Alexei Navalny – fiery Gemini leading the charge



Anti-corruption campaigner Alexei Navalny is the most prominent face of Russian opposition to Vladimir Putin. He is a lawyer turned campaigner who carries out investigations into the wealth of Putin’s inner circle. He emerged as the main opposition leader in the protests before the last presidential election in 2012. Observers say he has ‘remarkable political instincts and a powerful charismatic streak. His fiery cocktail of liberalism, nationalism and populism resonates with many.’

He has now been barred from standing in next year’s elections because he is currently serving a five-year suspended sentence for embezzlement. Last year the European Court of Human Rights quashed that verdict, saying Navalny and his former business partner did not have a fair trial; and his supporters condemned the trial as politically motivated. Nearly 20 million people have viewed Navalny’s recent YouTube video making allegations about former president and now PM Dmitry Medvedev. Navalny believes that as poverty continues to blight large swaths of Russia’s population, the mood of protest will only grow. For all Navalny sounds like the darling of western liberals, he is pro-Putin’s annexation of Crimea and Ukraine and a fervent nationalist.

Born 4 July 1976 1.30pm Moscow (, he has a communicative 9th house Sun Venus in an idealistic, though not always practical opposition to Neptune. He also has Jupiter in Taurus opposition North Node in Scorpio (conj Uranus) square Mars in Leo – so flamboyant, stubborn, with a taste for excitement. He also has his Neptune in a publicity-attracting trine to Mars in Leo, sextiling onto Pluto – so definitely determined and influential.

The early August Lunar eclipse will catch his focal point Mars, so interesting to see what comes out of that – another flare-up. The Lunar Eclipse also catches the composite Sun on his relationship chart with Putin; and the composite Venus collides with the Solar Eclipse on August 21st – both of which will rattle the mood between them. The next 18 months look fraught with tr Pluto square the composite Mars and trine the composite Jupiter.

It’s a miracle he’s stayed alive as long as he has, given Russia’s track record for despatching whistle blowers and activists. Corruption at the top was always the tragedy of communism in Russia – the poor led lives of unrelenting slog while the wealthy few lived it up in their luxury dashas.

3 thoughts on “Alexei Navalny – fiery Gemini leading the charge

  1. Fascinating. Thanks, Marjorie! I didn’t realize Navalny supported Russian’s annexations. Doesn’t sound like that would be enough to keep Putin from having him killed, but who knows. Interesting about the coming eclipses – will see what happens.

  2. Thanks for posting, Marjorie. Here’s a link, if anyone’s interested, to The Atlantic’s full text of Bill Browder’s testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee today. A very helpful perspective on Putin’s determination to eliminate the Magnitsky Act and what he and the oligarchs will personally gain. It also calls out Natalia Veselnitskaya’s protestations of innocence about manipulating Trump and his idiot family.

    • Gemma, Thanks so much for that. What powerful testimony. Just mind-blowing. And so blatant. No doubt the nay-sayers will jump in to trash it, but these are brave men. Those that are still alive.

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