Hungary & Poland v EU – rebellious late entrants

Hungary has lost its attempt in the European Court of Justice to reverse the outcome of a vote by MEPs that could lead to a country being stripped of voting rights in Brussels. Red flags have been raised over recent anti-democratic reforms curbing the independence of Hungary’s judiciary, central bank and media. In reality, the risk of losing voting rights is slight since it would take the support of 26 of 27 member states to agree and Poland has pledged support. Though it will still be possible to suspend funding to a member state found to be in breach of fundamental EU values.

   Poland is also in the frame for similar.

  What’s intriguing is the Enlargement chart from 1 May 2004 which welcomed in Hungary, Poland, several other former eastern bloc countries, Malta and Cyprus was always a fraught affair – with a hostile, power-struggling Mars opposition Pluto and an evasive Sun square Neptune. It is in trouble this year and over the next two – with the tr Uranus square tr Saturn in hard aspect to the Taurus Sun and then Neptune in 2022; with tr Neptune square the Pluto and Venus this year into 2022, followed by an even more undermining tr Neptune square Mars in 2022/23.

  The Hungary/EU relationship chart was hit amidships by the late May Lunar Eclipse being conjunct the composite Sun setting up a critical few months ahead. Tr Uranus will be in an explosive, no compromise opposition to the composite Mars from July onwards into 2022.

  The Poland/EU relationship chart looks equally rattled by the Gemini/Sagittarius Eclipses this year and a road blocked tr Pluto square the Mars.

  Much depends in Hungary on the political fate of the authoritarian Viktor Orban. His Third Term chart, 10 May 2018 – only three days after Putin dug in for another six year stint –  has a ruthless, control-freak Mars Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus and trine Sun, which suggests a crisis-ridden administration. There will be acute frustration and aggravation from a blocked tr Pluto conjunct the Mars in 2022/23 as well as bitter arguments and with obvious instability as tr Pluto moves to square the Uranus in 2023/24, with further major road blocks approaching then as well. All with the caveat that there is a helpful Jupiter in there opposition the Term Sun which may get him out of a few tight corners.

   Orban is another populist demagogue Gemini with his Sun in a controlling square to Pluto; and a callously unpleasant Mars in Leo opposition Saturn in Aquarius.  His Neptune in Scorpio is being rattled by the tr Uranus opposition and tr Saturn square this year into next and tr Uranus then proceeds to upend his Fixed planets over the next several years. If his birth time is accurate there may be a total road block in three years as his Solar Arc MC is conjunct his Pluto.

  His relationship with Hungary is sagging badly from 2022 onwards.

   It was too much to hope that Trump having been – more or less – seen off that his Gemini bro-romancers might have been dragged off stage with him. The two Polish leaders are also Gemini, never mind the UK. Sigh.

Hungary see previous post November 17 2020.

Poland see February 22 2021

15 thoughts on “Hungary & Poland v EU – rebellious late entrants

  1. My brother-in-law would dictate terms in family relationships. It always had to be the way he wanted the relationship to be. He would drive 200 miles to visit everyone except my husband, who he had always claimed was the most important person in his life. So important that when my husband was admitted into hospital with a serious medical condition, he refused to come and visit. Despite the fact it was touch and go.

    When his wife said she wanted to have a baby, he broke up the marriage by declaring he was gay. But when she remarried he insinuated himself into their lives and became her husband’s best friend and swore he would look after their children should anything happen to them.

    I started off liking him and most people did: but I ended up loathing him. The dual aspects of his nature were just too much to endure. He was worse than the child always trying to cross boundaries to see how far he could go.

    He could be charming and tell a treat tale. But the need to cause pain, was something that he enjoyed too much!

  2. Castor and Pollux the heavenly twins of Classical mythology were known as the Dioscuri were often depicted as horses, horse riders or horse tamers. The link to the animal occurs in a lot of Indo European myths including the legendary Hengist and Horsa associated with the arrival of the Anglo Saxons in Britain. This link mirrors the half man half horse centaur associated with the opposite sign of Sagittarius. The essential duality of life and the struggle of man with his animal nature is reflected in both signs. As far as personalities go I don’t suppose Geminis are any more wicked than any other sign. Stalin, Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler, Tojo, Mao, Pol Pot, the three North Korean Kim’s etc and most of the other architects of murderous despotism of the 20th century were all born under different star signs so I would be wary about going overboard about the perceived perfidiousness of Gemini’s.

    • Hugh, While it is true that wickedness is spread around the star signs there are some intriguing clusters.
      On a general rule of thumb I always reckoned that the two dictatorial signs were:
      a) Capricorn – Stalin, Kim Jong Un, Idi Amin, Al Capone, Goering, J Edgar Hoover, Mao Tse Tung.
      b) Taurus – Hitler, Pol Pot, Robespierre, Jim Jones, Cromwell.
      And Gemini sticks in my mind – at its most negative – for serial killers.
      What is intriguing at the moment is not so much how appalling Gemini are – but how many of them are populist demagogues thrown up on the crest of ??? – the chaos of the last decade maybe. Or Pluto moving through Capricorn which on sun sign astrology is 8th house. Hitler had an 8th house Pluto giving him the power to wield unseen power over the masses. As indeed did Winston Churchill.

