Jeff Sessions – in a banana republic presidency



“The most loyal dog in Trump’s kennel gets the most savage whipping.” That’s one comment from the Republican camp up in arms at Trump’s bileful public tantrum against Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General. He remains angry over Sessions’ decision in March to recuse himself from the investigation into alleged ties between Russia and the Trump campaign, which opened the way to special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Trump’s family dealings and financial affairs. Sessions’ sin was not to understand that his loyalty lay to Trump not the rule of law or niceties of the constitution. Even far-righters like Newt Gingrich think Trump should shut up, pointing out that even the very pro-Trump Rudy Giuliani said he would have recused himself.

Sessions was the first and most constant supporter of Trump through his campaign. Senate leaders made clear they would block Trump from replacing Sessions if he tried to do so during the coming recess. And the Republicans fear the firing of an attorney general in the middle of the Russia investigations would send the country into a political and constitutional tailspin, making it difficult to confirm any replacement.

Evidently Trump’s business history indicates he dislikes firing people; his preferred method being to make life so unpleasant they resign. And that is very Pluto in the 12th house, which in his chart is catching the Aquarius/Leo Lunar Eclipse in early August, so exacerbating his tendency to hang onto resentments and manipulate. In traditional astrology the 12th house was known as the chart area of self-undoing where you shoot yourself in the foot and cause your own downfall. Pluto is an all—or-nothing energy, not given to moderation, and in the 12th can produce a sackful of toxic emotions. There are positive sides to this placing but to access those it requires insight and the ability to shake off old attitudes and transform.

His relationship chart with Sessions always did look surprisingly separated this year with tr Saturn square the composite Sun opposition Venus Mercury, which picked up in February, became worse March to May, and returns early September to early October and late November.

Sessions’ own chart looks most jangled this December with tr Uranus opposition the Mars/Pluto midpoint which tends to be major catastrophe time; with career-loss tr Saturn hitting his Jupiter/Saturn at the same time.

Several of the relationship charts with Trump’s other Cabinet appointees – McMaster, Mattis, Pence, Kelly, Pompeo, Priebus and Tillerson – will be shaken up by the August Lunar and/or Solar Eclipse. So even the recess will bring no respite from rolling tensions. HR McMaster looks the most at odds with Trump in 2017/18 with tr Pluto opposition the composite Mars, exact now, and repeating on for 18 months.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, according to reports, is unhappy enough to want to quit and he’s certainly facing major losses and deep discouragement this September/October.

VP Mike Pence, valiantly trying to hold the President’s line is having the worst two years of his life in 2017/18 and losing heart in 2018/19. His relationship with Trump, more aggravated than it looks, is panicked through this summer and in November; and heading into a swamp of devastating confusion in 2018.

Trump is certainly living out the Solar Eclipse effect on his Mars, making him even more combative than usual, his temper under minimal control. It can have health implications since that amount of high-octane emotion can impact on the body, especially one as over-fed and under-exercised as Trump’s.

What will have an even more explosive effect will be his Solar Arc Uranus conjunct his Mars – moving onto the same degree in two months and exact in 10 months, which could knock him for six. His Solar Return birthday 2017 to 2018 does have split-relationship Uranus in the 7th, an emotionally trapped Pluto in the 4th house of family, an isolated Saturn in 3rd, and low-energy Neptune in the 6th.

Solar Return 2018: has an emphasised/afflicted Uranus in the 4th – could be moving home or upsets in the family. Solar Return 2019 is the truly devastating one with Saturn Pluto in the 10th opposition Mercury Mars in the 4th – that could be the real career-ender.

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  1. I know political party charts are a bit iffy. That said, in the light of Trump kicking out “Party Men”, people who were loyal to Party first such as Spicer and Priebus, it seems he is about to break any illusion about working with The Republican Party. And The Party seems to be breaking up with him after Obamacare repeal failed. They finally realize they can’t work with Trump, despite holding The Houses and WH they are not able to advance their agenda. This is truly significant, since the big agenda they’ve been having are Tax Breaks. These have already been postponed, and by this rate, there’s a true chance they’ll slide nearer to 2018 Midterms – only 15 months away by now. This is not looking good for them, and I fully expect things to get truly nasty for Trump Administration soon, possibly by Murdoch and Fox dropping him.

  2. I can’t begin to tell you what it’s like living in the US right now. I feel like I’m in one very long episode of the Twilight Zone. Every day I wonder when someone will have the bravery to stand up and say, “This is not normal”. The Senate has rallied in recent days, but only b/c Sessions is one of their own. I think it’s also beginning to dawn on them that Trump is too self-involved to help them do their job of selling the American public on their vision for the US moving forward. Trump, in essence, is about Trump 24/7.

    • “Every day I wonder when someone will have the bravery to stand up and say, “This is not normal”.”

      This is whats most horrifying to me. Where are all the responsible, thoughtful, selfless, good people. Why is nobody standing up to him and doing the right thing for the country? i only hope there is something behind the scenes that will soon be revealed, a superhero to save is from this despot.

      • Superheros exist only in comic books and movies. America has become a country of indifference, based on no-see, no-hear, no-tell.

        • I don’t think people are indifferent. Everywhere I go people are talking about him, and not in a good way. At this point Trump has been thwarted in his plans, but when, by fate or fortune, one of his dreams come true, we will see what happens.

  3. So true. Sessions wasn’t “appointed” to the post of attorney general. The mad emperor hired him to be his ever-faithful minion. Thank you, Marjorie, for your thorough and riveting take on all the players involved in the dark drama unfolding at the White House, which should be renamed Bleak House.

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