Anderson & Assange – two blonde Cancerians entwined

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In the age of parody nothing surprises. Although Pamela Anderson, the busty darling of Baywatch and Playboy Playmate of the Month, hitching her wagon to freedom fighter Julian Assange, still trapped in the Ecuador Embassy in London, is quite a mind-boggling sight.

‘He’s wonderful,’ she gushed in an interview. ‘I always thought I’d make a good First Lady. If I had to pick a world leader to stand beside it’d be Julian Assange.’ ‘He’s a hero and no crime has been committed.’

Born 1 July 1967 4am Ladysmith, Canada, she’s an activist herself for animal rights, against fur, supports AIDS victims and campaigns for the legalisation of cannabis.

She is a Sun Cancer square Saturn in Aries. Her Aries Moon opposes Mars in Libra is the performing 5th house square Mercury in Cancer, so she’s good at fighting her corner verbally.

Assange is also a Sun and Mercury in Cancer; with his Venus conjunct her Gemini Ascendant; and his Scorpio Moon falls in her romantic 5th – so there are good cross overs. Though her Uranus opposes her Saturn which isn’t so great. His Mars in Aquarius is conjunct her MC which can throw energy into joint projects or turn competitive at some point with ego-clashes.

Her Sun falls in his 8th making for a deep connection with her Venus in Leo is conjunct his Midheaven, adding a touch of flamboyance to his career; and perhaps helping him with his PR image.

Their relationship chart has the composite Venus trine Neptune, sextile Pluto – so a hint of passion, ethereal, living in fantasy land with overtones of delusions of grandeur. It’ll be unsettled by tr Uranus square Venus from April onwards. The composite Sun is square Uranus Jupiter which is adventurous and opportunistic, but on a definite damper from tr Saturn in hard aspect in 2018/19. Plus a ferocious and could-turn-hostile composite Pluto square Mars which will get triggered July to October this year.

The Ecuador election which could see Assange ejected from the London embassy has gone to such a tight result, that an April run-off is now planned. At that point tr Saturn will square Assange’s Pluto all month which looks blocked and discouraged, retrograding to oppose his Venus in June; and repeating both aspects later in the year. So not too happy for him.

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  1. That Venus has always seemed like Assange’s downfall, to me. Pluto retrograde transit to Venus certainly sounds like Assange might finally face that rape hearing in Sweden. At this point, he might even see a stint in a Swedish Prison as the best choice.

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