      • Most of the leading Nazis were born as part of a Pluto and Neptune in Gemini generation so I can see the link to demagoguery there. Most of them had the Sun in other signs. Reynard Heydrich and Adolf Eichmann the architects of the Final Solution were both Pisces. Interesting as their response to the “Jewish Question” was their physical extermination and dissolution.

        Politics by its nature is full of slippery two faced liars so I would expect it to attract those displaying the negative side of Gemini. Trump and Johnson have a history being strangers to the truth by they have not exactly had a compliant media onside so I am not sure who they are meant to be fooling. Perhaps the more uncomfortable question is not that people are being duped by mendacious Geminis but that despite a lot of negative publicity so many people still prefer them to some of the alternatives on offer.

    • My father, daughter in law and best friend are all Geminis, and were/are the nicest kindest gentle people. Not all bad honestly!

  3. My theory to the current spate of Geminis is we’ve had Uranus going though the me,me,me signs of Aries and Taurus over the past decade. Gemini is the first sign to go beyond “me” and start looking at siblings and the neighbourhood. So when they talk, they sound like they know a bit more than everybody else.

    Also with Pluto going through Capricorn we’re seeing the patriarchy and other long lasting systems ripped apart. In the past the unscrupulous self-serving Geminis would have been blocked in their attempts to assume positions of power.

  4. Evolved Geminis recognise the conflict of opposites is within themselves, but I wonder if the sign in its higher expression is intrinsically about understanding opposing forces, but not unity as a whole. If you look at the recurring myths about twins in all cultures, there is the characteristic dark twin/light twin tension at work resulting in conflict or war between the two siblings sometimes leading to fratricide. Romulus and Remus are a case in point and it cannot be an accident that these brothers are the sons of the war god, Mars. That the dark twin is projected onto an ‘other’ can be seen in the way these populist leaders operate – ‘othering’ is all part of the success of their M.O. So creating division so that your followers don’t have to look at the darkness within, is at the heart of these leader’s success, particularly when populations enter times of social shift, gross financial inequality or uncertainty which provides the breeding ground for such attitudes to flourish and for increased polarisation to take place.

    • Really interesting. Pluto in Capricorn has put the focus on the hierarchical nature of society and its accompanying inequalities. It is interesting that many Geminis with their inherent dual nature have come to prominence during this time – it is as if their role is to bring about greater awareness and understanding of the in-built divisions and polarisations that exist in our economic and political hierarchies before any meaningful transformation can occur. Pluto is in Capricorn which is the 8th sign away from Gemini – it may partly explain why so many Geminis are involved in highlighting corrupt structures and abuses of power?

      • *Pluto is in Capricorn which is the 8th sign away from Gemini – that may partly explain why there have been a cluster of authoritarian, reactionary Gemini leaders during this period. Perhaps their function has been to draw our collective attention to corrupt, decaying political structures and the abuses of power?

      • Yes, I can see how Gemini with his trickster nature would delight in bringing down those hierarchies. Sometimes I wonder if that’s what we have been seeing – the trickster likes to throw everything up in the air just to subvert it and see where it lands. interesting also that you mention Gemini and Capricorn because Saturn and Mercury are such opposing personalities – you often see this pairing as actors in situation comedy, because Mercury’s Devil-may-care, youthful mischief-making shows up Saturn’s seriousness and adherence to the rules and makes it look ridiculous – Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘Big Claus and Little Claus’ illustrates this perfectly.

        The Trickster myths are global but African nations often have some of the best stories. Nigeria for example has the figure of Esu. In one story, two farmers who live next to each other decide to make a pact that they will never argue with each other again since they are such good friends. One day the trickster Esu put on a hat that is black on one side and white on the other. He then walks between the two farmers. The farmers then proceed to argue about the color of the hat that Esu is wearing. After they have fought for a while Esu returns and shows them that they are both wrong about the hat. He turns the hat inside out and shows them that it is red! The Trickster shows mankind the folly of narrow, obvious and linear thinking, he makes us think outside of the box. Esu has all the characteristics of Gemini and Mercury/Hermes.

        • That is the thing about this type of figure. He’s not inherently good or evil, though he can be chaotic and disruptive. This archetype is ambiguous and liminal, his domain is the crossroads or the margins, the twilight and the spaces between. It has been said that Trump is the kind of leader who turns up at the end of an era, perhaps we could say more accurately, at the point between one era fading and another coming into being.

  5. Maybe it’s not so much about Gemini but the shadow of the opposite sign, Sagittarius?

    Righteous. THE truth…. absolute beliefs, black and white. With us or against us. Extremism.
    Ripples of Pluto in Sag?…
    Somehow coming in through Gemini?

    just pondering “the why?”!
    my Mom is a Gemini and she was both slippery and wielded a big power stick of dominance.

  6. I’d always gotten along with most Geminis (as long as the relationship remains light and undemanding, otherwise it’s treacherous, having had both Gemini BFF and BF and paying the price) – fun and plenty of conversation, never ruthless or uncompromising.

    But as we’ve also seen with Virgo and Pisces politicians (or enablers) maybe those who choose a life in politics are a whole other breed, with planets and aspects that use their gifts for the dark side

    • It’s weird. I’ve known some exceptionally slippery Geminis, mainly if I’m allowed to say so, more the male of the species and some were downright criminal. But I never thought of them as dictatorial.

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