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  1. Hi Marjorie. Serena Williams (Sep 26 1981, Saginaw, Michigan, 8.28pm) has announced her engagement to Reddit Co-Founder, Alexis Ohanian (April 24 1983, Brooklyn, NY, Time unknown) tonight. Don’t know if a wedding date has been set yet. Thanks 🙂

  2. What you say is true about celebrity deaths and rock stars tending to self destruct. But many of the years you mention of previous catalogues of death tended to be older stars of my generation who lived longish lives. We ols uns miss them but they didnt impact so much with the younger generation. Many of the deaths of this year were important ikons to my children’s generation who are constantly on social media sites, outpouring grief in a way we did not often do in my time. Is there something particular that happened in the late 1950’s and 60’s that is now being triggered by transits and sending all these people off almost like a group demise?

    • Not really. The early 1950s have the Saturn Neptune in Libra square Uranus in Cancer which will have been/ will be getting the tr Uranus and tr Pluto hard aspects. The superstars who went were very different generations – Bowie late 1940s, Prince 1958, George Michael 1963. All very different.

  3. Would you take a look at Michael Fassbender? He’s a quite talented guy, but all of his recent movies flopped hard and now he’s taking a “hiatus”.

  4. Now Debbie Reynolds has suffered a stroke following her daughter, Carrie Fisher’s death. I think 2016 should just officially bugger off now 🙁

  5. It seems like the end of year always brings celebrity deaths, although there seem to be more than usual this year.
    Is there an astrological reason? It seems like the turning of the year is an end of many a life cycle. Or am I bing fanciful, are there more practical reasons such as cold weather & added stress of the holiday season?

    • This year has gone nuts with celebrities from all avenues being called home. Even Richard Adams of Watership Down fame has left us today. Albeit he was nearly 100 years old, so not shocking, but still. What is going on? The only celebs we’ll have left at this rate are the god-awful, vapid lot with no talent to match their fame 🙁

        • Septuagenarian-hood and beyond is going to rock when we are in an old peoples home, larryc. All the young folk bringing in re-runs of The Kardashians, Teen Mom, X Factor, Duck Dynasty and such programs that defined a golden era that was just so, amaze-balls. We’ll get to listen to mood inducing quotes from awe-inspiring greats such as Donald Trump and Nigel Farage about how they created an incredible world we were all so glad to be a part of. And we’ll cry about it all. Because we can only hope for death sooner! Maybe that’s why this lot are bailing out – their creative, organic, raw talent serves no purpose anymore in this day and age. They are so bored of it all, they’d rather die. I know the feeling. I might follow suit but alas, nobody would mourn me, I’m afraid 😀

  6. Very likely off-topic but…as an experienced journalist (and astrologer), Marjorie, which forms of government seem to be most successful – independent from les etoiles: constitutional republic (US of A), monarchy, benevolent dictatorship, direct democracy? Do these suffer a critical mass w/r/t size of the country/size of the population? I hv heard/told that a democracy has a shelf life of about 200 yrs…before the rubes unwind things. Thanks!

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