Jacinda Ardern – at the helm with storms ahead


Jacinda Ardern, who describes herself as a social democrat and a progressive, has been sworn in as Prime Minister of New Zealand at 11.20 am promising an ‘empathetic’ government. Her term chart picks up the Sun Jupiter conjunction which bodes well for a confident and lucky administration and tags into the good-for-women feel of Jupiter in Scorpio. Though it won’t be easy for her initially.   Ambitious Mars is conjunct the midheaven, with charming, socially-aware Venus close by. The inspirational Fire Grand Trine is all in hidden houses, Saturn in the 12th trine an 8th house Node trine a 4th house Uranus. That suggests difficulty in translating ideas and ideals into action in a practical way. Problems in getting the message across from Neptune in the 3rd, well-meaning but vague. The disruptive Uranus in the 4th may relate to the changes upcoming for NZ, see below.

Born 26 July 1980 in Hamilton, NZ, she’s a Sun Leo, getting the uplifting tr Jupiter square at the moment; with a hard-working Saturn in Virgo on the point of a T square to Venus in Gemini opposition Neptune – good with detail, sometimes overly negative or rigid, won’t relax easily. Her Mercury in emotional Cancer squares both Mars and Pluto in Libra so she’ll be sharp at times in her comments; though since it also sextiles Jupiter in Virgo, that’ll soften her message down a touch with positivity. She’s on her Nodal Return at the moment as she reaches NZ’s highest office; in leadership-potential Leo.

Where she hits her stride is by 2019/2020 with Solar Arc Sun conjunct her Jupiter and Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct her Pluto. But before then she’s got a fair run of swampy Neptune transits to midpoints which will find her floundering at times.

She’s certainly picked an ‘interesting‘ time to take the helm. The NZ 17 January 1853 12 am chart indicates the country is going through seismic changes over the next few years. Tr Pluto is continuing the emotionally-intense and conflicted square to the NZ Moon till late 2018; and tr Uranus has one more jolting hit of the square to the NZ Capricorn Sun early in 2018, moving on then to the insecure, disruptive square to the NZ Mars, in a total-upheaval conjunction to the NZ Pluto and in 2019 to conjunct the NZ Uranus for a Uranus Return. So it’ll be a roller-coaster ride. With hints of financial disappointments in 2018/19 from tr Neptune square Jupiter.

Her Leo Sun sits in the NZ 10th, so good for pushing the country’s ambitions and image ahead; with her Uranus in the NZ 1st, acting as a catalyst for change.


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  1. The NZ Herald website had live updates this morning and stated that Jacinda Adern was sworn in at 11.20AM Wellington (26/10/2017). Hope that helps 🙂

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