Trump’s predilection for gold and guns



Money and the military appear to be Trump’s answer to draining the Washington swamp as he ousts the establishment Reince Priebus in favour of moving up one of his favoured generals as Chief of Staff. John Kelly’s herculean task appears to be instilling discipline in an unruly White House wracked by palace intrigues and headed by an uncontrollable President. The only badges of honour Trump appears to recognise are millions/billions in the bank or a chest full of medals. He should be learning (clearly not) that a New York hard-ass, Gordon Gekko approach to dealing doesn’t work in Washington; and it remains to be seen whether a macho live-by-the-sword approach will work any better.

Kelly, 11 May 1950, has an impeccable record in the military and has been the public face and chief defender of Trump’s immigration policies. He has a heavyweight chart with Sun Mercury in Taurus, conjunct Trump’s midheaven, squaring onto Pluto; and trine Mars and Saturn in Virgo – so his determination, courage, endurance and stubbornness are not in doubt. His Mars does square Trump’s Sun and Moon, so it won’t all be sweetness and light. Late October into November this year will take some of the shine off their relationship, but that moves on quickly. Disappointments and miscommunications will start kicking in more obviously in 2018.

Kelly’s own chart has Neptunian dips and Plutonic aggro for the rest of this year into 2018; and then picks up a cornered and frustrated tr Pluto opposition his Sun/Mars midpoint for two years.

Kelly’s relationship charts with Scaramucci and Bannon, both of whom report directly to Trump, are marked with outright dislike; as are Scaramucci and Bannon’s and they could come to a parting of the ways this year.

The key question at this stage is – whither the Republican Party? They nailed their colours to Trump’s mast and are now counting the cost (to mix metaphors). Both the Republican 22 Feb 1856 and 28 Feb 1854 charts in relation to Trump’s are indicating increasing divergence with both relationship charts showing tr Uranus in hard aspect to the composite Sun this year (1856) and next (1854), which can indicate sudden outright splits. The 1856 relationship chart also has tr Saturn in a blocked opposition to the composite Pluto exactly now and moving on to a bad-tempered square to Mars, a confusing/disappointing conjunction to Neptune in late Oct/Nov this year and then an enthusiasm-dampening conjunction to the composite Jupiter over the New Year. The 1854 relationship chart has similar with tr Saturn conjunct Neptune and opposition Saturn/Pluto and Saturn through this fall and trine the composite Mars in Jan 2018 = increasing paranoia, uncertainty and setbacks.

The chart for Trump’s nomination as Republican candidate is interesting – 22 July 2016 12.13am Cleveland, Ohio.  the basic interface looks rife with difficulty with an aggravated Mars in Scorpio in the 8th square Moon; a control-freaky Pluto in the 10th; and a neurotic, worrisome Neptune opposition North Node square an 8th house Saturn – not much love there. This August’s two eclipses are hitting the chart hard. The Lunar Eclipse is in an emotionally-shocking opposition to the Venus Mercury; and the Solar Eclipse is opposition the Moon and square Mars which will descend the red mists of fury. It is certainly rocking on its axis with tr Uranus returning to its original position from this December and even more so squaring the Sun from late April 2018. They can hardly de-nominate him. But maybe it all fits in with Trump’s hugely tumultuous 2018 as his Solar Arc Uranus approaches the conjunction to his Mars.

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  1. And now, Scaramucci is out, apparently because of Kelly. Not without causing further embarrasment to Administration by responding to a prankster claiming to be Priebus.

    In another leak, it seems Kelly himself threatened to resign over Comey firing and personally called him to express his support to the guy. Certainly, this would constitutes as a major offense in Trump’s mind, as would leaking the information. So, in case the information comes from The WH, it might show people aren’t exactly holding to their jobs. And, I gather, Kelly thinks he can trust in a preferential treatment I doubt even Michael Flynn had. Unlike Flynn, he isn’t a fool, although that probable Pisces Moon could lead to some emotional miscalculation.

    Anyhow, it seems political commentators agree there’s something very strange going on in WH right now. Obviously, Trump a wildcard, and doesn’t play with their rules, or any rules for that matter – I find comments on him thinking he is still at “The Apprentice” inaccurate, because that was a highly structured show, and you could usually tell who’d be under a threat to be fired by midepisode.

  2. Marjorie,
    I have been hearing rumors of a military coup and restructuring of our government. Given the chaotic atmosphere we’re living through over here, is it possible that Trump’s love of “generals” could lend itself to that occurrence?

    • If you mean Trump’s generals forming a Junta? No. Despite Kelly’s support for DT’s immigration policies, he, like the other generals, is pretty disciplined and for law and order and the constitution. There are a great many safeguards which would stop it happening. And as to the generals defenestrating Trump (tossing him out of the window) it wouldn’t be necessary. Impeachment or indictments would get in there first.

      • Thanks, Marjorie. I live close to one of the USA military’s largest bases in the Pacific Northwest (JBLM – Joint Army & Air Force) and we have Navy bases (nuclear) here as well. This topic has had us all wondering (we’re three generations deep in military culture) as its beyond obvious Trump is a malignant force.

  3. Really interesting post. Went back to your May post on Robert Mueller after reading this one; by all accounts, there’s no one better to investigate the Trumps, but they say if Mueller gets too close to family finances, Trump will have to fire him because he’ll finally be revealed as a straw man monetarily…in addition to his Russia mess. Am wondering whether the 2018 eclipses signify active combat with North Korea in addition to WH personnel problems. That area is quite horrifying at present.

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