Japan Olympics – an unlucky prize

Despite strong public disapproval in Japan the Olympics appear to be going ahead for a July 23rd kick-off without international spectators. The suspicion is that the IOC, arrogant as ever, and the sponsors, have backed the Japanese Government into a corner. Cancelling would cost it is reckoned $17 billion, but that is less than the cost of the economic damage if an infection surge leads to another state of emergency.

  The start date is fraught with a blocked, high-tension Sun opposition Pluto and, in many ways worse, a strained and aggravated Yod from Pluto sextile Neptune inconjunct Mars in Leo. Though it would have to be said all Olympic charts from the past have had hair-raising aspects and mainly managed to totter through unscathed – with the exception of Munich.

  The Japan country chart, 11 February 1889 10.44 am Tokio, will be discouraged and on edge with tr Saturn exactly square the composite Jupiter and tr Pluto sextile the Japan Mars.

  The IOC, 23 June 1894, Lausanne, Switzerland, has an argumentative Sun Cancer square a pro-active Mars. There’s the signature Pluto Neptune conjunction in Gemini of the time close to Jupiter. That Gemini trio is being rattled at the moment by the recent May Lunar, this June’s Solar and the December Solar eclipses – so is having a bumpy year with the risk of over-confidence or inflexibility attracting problems. The IOC Uranus which is on the focal point of a sort-of Yod to Pluto Neptune sextile Node is also getting a severe shaking up from tr Saturn in square to the Uranus and tr Uranus in opposition this year and next. A change of direction may be indicated.

  Though the president Thomas Bach, 29 December 1943, is Sun Capricorn sextile Saturn Mars in Scorpio, so doesn’t look too easily moved.

Not sure what all this adds up to – except that modern sport has become too embroiled with money and in danger of strangling itself.

5 thoughts on “Japan Olympics – an unlucky prize

  1. The Games should cut their losses and focus on re-organizing, streamlining, and plan for a better tomorrow. The athletes will be terribly disappointed, as will financial sponsors. The Games recovered from the US boycott in 1980…the same can occur here.

  2. Well, what I really don’t like is that south node conjuncting Nep/Pluto which squares the tr. Uranus conjunct Mercury in Pisces…. Japan has a Taurus ascendant, and Jupiter is progressing to the ascendant. I’ve done many quake charts and Jupiter is always in the mix prominently, its about 7 degrees from the ascendant in the chart, but with the rest, could make a bigger impact….hmm. As I’m a Kiwi with an earthquake phobia, this smells like something geographic…. Let’s hope it is neither that or a sea quake……bad timing.

  3. Thanks Marjorie. Much as I love a good summer of sport I suspect this might be end up engulfed by a covid crisis if it goes ahead as planned.

    • Yes, I agree Louisa. Currently only 3.1 per cent of the Japanese population is fully vaccinated (Our World in Data). And I agree with Marjorie about money and sport. It’s all too much nowadays, and is in danger of ruining everything for participants and spectators.

      “At the Olympic Games, it isn’t the most beautiful or strongest who are crowned, but those who compete.”

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