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Haaretz, the Tel Aviv liberal newspaper is in no doubt where it stands over Netanyahu’s strop about the UN Resolution against the illegal settlements, and indeed about the resolution itself.

‘Netanyahu Is Dragging Israel Into the Abyss.’

‘UN Resolution Is a Breath of Hope in Sea of Darkness and Despair. It’s now even more crystal clear: The world thinks the settlements are a crime.’

‘UN Vote: World Beginning to rescue Israel from itself.’

‘Santa Obama delivered a wonderful Christmas present to Israel when the United States opted not to veto Friday’s United Nation Security Council vote condemning settlement policy.’

‘Obama’s UN Vote on Israeli Settlements: Where Have You Been for 8 Years, Mr. President?’

Just as Netanyahu thought the coming of Trump would be his ticket into the promised land, it all fell apart. A Trump administration cannot simply reverse the stated will of the UN security council – backed in this case by permanent members China, Russia, France and Britain – any more than it can unilaterally scrap last year’s multinational nuclear deal with Iran. It is likely the resolution will accelerate existing moves to prosecute Israel at the international criminal court and may also encourage new boycotts and sanctions.

Commentator Simon Tindall wrote: ‘The UN vote has highlighted the extraordinary extent of Israel’s international isolation under Netanyahu. Even he cannot persuasively dismiss the unanimous opinion of countries as diverse as Japan, Ukraine, Malaysia, Venezuela, Angola and Spain. It takes a lot to make an enemy of New Zealand, but Netanyahu has managed it.’

The Israel chart does have tr Saturn on the cusp of the 3rd house, staying there for the next four years. In an individual’s chart this usually coincides with a time of difficulty in communicating with those around and of feeling cold-shouldered. Tr Uranus will square the Israel 25 Cancer MC from late April on and off till early 2018 which does suggest plans get derailed and a new direction has to be sought. With tr Uranus also on the cusp of the 7th and staying in that house for seven years, ruptures in relationships are likely.

By 2018 the Solar Arc Moon will conjunct the Israel Neptune which suggests a concerned and undermined population; with an insecure, explosive tr Uranus trine Mars picking up in 2018 as well.

The most recent Netanyahu Prime Minister term chart, 14 May 2015 11.05pm Tel Aviv, will start to wobble come February 2017 as tr Pluto is conjunct the Uranus and that runs for two years.

His own personal chart, 21 Oct 1949 9.30am Tel Aviv, is running downhill with tr Saturn now way below the Ascendant, moving by 2017 into its lowest ebb success-wise in 2017/18. Tr Neptune will oppose his midheaven in Jan/Feb 2017 which will make him directionless, perhaps mired in domestic muddles. By 2018 tr Neptune will oppose his 10th house Saturn, so it’ll be uncertainty and chaos. Plus his Solar Arc Pluto will conjunct his Sun in 2018; and his Solar Arc Saturn squares his Mars in 2019/20 – which is blocked and setback on his heels.

His relationship with Trump is not remotely easy with a composite Moon square Pluto Saturn Mars Sun. They’ll feel locked together and unhappy with it, with some sparring from April 2017 onwards.

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  1. He is not an enemy of New Zealand, but he should not threaten us, we do ‘dig our heels in’ and this is a very clannish country which sticks together through difficult times.

  2. Wednesday, I had an impromptu – and very passionate – debate at a supplier site with a Russian immigrant/employee about American abandoning Israel. The young man firmly believes that Israel is entitled to its conquest of “all free lands” and the liquidation of Palestinian tribal pockets. His “only solution” for the 2-state situation was to eliminate all sectarian pockets and to enforce integration. (I chuckled at this notion, recalling the reaction of forced integration of blacks into white schools.)

    The Russian cited all kinds of historical examples to back up his claims…but never reaching back further than the 1970s. His age was roughly mid-30’s. I disrupted his soapboxing by mentioning what the British Empire had done to the old Middle East borders and regions in the 19th century and in the years leading up to WW2 – everything had to be cordoned and partitioned using straight lines. I forget the name of the specific “parliamentary act” that triggered the erasure of the old boundaries. The young man then changed his debate from the US abandonment of Israel to the success of capitalism over any other kind of market enterprise, and why Russian socialism would never be successful – which fueled his decision to leave Russia and move to the US. A debate for another time 😉

    One of the reasons I enjoy my work (freelance contractor) is in meeting many folk from other countries. I recently worked with an extremely abrasive Israeli woman who totally believed that all real and perceived enemies should be nuked. I suppose that’s a form of a 60-second solution.

    • Larry, The Sykes-Picot agreement of 1916 during World War One was a backroom, dirty-dealing stitch up between the Brits and the French, then the superpowers, which shafted the Arabs and broke the promises made by T E Lawrence, who had rallied Arab (Bedouin) co-operation to defeat the final remnants of the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East. It carved up a goodly chunk of the Middle East with lines on a map, with no regard for ethnic or religious groupings. The Brits got Jordan, S Iraq, Palestine. The French ‘got’ Syria, N Iraq, the Lebanon. A good deal of the present mess can arguably be traced back to this piece of cartographical arrogance.
      The Brits certainly abandoned Palestine in 1947/8 in total disarray having made a botch of it. Ditto Yemen later, and India/Pakistan for that matter, as well as the African colonies. The damage that superpowers leave behind them ripples on for decades.
      Israel lost the early support they had from Europeans after World War 11, by a series of aggressive, ethnic cleansing actions against the Palestinians and have increasingly boxed themselves into a corner, so the problem now has probably no solution. 75% of British Jews believe the settlements are an obstacle to peace.

  3. Soltan, It may not fall. Israel has a formidably strong and enduring chart. It will certainly be under increasing stress and risk from the mid 2020s, peaking around 2035/36 when there may be an existential struggle – with the tr Pluto in Aquarius opposition tr Saturn In Leo, hitting on its Taurus Sun, as the same time as its Solar Arcs get very aggravated and dangerous. But the global landscape may be very different then.

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