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  1. That Oscar Best Picture snafu!

    Probably great in the long run for “Moonlight.” Much more publicity — the filmmakers will undoubtedly be doing the rounds of the bigger shows.

    Great title for winning on an eclipse!

  2. I see American actor, Bill Paxton has just died from heart surgery complications at age 61. Pretty fine actor too. (Born May 17 1955, Fort Worth, Texas, time unknown).

  3. Hi Marjorie

    What are your thoughts about the upcoming Dutch elections? How will the eclipse hit the Netherlands charts? Another populist looks poised to take the lead.


  4. British intelligence operative and James Bond creator Ian Fleming?
    The great PM and wartime leader Winston Churchill?
    I want to see the photographs.

    • Me too! Yeah, I never knew about Fleming myself. I’ve just scanned some books and online and found Churchill was not there during the magical spells but was, by all accounts, a Druid himself and quietly supportive of Dion Fortune and her army of witches’ intentions to use magic spells to stop Hitler. Regarding Churchill: During the darkest days of the war, he took the advice of the mystical Tudor Wellesley Pole of Glastonbury and instituted the ‘silent minute’. At 9 o’clock every night on the striking of Big Ben, the nation stopped its activities and focused its collective mind on peace. This was a powerful magical practice, of which Churchill was probably aware. (excerpt taken from The Occult Side of War).

      Rumour has it Trump is quite high in the Freemasons, even higher than the other rumoured memebers, the Clintons. So, perhaps he might just tremble from the magical symbolism and energy that the midnight binding may send his way.

      Also, reading from one of my books (The Wizard’s Apprentice) about Hitler’s fascination with the Dark Arts: Just before WW1 he was bumming around Vienna. Fascinated with astrology, mind power and hypnosis, he wandered into a 2nd hand bookstore, of which an Ernst Pretsche owned. A short, fat, toad of a man with a hunchback, who was also a black magician, proceeded to teach the young Hitler all about the Dark Arts. Fate really set this match up, didn’t he?!!

      Ernst’s father, Johann Pretsche had been a botanist in Mexico and came across a blue-green cactus used by Native merican shamans. It was peyote, a powerful hallucinogenic, unknown in Europe at the time. When Johann retired, he brought back dried samples of the cactus to Germany. On his death, it passed to Ernst, on reading his father’s notes, and realized the potency of the stuff during magical practice.

      During Hitler’s ceremonial initiation, it powerfully altered his consciousness and threw him into wild hallucinations, that it was the first step on the road of brutal conquest and horror. This was the transformation of Hitler as a Dark Wizard. Or Lord Voldemort in today’s vernacular!

      It sounds so right out there, doesn’t it?, with all these esoteric connected individuals controlling the top of our society be they good or evil, like some kind of Harry Potter dimension that we normal, boring Muggles, know nothing of!

  5. Binding spell on Trump and his cohorts, cast worldwide at midnight under the crescent moon. Is going to be repeated monthly until his downfall. The singer Lana Del Ray brought attention to it; she is participating.

    It was at midnight, EST, between the 24th and the 25th. A binding is likened to a restraining order, and many are following the binding with a curse on Trump. “Immediately following the binding, in any time zone, it will be the Hour of Mars, at 12:04am, cusping from of the Hour of Saturn, just before, both are great for curses, calling forth the underworld” (Michael M Hughes at Extranewsfeed)

    Astrologically, was this ritual potent or a dud?

    • OOooh, is this witchcraft I see? How interesting. Never knew Lana Del Ray was into a Wiccan influence. Thought she was just another part of this supposed Illuminati puppet music stable like Katy Perry, Rihanna, Beyonce, etc (Their videos certainly keep pushing that symbolism a lot).

      Reminds me of Gerald Gardner and his people during World War 2. Wasn’t it rumoured that Winston Chruchill was part of this ‘Magickal Battle of Britain’ binding? Don’t know if that has been verified or just urban legend. I’d like to see those two binding events compared astrologically if its possible to find accurate dates for the WW2 spell.


      • For the life of me, I can’t seem to find the actual date for this WW2 binding event. Did find this though (godsandradicals.org) about those who took part, headed by Dion Fortune:

        Dion Fortune organized an extraordinary act of magick to stop the Nazis from touching British soil. She engaged the aid of several prominent magicians of the time, including Aleister Crowley, Dennis Wheatley, and James Bond’s creator, writer and British Intelligence operative Ian Fleming. She invoked the ancient spirits pledged to Britain’s protection, including King Arthur, Merlin, St. Michael and St. George. And according to some reports, the night that Operation Sea Lion was due to launch, a cabal of magicians gathered in the New Forest and possibly, it is said, at the cliffs of Dover, to perform a ritual to stop the Nazi invasion, including Aleister Crowley and one Gerald Gardner, among others. It’s said that the magicians of that cabal paid a very high price; most of them suffered from chronic health problems thereafter; two locals who may have been part of the New Forest Coven contracted pneumonia and died that year; and Crowley was dead within two years of the war’s end.

        I always personally found Crowley unpleasant for some reason.

  6. Hi

    Milo Yiannopolous is a Libra so is being hit a concatenation of planets in Aries plus Pluto and Jupiter. Pluto has released his unfiltered shadow but what do you think has brought about his downfall? October 18th 1983 Athens. I don’t have a birth time. I have met him. Say no more.

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