of strategy regarding the ground assault ). This will put our (U.S.) enemies on edge and further strain diplomatic relationships with our friends in the region.
    Though his rhetoric sounded good, Biden just escalated this conflict. He (all the Western allies) should have been more adamant about securing a humanitarian ceasefire. The U.S. veto of the 2nd UN ceasefire resolution proposed by Brazil made Biden’s maneuvering seem like election-driven posturing (not looking weak for the GOP while placating the more progressive segments of the Dems) instead of real concern for the health and safety of both Israelis and Palestinians.
    I still want to know who goaded Hamas into their massacre. Was this Russia’s attempt to distract from its war against Ukraine, plus new US-election interference?
    While I’m hoping that protests all over the world would help to bring about a ceasefire soon, given what Majorie noted in Israel’s chart, I’m guessing I shouldn’t hold my breath.
    Whether people believe this is the “end times” as the traditional Evangelicals, I do feel a sense of a self-fulfilling prophecy with the actions taken by all the geo-political players.

    • Since the cartoon quoted Einstein’s definition of insanity, here’s another famous saying attributed to him: “I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

    • I do wish people would stop dubbing the 2024 US election as ‘Venusian’ – it has an almost exact hostile, ruthless, enraged and frustrated (dirty tricks) Mars opposition Pluto which will wipe out any touchy feely, superficial Venus Jupiter Neptune undertones.
      Robert Gates, former defense secretary under Obama has always been of the opinion that Biden was wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over previous decades. He was not questioning his integrity, only his judgement. I was prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt since he did make aid to Gaza a condition of support. But he has given no sign of being open-minded about the complexity of the situation.
      What goaded Hamas into the massacre? I have a thought it was one of those blunders and miscalculations which can tip a heated confrontation into all-out war. Hamas seemed shocked themselves by the Israeli’s lack of preparedness – and having fallen into an effective vacuum they then ran amok. The outcome would have been very different if Israeli forewarned and forearmed had mounted a sturdy defence and pushed them back.
      As it is problems are mounting all over – not the least on the West Bank where there is – if Al Jazeera is to be believed – ‘Silent annexation’: “Settlers dispossess West Bank Bedouins amid Israel war. As the world looks towards Israel’s war on Gaza, occupied West Bank settlers attack Palestinians, take their homes.”

      • Marjorie,

        But couldn’t the Mars opposition Pluto mean that Democrats win reelection…but Republican voters respond chaotically to the results?

        After all, since Democrats are usually the adults in the room, I can’t imagine Democratic voters causing riots, forming insurrections, and issuing death threats. We certainly didn’t act like that in 2016.

        • Chris! This is not a Democrat fan club and you are clutching at straws. Mars Pluto could as easily be the Democrat horror – and powerless reaction – to a Trump win. What it won’t be is all sweetness and light with Venusian harmony reigning.

          • I don’t assume the 2024 election will be smooth sailing – I wasn’t intending to imply that when I mentioned Venus. I do expect the 2024 election be just as close as it was in 2016 and in 2020.

      • “….. occupied West Bank settlers attack Palestinians, take their homes”

        This is exactly what I was thinking was going to happen if not encouraged too.

      • Thank you, Marjorie, for answering my question, as well as to point me to Robert Gate’s critique of Biden’s foreign-policy failures.

        For those who care to know, Atlantic’s Peter Wehner detailed a comprehensive list of them in a 2021 article (behind paywall):

        In regards to Hamas, given their actions since October 7th attack, I feel that they’re a much more organized political entity than we might give them credit for. Since I haven’t read nearly enough about them, I will now go do some research.

        I find Harris’s and Trump composite chart intriguing since Venus brings up the rear of the four conjuncting heavenly bodies, which all oppose an aquarian moon (an enlightened public?).

        Apart from being woman of color, Harris fits Trump’s usual type (foreign–culturally to him, beautiful, much younger and strong. With her intelligence and accomplishments, she reminds me of Ivana Trump, which will give them this push-pull attraction/obsession toward each other, especially as her partners have tended to be men in power occupying public-facing roles and the Venus conjunct Pluto in her natal chart). Isn’t a Sun-Pluto conjunction found in power-couple charts? and Venus conjunct Mars and Pluto obsessive?

        Overall, to me, their composite chart seems to suggest that their sparks-prone public relationship will be devastating for the public as a whole, though it may spur on fantasies of domestic legal consequences.

        It reminds me of the latest investigative article on Clarence Thomas’s relationship with the Koch brothers, where the husband of Nancy Pelosi is also part of a very secret and powerful men’s club, where they wrangle the fate of global geopolitics behind the scenes, away from public view and irrespective of our supposed democratic processes.

        While this all sounds very conspiracy-theorist, it is actually true. This may very well be another manifestation of Pluto transiting through Capricorn (showing us how the political sausage is made) and further undermining our trust in long-standing institutions:

  11. What about the vice president? I doubt Biden’s ability to handle this given his age? If some health crisis happens to Biden, Harris takes over. God help the United States.

    • @ Amy,

      Last month, I spoke with a dear friend of mine on the phone who has more of a knack for political astrology (I’m still a student of astrology [currently learning Harmonics] so I don’t even try to make any political predictions own my own [not until I become more experienced]) and I asked her if she wouldn’t mind taking a look at Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

      My friend’s observation regarding President Joe Biden pretty much coincides with what Marjorie and other professional astrologers have observed. It looks like he’s going to have a litany of challenges ahead and she said she felt there was too much uncertainty to make any kind prediction. Also, like me, my friend questions the validity of Biden’s reported birth time…and she does diurnal charts when doing political astrology…so, using accurate birth times are absolutely imperative.

      However, when I asked her about Vice President Kamala Harris (who’s birth time hasn’t been in question), she told me she noticed some very interesting signs.

      The 2024 eclipse could actually correlate with Kamala Harris’s goals. The Jupiter-Venus conjunction on Election Day will fall on her ascendant-North Node-Descendant-South Node axis. Also, Kamala Harris will be having a Jupiter return in 2024 and her progressed Saturn will be in conjunction with her Midheaven. And on Election Day, Uranus will be conjuncting Kamala Harris’s Jupiter. All of that sounds fairly encouraging for Kamala it will be interesting to see how it all manifests.

      Also, my friend said she noticed some striking astrological parallels between Donald Trump and Kamala Harris’s charts. She did elaborate…but unfortunately, I don’t remember the details. I would have to speak with her again on that.

      Before ending our phone conversation, she mentioned one more thing about the election – Venus will be prominent, loud and center, on Election Day. I’m wondering if this could signify strong feminine energy (perhaps women voters who are furious over SCOTUS’S overturning of Roe vs. Wade and dismantling of their reproductive rights sends them to the polls in record numbers?)

      Anyway, we’ve got almost 13 months to see what happens.

    • If Harris takes over we will be fine. I’m from California. She was my senator. She is smart and capable and I don’t know what in the world you are talking about. Should anything happen and she rises to the presidency she will be surrounded by the best and the brightest people.

      What does the astrology say on this?

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