Amy Schumer – a lively addition



Amy Schumer, the stand-up comedian and actress, was also delivered of a baby boy on Sunday night at 10.55pm in New York.

He arrived with an enthusiastic Jupiter in Sagittarius exactly on his Ascendant opposition his Mars in Gemini conjunct the Descendant and his Taurus Sun in the entertaining, playful 5th house, so there’ll be nothing shy and retiring about him either.

He has his Gemini Moon closely conjunct his mother’s Gemini Sun for a good connection and she may have a Taurus Moon which would, along with her Mars, tie into a lively connection with his Sun.

Amy’s husband, farmer and chef Chris Fischer, 19 August 1980, who has admitted being on the autistic spectrum is a Sun Leo square Uranus which won’t always sit comfortably with the baby’s Sun, but Chris’s Jupiter in Virgo definitely will. And in general having a farmer/chef for a father will be a cinch for a Taurus.

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  1. Interesting that royal baby Archie was born around 5 hours difference GMT. Many aspects are similar, though with different house placement.

    The Pluto /Moon Trine noted by Jennifer in the original baby Archie post is less than a degree in orb with baby Schumer-Fischer. He also has a 7 degree orb square of Pluto/Sun, along with his Pluto/Saturn conjunction. Pluto has a major influence in his chart, along with his Jupiter. They form a near exact semi-sextile, which ties them together. Only Mars is above the horizon (just barely), with Jupiter exact on the Ascendant.

    I would venture a guess that he will be Amy Schumer/Chris Fischer to the nth power.

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