Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Amancio Ortega – 9th Harmonic happiness



Jeff Bezos has become the third richest man in the world after strong earnings from Amazon, the company he founded. According to Forbes estimates, his fortune is only surpassed by Microsoft founder Bill Gates and that of Zara founder Amancio Ortega.

Bezos, 12 Jan 1964, is an ambitious, business-minded Sun Mars in Capricorn with Jupiter in pro-active Aries.

Bill Gates, 28 Oct 1955 10pm Seattle, WA, is a Sun Scorpio with a pushily confident Jupiter Pluto in Leo square his determined Venus Saturn in Scorpio; an Aries Moon and Mars Mercury Neptune in Libra.

Amancio Ortega, 28 March 1936, has an Aries Sun and Mars with Mars square Pluto in Cancer, but otherwise a much more Mutable chart with planets in Pisces, Sag, Gemini and Virgo.

All have a dose of Cardinal planets giving initiative. All have Jupiter in a Fire sign giving inspiration and confidence.

What intrigues me is that all three have powerful 9th Harmonic charts. Traditionally there was supposed to be a pure, slightly mystical or humanitarian bent to the 9H. But it turns up again and again in the charts of the moneyed. ‘Follow your bliss’ isn’t always about aiming for nirvana.

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  1. Hi Marjorie

    Interesting comment. I am always curious when you identify and inform us of which numbers are strongest/powerful in people’s Harmonic charts, etc. How can I tell which are powerful for me if I went on and looked through the numbers?

    Would greatly appreciate a steer please?

    Many thanks, J 🙂

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