Isabelle Huppert – on the crest of a wave



French actress Isabelle Huppert is up for an Oscar for her starring role in Elle, a well-reviewed rape revenge movie. Born 16 March 1953 2.40am Paris, she’s hugely prolific, having appeared in 100 movies, French and international, including The Piano Teacher, with multiple awards to her credit.

She has a 3rd house Sun Mercury in Pisces and an Aries Moon; with a 4th house Mars in Aries conjunct Venus in Taurus opposition Neptune Saturn on her midheaven – so she’s feisty, intelligent, well designed for a varied filmic career. Her Jupiter in Taurus in the performing 5th is in a confident square to an iconic and influential 8th house Pluto.

Tr Pluto is trine her Jupiter at the moment boosting her morale and suggesting success, though Emma Stone and La La Land are the front runners. Though anything could happen. Certainly she’ll stay on a roll for the next two years.

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