Donald Trump – Russophile tendencies

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Donald Trump’s cosying up to Vladimir Putin, and (jokingly) suggesting he hack into Hillary Clinton’s emails and leak them, is not without context. Trump has had business dealings for years with Russian oligarchs – which if he were forced to release his tax returns would be obvious. And his present campaign manager Paul Manafort, worked with the pro-Russia former Ukraine President. At the Cleveland convention there was a shift in policy, watering down support for Ukraine against the pro-Russia separatist rebels. Needless to say, there are also those within the Republican fold with oil and gas interests in that region.

With Putin’s Jupiter in Taurus (focussed on acquiring money) falling conjunct Trumps’ MC, it’s not surprising that DT sees him as a main chance. But it’s a relationship based on power with a close Sun Pluto conjunction in the composite chart, which would get nasty if Trump stepped out of line. Putin’s Pluto falls in DT’s 12th conjunct his Mars, so much behind-the-scenes string-pulling on VP’s part; with VP’s aggressive Mars conjunct DT’s Moon and opposition DT’s Sun.

If Trump makes it to President, having a ‘useful idiot’ in the White House would suit Putin’s purpose well.

Trump’s astrocartography puts his war-like Mars MC line through eastern Europe and down through Libya and central Africa. His other aggressive Mars (Descendant) line highlights China and Indonesia as flash-zones for him.

His Pluto MC, where he’ll meet his deepest, darkest and potentially self-destructive issues runs through central Europe (Brussels etc). His relationship chart with the EU is explosive, and hints at widely divergent aims. That chart is under immense strain over the coming few years. The USA/EU relationship chart is sagging badly through 2017, as diplomatic adjustments are made with whoever wins the presidency.

Hillary Clinton’s relationship with the EU also looks highly troubled over the next several years as well; and her relationship with Putin, which is argumentative enough at the best of times, is even more riven by dispute. She’d be a much more difficult nut for Putin to crack.

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