Oliver Stone – loved and loathed in equal measure


Film director Oliver Stone, described as one of the most feted and most-hated filmmakers in Hollywood, has written a memoir ‘Chasing the Light’ taking his life up to 1997. That was when he was at the top of his game with an Oscar for Platoon, the first of his Vietnam trilogy and the successful movies JFK, Nixon and Wall Street amongst others under his belt. But his career has been littered with controversy, with accusations of him stoking conspiracy theories and more recently being an apologist for Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Vladimir Putin and Edward Snowden.

He has fallen out of love with the Hollywood machine, preferring documentaries or indie productions, with another on JFK in the pipeline and one on energy.

Born 15 September 1946 9.58 am New York. He has an 11th house Sun Mercury in Virgo square an 8th house Uranus Node in Gemini – interested in society and a natural-born rebel. His Uranus is also trine a super-enthusiastic Mars Jupiter in Libra in the 12th; with Jupiter conjunct his Scorpio Ascendant as is a charming Venus in Scorpio.

What gives his chart heft and an obsessive quality is the determined Saturn Pluto in Leo on his Midheaven. A good organiser, controlling and influential, he won’t like sharing the driving seat with anyone. Traditional astrology sometimes describes Saturn Pluto as the ‘black magician’ – capable of unseen powers. What’s for sure is it has grit, perseverance, endurance and a bucket load of stubbornness. In his case, all the more so, since it sits on the focal point of a Fixed T Square of a 7th house Taurus Moon opposition Venus. He can turn on the charm but when he decides to dig in his heels nothing budges him.

He credits his father for encouraging him to write and his mother of whom he says he was exceptionally fond (Moon Venus) for his directing flair.

He served in Vietnam for two years and was wounded in 1967/68 when tr Uranus Pluto in Virgo was conjunct his Sun Mercury and square his Uranus – so it was a game changing moment in his life which he turned into memorable movies. Relocating his chart to Vietnam upends his chart putting his immoveable Saturn Pluto on the IC at the base of the chart, with Moon on the Ascendant.

His all-consuming attachment to the JFK story won’t resonate with younger generations and even oldies will wonder if it hasn’t been milked of every possible angle and shred of evidence.  JFK’s Neptune is conjunct Stone’s Midheaven which may explain part of it; and JFK’s Virgo Sun trine Mars, Mercury, Jupiter in Taurus sits well with Stone’s Virgo Sun trine Taurus Moon. The relationship chart between Stone and JFK has a possessive composite Sun Pluto in a rebellious square to Uranus; as well as composite Sun Mars Saturn which has associations with assassinations. So he’ll be continually drawn back to it.

He’ll slip and slither through this year and part of 2021 with Neptune hanging around. But is due a major success in 2022 with his Solar Arc Pluto conjunct his Jupiter. He won’t give up easy and retire into bored old age.

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  1. Thank you Marjorie. What an interesting man. It makes sense Oliver Stone is linked to JFK astrologically. I hope he has more success in the future- a great artist.

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