Jim Carrey – facing an unsettling and sordid civil suit


Actor Jim Carrey is facing a damaging and painful civil claim over the death of his former girlfriend. Her mother and estranged husband are suing, claiming he provided the drugs used in the 30-year-old make-up artist’s suicide in September 2015. His lawyers described the claims as “malicious” and “predatory”. The lawsuit also alleges Mr Carrey gave his girlfriend three sexually transmitted diseases – oral and genital herpes and chlamydia – and then lied about having tested positive for the diseases and putting pressure on her to keep it quiet before her death. The trial date is set for April 26, 2018, and will last 20 days. A wrongful death suit is a civil claim against the person held liable for a death and requires a lower burden of proof than a criminal murder or manslaughter case.

Born 17 January 1962 2.30am Newmarket, Ontario, Carrey started life as a stage comedian and impersonator before graduating to movies like his breakthrough Ace Ventura: the Pet Detective, The Mask, Dumb and Dumber and went on to do Batman, The Truman Show amongst other hits, mopping up awards and critical acclaim. He has admitted to suffering from depression and has had two marriages and various relationships.

He is a Sun Venus Mars in Capricorn with his Sun conjunct Saturn in Aquarius – all these planets sit in his jam packed 3rd house along with Jupiter Mercury in Aquarius, so mentally highly strung, prone to self-doubt, argumentative, intelligent. His Gemini Moon is deeply buried in his 8th and square a controlling 10th house Pluto; with the contradictory Uranus also in the 10th conjunct his midheaven; and illusory Neptune on his Scorpio Ascendant.

This August’s Leo Solar Eclipse will conjunct his MC and Uranus, which will provide a jolt – and maybe this is it. With an even greater one in a year’s time or less with Solar Arc Uranus square his Sun. He’s at the lowest ebb of his career with tr Saturn moving now through his 2nd, the middle segment of his first quadrant and staying there till 2019. Tr Uranus is also in an emotionally upsetting square to his Venus and Sun this year, into early 2018; with tr Pluto conjunct his Mars a couple more times before it exits late this year which is scary and deeply frustrating/enraging. The pressures and challenges will stay heavy for the next few years, with nervy crises in 2018; and in many ways worse 2019 to 2022 and beyond from tr Pluto conjunct first his Sun/Mars, then Mars/Saturn, then Sun and finally Sun/Saturn.

His creative 7th Harmonic is strong which can also be mentally on the edge. His obsessive 11H is also marked; as is his ‘genius/breakthrough’ 13H. The latter was also emphasised for comedian Peter Sellers.

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  1. Hi Marjorie,

    By “fine mental balance,” do you mean fine as in delicate/shaky, or fine as in strong/superb?

    Thanks so much, Grace

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