EU 2017 – muddling through to the 2018/19 wake-up call

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The EU has just finished its second Saturn Return a week  ago, which is generally a get-real time – face facts and adjust forward plans accordingly. The EU Saturn is 3rd house, so discussions over restrictions on travel have loomed large, though in typical EU fashion haven’t produced much agreement or movement away from unworkable schemes. Tr Saturn will continue moving through the EU 3rd house till December 2017 when it moves into the EU 4th, adding to pressure for internal and domestic change, with more tensions erupting.

There’s not much on direct planetary transits in 2017 – some tough, undermining midpoint transits and a couple of upbeat ones. The Progressed Mars moving through the 4th does get tr Pluto conjunct at 18 Capricorn in 2017/18, so again internal aggro, frustrations and high risk.

By 2018 tr Saturn is starting its three year stint in the EU 4th, joining tr Pluto and Prog Mars there – so there’s a build-up of resentful, mutinous, enfuriated energy flying around the EU population. Into 2018 as well, tr Uranus moves into the EU 8th house of business and international finances for seven years which will be roller coaster, up and down.

The real challenges start late 2018 into and through 2019/2020 when a whole series of influences congregate. Tr Saturn will conjunct the EU Capricorn Sun. Solar Arc Pluto will conjunct the 2nd house Neptune; and the Solar Arc MC will conjunct the EU Pluto – that looks discouraging, a financial meltdown, and blocked with secret scandals emerging. But the real whammies will come from tr Uranus in 2019 and on in hard aspect the EU Fixed Grand Cross – first in opposition to Neptune, then square Uranus, conjunct the 8th house Moon and finally square Venus. That will de-stabilise the EU’s financial stability and provide a running series of shocks over several years.

What will be ‘interesting’ to observe is that Germany’s relationship chart with the EU is under severe strain at that point with tr Saturn opposition the Pluto and conjunct the composite Sun in 2019; with tr Uranus rattling the cage quite profoundly as it moves in hard aspect round the composite Fixed T Square of Venus Mars Uranus Moon, starting in 2019 and running on till 2020. Germany is very embedded in the EU and gains a good deal from an under-valued euro (from their point of view). But there will be enormous pressure on that relationship.

Germany, 1 Jan 1871 12 am Berlin, has the same axis of the UK and the EU, so like them has tr Uranus moving through the 7th which can indicate separation from partnerships. The Solar Arc Moon will conjunct Mars, exact in three months’ time, which suggests a shocked population. And there will be a sharp change of direction this year from late April into May as tr Uranus squares the 10th house Germany Uranus, repeating in November and early 2018. Tr Pluto will square the 7th house Neptune from early 2017 through 2018 which will raise major questions about commitment to close partners with a good deal of swirling confusion and a sense of devastation around.   In 2019, tr Saturn will move into the Germany 4th house crossing the Capricorn Sun which is likely to be discouraging internally.    And in 2019 as well, tr Uranus will conjunct the Germany 8th house Taurus Moon which will be a partnership split with financial consequences. The Bundesbank (Central Bank) chart, 26 July 1957 is also showing 2018/19 as high-stress years.

France, 21 Sept 1792 3.30pm Paris, looks less likely to change direction. There will be the final tr Uranus sextile/trine the France Pluto opposition Uranus this coming February 2017, which will attempt to instil new reforms. But thereafter there’s not much of note till late 2017 when tr Saturn squares the Virgo Sun. 2018 will show move movement with a jolting tr Uranus conjunct Saturn and opposition Neptune Jupiter, so it’ll be edgy but not a radical. The EU/France relationship chart isn’t showing anything like the ructions that there are on the Germany/EU relationship chart. There’s an unsettled tr Uranus opposition the composite Neptune Jupiter in 2018, but nothing too dramatic, really until 2023/24. The Banque de France (central bank) is having a sagging few years from 2017 to late 2019 with tr Neptune square Venus Mars; and a totally stuck Solar Arc Sun opposition Pluto in 2018/19, so struggling financially with a bubble-bursting Solar Arc Neptune conjunct Jupiter in 2010/21.

2 thoughts on “EU 2017 – muddling through to the 2018/19 wake-up call

  1. What about the Saturn return? The one that brought the Wall down and before that put the wall up,what will Germany’s
    next Saturn return do at this time?

  2. Thank you very much for the EU, Germany and France analysis, Marjorie. I hope that Germany does not suffer any more terrorist attacks and that the reasons for the shocked population and sharp change of direction are more benign.

    Reading the political runes rather than the stars, I was fully expecting France to go bonkers, while Germany is (and has been) the grown-up sibling in the party. I look forward to seeing how Germany manages the coming year. Personally, I am a bit fond of the country and I hope that it is not changed too harshly.

    I am tempted to ask if it is possible to cast a chart for the Brexit referendum as an event itself, to see how that chart interacts with both the UK’s, EU’s and with transits.

    David Dimbleby called the result for Leave at 4:41AM ( The official results were declared by Jenny Watson in Manchester just past 7:20AM (

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