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James Bond 25 should release on November 9 2019, all going to plan, more or less on top of the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, which doesn’t sound too upbeat. Maybe an escapist blockbuster will be what’s needed but the date itself isn’t too auspicious if they stick to it.

Barbara Broccoli, daughter of the late Cubby, is behind the Bond movies, owns the company and has been producer on the most recent 8.

Born 18 June 1960 9.55am Santa Monica, CA (astro com), she is an expansive, friendly Sun Venus in Gemini opposition Jupiter in Sagittarius in her ‘performing’ 5th house. Saturn in Capricorn is also in her 5th, a typical placing for organisational types in the entertainment business. She has a maverick Uranus on her Leo Ascendant so will go her own way; and an outspoken Moon Mars in Aries in her global 9th square Mercury in Cancer.

When the next Bond releases she’s on her Second Saturn Return, always quite a pressured time; and also on her Jupiter Return with tr Jupiter moving through her 5th, so she’ll have a double dose of attention. It’s not the easiest kick-off for her this year with her Solar Arc Pluto opposing her Mars exactly in three months’ time, so a mega-setback or two. Plus discouraging Saturn transits to her Sun Venus and Jupiter till the year end. Making movies on this scale is a gargantuan, nerve-wracking task. But she’ll buck up into 2018.

Daniel Craig, who said two years ago he’d rather slit his wrists than do another Bond after a run of injuries, is now reported to be a done deal, though not yet confirmed. Born 2 March 1968, he did go through a really tough patch in 2013/14 with tr Uranus square tr Pluto hitting on his Mars Saturn in Aries; plus in 2015 he had the uncertain, undermining tr Saturn square tr Neptune hitting his Pisces Sun. So he had a challenging, risky two years followed by a slump. He’s clear of all that now. Though still beleaguered by more confusing, low-energy influences through the next two years. This August’s Leo Solar Eclipse will conjunct his Jupiter in Leo so that should give him a lift.

His relationship chart with Barbara Broccoli is passionately enthusiastic which no doubts spills over into heated moments along the way – and is pressured through 2017 to 2019 with tr Pluto square the composite Mars Venus. Tr Uranus was conjunct the composite Venus Mars when he announced Never Again. But that has moved on.


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  1. I’m not usually someone to swoon over actors due to some early exposure to theater. But I discovered Mr. Daniel Craig years before his role as James Bond, back in the day he did a lot of Brittish TV drama. I think he is a fine actor, maybe more suited to screen acting than theater, with what I think is an uniquely Piscean (and yes, Neptunian) capacity to potray alienation just by being there. Liz Taylor had this too. And, combined to raw physicality, this makes him, in my opinion, the most Flemingian (I’ve read the books, they are short but you do feel the angst behind) Bond of all times.

    • Solaia, Couldn’t agree more. He was memorable in Copenhagen and Archangel (TV) – had real screen presence. And ideal for Bond (not that I have seen much since Connery) – Craig’s Mars Saturn in Aries gives him that edge of danger that the role needs. Moore was charming but wishy-washy and Pierce Brosnan, though a fine actor, not really dangerous enough. I’ve always meant to dig out Timothy Dalton’s Bond which is well spoken off but he passed through v quickly.

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