Jenni Murray – a quiet visionary and rebel


Jenni Murray, the much loved presenter of BBC Radio Woman’s Hour for an incredible 33 years, is to retire from the programme though she won’t give up working or even leave the BBC. Her mellifluous voice and understated but straight-shooting style of interviewing brought her legions of fans as did her honesty about her struggles with her weight and breast cancer.  She has been described as “a feminist, campaigner, humanist, confessionalist and sometimes a bit of a controversialist, but always above all a forensic, listening journalist: curious and self-possessed.”

Born 12 May 1950 10pm Barnsley, England, she has a hard-working 6th house Sun Mercury in Taurus trine an even more workaholic Mars in Virgo as well as Saturn (not conjunct).  Her Neptune in the 10th is caring and helpful and her Jupiter in Pisces in her 3rd will give her a soothing and confident way of speaking. But that doesn’t stop her voicing strong opinions with Pluto, Saturn, Mars in her communicative 9th.

Her Moon Venus in Aries in her 4th will make home and family her comfort zone.

Taurus can veer towards weight problems and in the 6th maybe more so. Moon Venus will also give her a tendency towards sweet and rich food.

Her Uranus in the 8th is emphasised being square her Midheaven and Moon Venus, which will give her a discreet reforming streak. It can act as a catalyst for social change; as well as giving a need for space in close relationships.

There’s nothing hugely dramatic affecting her chart apart from tr Saturn moving through her 1st Quadrant which will give her a yearning for more personal time and a change of inner direction so that what she does next will fulfil parts of her that have been pushed to one side. The Eclipses are also landing in her 1st and 7th house over the next year or so pointing to changes in image and relationships.

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  1. Thanks Marjorie – Jenni is a great lady, but with her progressed Sun at the end of Cancer going into Leo I think we may see her on TV in future……Its so nice to have a timed chart, Mercury is opposite ascendant and trine Midheaven (perfect for a broadcaster), but Venus (the vocational indicator) is trine the ascendant and opposite the Midheaven….so an excellent brain, manner of expression and femininity as well – I always think Taurus women are the most earthy and appealing to men I( have no earth myself but have always seen Taurus women as It for men)they sort of ….loll, hard to explain. The planets are nicely balanced here, only Neptune in air but MC is Libra (air) – very good luck to her, but she is too experienced and valued to disappear I think just yet…….she’s done a very difficult job brilliantly.

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