Iran & the UK – the long arm of militancy

The Iranian state is ‘now biggest threat to UK’ was the startling headline to greet Sunday breakfast tables. The Home Secretary’s office has voiced concern that Iranian spies are attempting to recruit members of organised crime gangs to target regime opponents. “It’s a big issue because they are getting much more aggressive and their appetite is increasing. They are very defensive to anyone challenging their regime and just want to stamp it out. They are increasing their agitation.”

  MI5 warned last year that Tehran had been behind ten murder and kidnap plots, and in February this year, the Metropolitan Police said it had risen to 15. Iran International, a dissident TV channel, was forced to stop broadcasting from its British headquarters after Scotland Yard warned it could not protect staff.

 There is pressure for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to be proscribed as a terrorist organisation to make prosecutions for incitement to violence and assassinations easier on UK soil, though the Foreign Office is uneasy about a diplomatic fallout making it harder to revive the international talks on the deal curbing Iran’s nuclear programme.

 The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps IRGC) is separate from the army and mandated to ensure the integrity of the Islamic Republic which includes preventing foreign interference and crushing “deviant movements” that harm the ideological legacy of the Islamic Revolution. Currently, the IRGC is designated as a terrorist organization by Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and the USA.

  Founded on 5 May 1979 its astrology does clash with the UK chart. A Taurus Sun opposition a no-compromise, rebellious Uranus collides with the UK’s Fixed planets; and the IRGC’s ruthless Mars Mercury in Aries opposition Pluto bears down on the UK’s North Node. The relationship chart suggests that while anxiety and suspicion are rife this year with tr Saturn in hard aspect to the composite Saturn square Neptune, it is 2024/25 when the tension will rise sharply as tr Pluto squares the composite Mars and opposes the composite Jupiter in a fight for the upper hand.

  Both the Iran 7 October 1906 and 1 February 1979 charts are an uncomfortable match with the UK. The relationship chart of Iran06/UK has another power-struggling composite Jupiter square Pluto and uncooperative Sun Uranus.  The Iran79/UK has a hostile-dislike Mars square Pluto, a distrustful Saturn Neptune; and an uncompromising Sun Uranus. Both relationship charts are being pressured through 2023/24.

 The IRGC will be revving up for a determined push in 2024/25 with tr Pluto in a confident opposition to its Jupiter but will be running into a major setback by 2025 with Solar Arc Saturn opposition its Mars.

  Iran has in recent years seemed a distant menace and the UK is hardly important on the world stage so why this should be brewing does seem more than odd.  

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  1. “According to a 2021 report by Freedom House, an advocacy group in Washington, DC, Iran engages in transnational repression using tactics including assassinations, detentions, digital intimidation, spyware, coercion by proxy, and mobility controls, among others. The report’s authors noted that these tools have been used against Iranians in at least nine countries in Europe, the Middle East, and North America.”

    There appear to be various links with criminal gangs too. The sooner the IRGC runs into the “major setback” you write about, Marjorie, the better. I’m wondering if next April’s Solar Eclipse at 19 Aries on that angry/military Mars/Mercury may shake things up. Tr Saturn in Pisces reaches their South Node the month too, which may emphasise relationships with other countries, bringing limitations or sacrifice. It interests me that the South Node is in Pisces, a sign sometimes associated with religious practices, and Saturn’s meanings of history, time, and karma could come into play?

  2. Why does this appear odd? I suspect the UK leaving the umbrella of the EU could be perceived as becoming a weak power in the world. Iran Revolutionary Guard /Uk Composite Chart has a Mars square Jupiter. In the 9th and 11th houses respectively. Religious order and groups are coming into play here. The UK may be seen as decadent to the Iranian Government. A corruption of divine power, turning their religion into a debasement. Mars rules the head, Taurus the throat, therefore, it is no surprise that groups will be spreading the word. As Jupiter the natural leader of the 9th house, Religion and Philosophy, is in the 11th house of groups. This is basic astrology bearing out a Religious determination for preservation of their way of life. The Sun conjunct the Pisces Descendant is another clear sign of a power struggle for ideology in Religious beliefs. The rise of religious groups in the UK would be seen by many as not to be tolerated in a Free Democracy. However, with so many aspects of who we are being demonstrated in the UK. Perhaps Iran sees us as a very real threat? Britain is a very different country to what it was in 1979, another serious consideration is transiting Pluto conjunct The Revolutionary Guard’s Solar Arc Neptune on and off next year. Britain depicts the West’s move away for religious order to groups of a more Uranian expression in thought. We are also one of the most, if the most, multicultural Islands in the world and may have many who sympathise with their thoughts.

  3. The BBC Persian service has long been seen as a thorn in the regime’s side with ongoing harassment of staff and their families. They would like nothing better than for it to be shut down.

    • And it’s not just the UK either. At least two Iranian dissidents have been assassinated in the Netherlands by gunmen hired from criminal circles. They also target them fiancially. I know of an Iranian family that was unable to buy a house because in the Netherlands you can’t get a mortgage if you have debts in another country so the Iranian banking authorities reported that these people had fled Iran leaving a huge unpaid debt behind them which was an outright lie but can’t be proved one way or the other, so despite having a successful business in their new home country they are still unable to buy a home for themselves.

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