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The Middle Eastern war drums are beating louder – again – with John Bolton in Washington stoking up the rhetoric – again – for an attack on Iran; and the Iranians saying they may now back away from the nuclear restriction deal. This is their response to Trump’s shock move a year ago against the advice of his own military and security chiefs to break the deal. Arguably he did so not because it was ineffective – international inspectors were adamant that Iran was complying to the letter – but simply out of envy and resentment of Obama for whom it represented the single biggest foreign-policy achievement of his time in office.

Iran is suffering under crippling sanctions and the USA is standing firm on imposing secondary sanctions on any European companies that seek to trade with Iran. The US has declared the Iranian Revolutionary Guards a terrorist group and announced the dispatching of an aircraft carrier and bomber taskforce to the Middle East.

The relationship charts between the USA and Iran 1906 and 1 February 1979 do look on high alert at the moment, later in the year and into 2020 with tr Uranus in an explosive square to the composite Mars and tr Pluto sextile Uranus on one; and tr Saturn putting up blocks and causing aggravation on the other.

All is not harmony in DC and the main US principals don’t appear to be singing off the same hymn sheet. Pompeo especially is in an undermining slide with Bolton until the end of this administration; and is at daggers drawn with Trump with ructions through the middle of this year and worse in 2020. Pompeo’s Term chart as Secretary of State indicates high tension especially July to September and again in 2020.

Bolton looks frustrated and trapped this year from a variety of influences though he’ll barge ahead bullishly nonetheless. His relationship with Trump isn’t showing signs of strain until 2020.

On the astrocartography Iran is not a winning zone for Pompeo, 30 December 1963 1.32pm Orange, CA since it puts Mars on his IC; and is fairly trapped and very expensive for Trump putting his Saturn Venus and Pluto in the 8th there.

The Iran 1906 chart looks in panicky-failure mode this year; though with a worrisome gung-ho reckless Solar Arc Mars opposition Jupiter in about nine months’ time.  The 1979 chart looks hugely unsettled, with possibilities of violence or major disruptions come 2020.

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  1. Fascinating analysis Marjorie particularly with regarding to the astrocartography.

    Bolton was a signatory of PNAC whose agenda drove all the warmongering of the GW Bush era.

    None of this bodes well for those major planetary line ups that are going to occur in 2020

    • An earlier blog post hinted at a possible nuclear exchange that time frame. One atom bomb can ruin everyone’s nice day.

      • Trump is of the original atom bomb generation in so far as like most of the people born in 1946 he has outer planets stationed close to their position when the bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Personally I dont like the way Trumps chart interacts with the national chart for Israel which again dates from the dawn of the atomic era. The angles of that Israeli chart are definitely triggered by the upcoming Saturn Synod. Mars crosses 22° Capricorn at the 2020 Aries Ingress in exact conjunction with Jupiter which I think is the ‘leading’ or oriental planet in the Israeli chart. It then goes onto make hard angles with both Israel and Trump’s Mars.

  2. conflicting accounts on this; from uk the independent

    “The president’s dissatisfaction has crystallised around national security adviser John Bolton and what Mr Trump has groused is an interventionist stance at odds with his view that the United States should stay out of foreign quagmires.

    Mr Trump has said in recent days that Mr Bolton wants to get him “into a war” – a comment he has made in jest in the past but that now belies his more serious concerns, one senior administration official said.”

    • If Maduro had left Trump would have claimed credit – he has to win otherwise it’s someone else’s fault. I just hope he continues to be wary of foreign wars. It’d be a disaster.

    • also it is coming into an ‘election epoque’. trump requires the masculine energy to maintain his base, for good or for ill.

  3. Bolton (20 Nov 1948) has natal Mars 25 Sag opposite Uranus 30 Gem, a very restless and often violence-prone combination. The current Mars- Jupiter opposition has been activating it, and as Mars finishes its run through Gem, he’ll likely become even more bellicose.
    (With his very ruddy appearance, I suspect his real chart has Mars rising — as with Trump, bringing aggression to the forefront.)

  4. Thanks Marjorie
    In the event of an assault on Iran I think it’s likely there will be similar action against Israel. Is there anything in their chart to indicate extreme violence in the coming months? I have Iranian friends and they detest the mullahs in Tehran, but the whole country will come together as one if there is an attack and the world economy will shudder.

  5. Dear Marjorie,

    Can you expand on the last sentence “The 1979 chart looks hugely unsettled, with possibilities of violence or major disruptions come 2020”.

    Do you think it will be external aggression or internal dissent? Is there a chance that the theocracy will fall?

  6. Thank you Marjorie. Truly unnerving. And truly unnecessary – unless Mr Trump wanted to distract attention from certain investigations perhaps?! Pray this insanity simply simmers and goes away.

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