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My handful of 12th house planets makes me the worst person on the planet for personal marketing. My narcissistic streak is deeply buried, though my communicative 9th house Moon Uranus does like to be heard. Pulling the contradictions of the chart together into a manageable whole isn’t a quick n’ easy process.

Still my first crime novel is out there, so needs must. There are, naturally, several finished and half-finished novels sitting on ancient hard drives, which petered out as life got in the way or I got lost in the plot maze and in one case when the darkness of the anti-hero swallowed me up. To be honest I’d love to have had a play performed – not to sit through rehearsals and have it shredded line by line by director and actors – just moved seamlessly onto the stage, while I hid away at home.

Why did I write By the Light of a Lie? I’ve always been fascinated by the gap between public image – the glittering façade – and the private reality. In small doses, it’s there in everyone. Who they are out at work or on the social scene aren’t who they are in intimate emotional space. But for some, their entire lives are a lie, a carefully crafted false persona. They know who they are, they just choose to be someone different. For others whose memory has been wiped blank, they have the opposite problem – not two identities, none at all. Which is why astrology is sooo valuable. It nails down the whole person, including the hidden away parts. Not 100% because there is always an unknowable core. But 90% is better than the sliver of a mask you meet at parties.

So truth, lies and memory are the over-arching themes and since I’m addicted to crime novels, police procedurals and spy thrillers, the twists and turns, clues and the chase, that provided the genre. Characters? My first review (thankfully positive) flagged up how nice it was to have a strong female lead with a man in a supporting role. And why not? Fits with Jupiter in Scorpio’s surprising inclination to push women forward.

There’s a smidgeon of astrology in, more astro-profiling and geopolitical with an eye to the mainstream audience, for whom astrology has to be kept ludicrously simple. I first put finger to keyboard when there was a Sun Jupiter in Leo on the MC square Mars on a late Libra Ascendant; with a Water Grand Trine, focussed kite-wise onto Pluto. And there it is with a Sun Jupiter in Scorpio transiting the 1st, so cross fingers.

Anyway, the point and purpose of this puff is to say that if you do decide to have a look – amazon kindle or paperback – then I would be eternally grateful, assuming you like it, if would stretch yourself to put a review on amazon, since it all helps. Or even on goodreads. @ByLightofLie  Blessings.

18 thoughts on “By the Light of a Lie – hooked in Jupiter in Scorpio

  1. Wow. Congratulations Marjorie for an amazing achievement, something most of us could only dream of. I love your style of writing on this blog which is why I’ve been reading it for years! I really wish you every success! I will certainly check your book out.

  2. Truly wishing you the best with the new novel and based on your description of its theme, I will likely download a copy. May I also compliment on the consistently high quality of research and writing you demonstrate on this astrology site. Thank You.

  3. Wise Marjorie! Best of luck with your novel, I look forward to reading it. If it’s only 10% as good as your other work, it’ll be magnificent. All the best as ever, FW

  4. Sounds wonderful, and Like Alex, I also share your taste in literature! Will buy a Kindle copy and I know I will enjoy it as I enjoy your Jungian insights on here, always well expressed and with imaginative titles. Lots of luck.

  5. Many congrats, Marjorie! Have ordered your book via my local Barnes & Noble. My computer was hacked two years ago–a nightmarish experience that left me extremely wary–if not downright paranoid–of making online purchases. Also just bought Walter Isaacson’s biography of Leonardo da Vinci. So looking forward to some great reading by a crackling fire this winter, hot chocolate in hand. Love the title of your book–gives me goosebumps. Can’t wait to find out who will star in the movie!

  6. Congratulations Marjorie we have the same taste in books and I’ll pick up a copy in time for my Mexican holiday…maybe a piece sometime on the astrology of some of the Crime greats? Chandler, Hammett, Ellroy, Leonard, Highsmith, Connelly, Christie, and others? Those are some of my heroes anyway…

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