UK Election – Lynton Crosby down in the mouth

Where has Theresa May’s Jupiter gone, which should have picked up by now? Completely squashed out by her tr Pluto square her Sun/Neptune midpoint, which Ebertin describes as a ‘tragic deception or illusion’, acute sensitivity, emotional or physical suffering. She’s hurtling ever downwards in polls, popularity and stability ratings. Not that polls have been much right in recent years but still. I’m no fan of hers, but I do get nervy when the astrology seems off track.

Her campaign strategist Lynton Crosby, 23 August 1956, Australia, has nothing but negatives showing on his chart (without birth time) – tr Saturn square his Mercury; Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Neptune, and Solar Arc Mercury conjunct his Saturn – and his Solar Return from August 2016 for a year is horrible with Mars Saturn square Neptune opposition Node.

Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary, 1 August 1963, was shunted onto the televised debate two days after her father died since May refused to attend. She does have tr Pluto square her Jupiter in Aries through 2017/18 so definitely bullish and confident, though it’s not around over the election; and she has some distinctly discouraging transits to midpoints; with one minor up from a Jupiter trine her Sun/Jupiter.

David Davis, the Brexit negotiator, 23 Dec 1948, does have tr Uranus opposition his Jupiter/Pluto now which will give him luck – though facing a grim time thereafter for two to three years.

John McDonnell, the Labour Deputy, has tr Neptune opposition his Virgo Sun now which usually isn’t good news for wins; and possibly tr Pluto square his Neptune which is ditto.

Diane Abbott, Shadow Home Secy, who’s had a series of car-crash media interviews, is also not sitting too prettily with an agitated tr Uranus opposition her Saturn and tr Neptune opposition her Sun/Pluto.

Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish First Minister, who is also down in poll popularity, looks challenged with her Solar Arc Mercury conjunct her Pluto and tr Saturn square both; though she’ll get a lift from tr Uranus opposition her Jupiter and tr Pluto trine her Mercury/Jupiter so it may not be quite as bad as she fears in private.

So the usual mix and muddle of influences.

6 thoughts on “UK Election – Lynton Crosby down in the mouth

  1. Quoting Abba, maybe it’s one of those “it seems like I win when I lose” situations? I’ve always felt this way when politicians seemingly favored by Jupiter loose an election, and especially when Saturn showing disaster wins. One has to look at the bigger picture, where decisions nade at the time lead.

    Theresa May was, I think genuinly, against Brexit, and took the post after several conservative politicians almost selfsabotaged themselves. She is a realist. She knows Brexit is going to be brutal. I think that any politician not having to take blame on the final negociation is going to let out a sigh of relief.

    • George Papandreou certainly had a Jupiterian high when he lost a Greek election some years back. Whew, what a relief to be out of that mess. Sarkozy had Jupiter in the 10th in his Solar Return when he exited – off to earn some big money. Michelle Obama looked poleaxed, completely trapped, when she initially moved into the White House.
      It’s what makes election prediction so tricky. Winning can show up as outright panic as well as the sudden realization of being weighed down by the Saturnine burden of office, after a punishing campaign. I can’t begin to think what would run through Jeremy Corbyn’s head if he won.
      There is a point running into elections where I’ve made predictions when I get a) jittery and b) seriously fed up. Just wait another five days and we won’t need advance warning.

      • We’re just 72hrs before the polling booths open and I’m still not decided. There is almost an apathy about it all. The lack of belief in any of them doing a decent job on anything, back-biting, and the media merry-go-round. Like you say, Marjorie, seriously fed up.

        I’m from northern Labour stock. I have very little faith in Corbyn. He’s like a bored Geography teacher.
        I wouldn’t vote Tory just out of principle and I feel May will do anything for the approval of anybody.
        Lib-Dems and their constant bleating on for a Brexit U-turn is tiring.
        UKIP is a huge no. If I began to find racist, wife beating men, carping on about the glory days of England, they might be in with a chance. But, until hell freezes over, not gonna happen.
        So, it leaves Green for me, just to throw my vote away in a protest. Until they too declared, if they got in, they would demand a U-turn for Brexit. This is politically amoral, surely? You can’t keep having referendums until you get an answer that suits you. It makes each party who endorses such a proposal look extraordinarily weak, imo.

        It makes me think none of them even know what to do with a challenge when faced with one. I’m probably looking back with rose-tinted glasses but, where are our leaders who knew instinctively how to LEAD?

        So, I just don’t know what to do on Thursday. I’m tempted to bury my head in the sand and eat jelly babies and listen to power ballads all day and pretend it isn’t happening!

  2. What’s Jupiter, if not overconfidence, I suppose?

    It is difficult with a birth time, let alone without. Plus the very large amount of free will. It’s fair to say it’s her campaign to lose, she had it all going for her. I suppose the positive astrological influences reflect the favourable conditions she’s had. So, when she announced the election, with her 22 point lead or whatever it was, it just didn’t chime with the Neptune transit to Mars. Neptune=self undoing. How could she possible screw this up?

    I felt then that the astrology suggested it wasn’t going to be that easy for her, that she would scrape through because of other influences, but weakened. I think she has lost a lot of goodwill from her MPs, which may be another one of the costs to pay.

  3. I know a number of Librans who hoped for great things with a Jupiter sun or moon conjunction but pesky pluto has cast his evil shadow over it.

    • I’m an October 1st Libran, too. Mine isn’t a bad year, but the conjunction is in 4th house in my Solar Return chart, and I’ve kept a low profile. The year certainly hasn’t produced money famling out of the sky enabling us to purchase a home, as I wished. My grandmother is an Oct 1st Libran, 95 years old, and has this conjunction natally, as well. She fell down and broke her hip in November. She had a successful operation and recovery, which is short of a miracle at her age.

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