Israel – standing on the precipice of forced change



If there were to be a flare up between Iran and the USA, the two main opponents in the Middle East, Israel would inevitably be involved. Already the attacks from Gaza on Israel are being seen as an Iranian attempt at distraction using their Hamas proxies. if Iran’s oil lifeline is all but cut off dealing another blow to an already disintegrating economy, the regime could strike back possibly first at U.S. forces in Iraq.

Warren Getler, a journalist on national security affairs writes in Haaretz: ‘Iran is laying trip-wires for a violent, costly escalation. America’s response will be determined by a besieged president, an administration led by anti-Iran hawks and a pre-occupied Congress.’ ‘Were it to transpire, make no mistake, this would be a very big war, one that could rapidly escalate into a conflict that would unfold in a much more violent and costly way than the two Gulf Wars involving the United States and Iraq from previous decades.’

The First Gulf War started with Saturn at 20 degrees Capricorn (same as now) and hitting on the USA’s fanatical Mercury opposition Pluto during the course of the conflict. The Iraq 2003 War started with tr Saturn in Gemini opposition Pluto was triggering the USA’s bellicose Mars in Gemini.

Israel’s chart looks highly unsettled as tr Uranus squares the 10th house Moon come 20th of this month into early June; and then again late October/early November and again in 2020. And is under considerable challenges with tr Pluto trine its incredibly fixed 8th house Taurus Sun at the moment and on and off till late 2020, as well as tr Pluto square the Ascendant and in 2021/22 opposition the midheaven – so a longish period of intense strain, forced changes to their image and direction. It’s not a country which will change or transform easily since its instinctive reaction is to bunker down and dig in its heels. It does have formidable powers of resistance. Though in addition to the above, tr Uranus will square the Moon this year, then Pluto in 2021, then Saturn in 2022, conjunct the Israel Sun in 2024/25 and square Mars in 2025/6 – and that will be an exceptionally rough ride with Uranus rocking the boat and forcing through change, some of it violent and with high insecurity. 2024 and on look peculiarly high-risk with a Solar Arc Mars square the Israel Pluto and then Saturn.

The relationship chart between Israel and Iran 1906 does indicate this month and July to September as on high alert with November/December also highlighted and so on into 2020. [Though NB – country relationship charts aren’t always a good indicator of war.]

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  1. Is he really ‘besieged’? It seems more that he is a clever Gemini. He is using that old line from I Claudius with the Zionists: “Let all the poisons hatch out” to ‘Bring Down Rome’. Trump is giving the Zionists all the rope and wars they need to hang themselves. He is a sly old fox and the Zionists can’t see his Gemi game. Will Trump get in again? Will he get assassinated in his second term by the ‘Deep State’ [London, according to Ron Paul]? Sea of Clay predicted a lot of this and seems right? The Zionists are having a rough ride from Jewish people. American Jews now 50% and rising refuse Israeli passports. 7 Jewish groups wrote to Trump to stop Israel’s money for terrorism. The Democrats won’t speak at AIPAC conference or lose the US Jewish vote as they see AIPAC as ‘A front for the arms trade’. And British Jewish journalists went undercover and exposed AIPAC, Stand By Me and The Israel Project’s recorded corruption on ‘The Lobby USA Parts 1 to 4’: It is Jewish People, not Iran or Trump who will reclaim Jewishness and Judaism from evil British created Zionism and British created Israel for mischief making and Military Industrial Complex coffers.

    • I hear you Sharon. I suspect Trump is a suborned president and owned by Zionists and other powerful lobbies, in the ME anyway. He is nothing like as clever as he thinks he is and my hunch is a lot of dirt from his dubious past is held over him, helping to influence and guide decision making, and no doubt enrich him and his creepy family into the bargain. He’s deeeply embedded with the Saudis too via Kushner and his daughter. He’s a two bob Faust…

  2. There’s an almost existential need for Israel to “take out Iran” and Israel’s all powerful lobby groups in Washington have been pressing hard for a long time to induce the Americans to fight that fight for them. With a seriously compromised, imo, US President at this stage of the electoral cycle, considering a second term and in need of a macho man gesture he may have been convinced by bad actors that a war against Iran is a/ winnable b/ good for his prestige ( and thus pandering to his infantile ego), leading to a sunlit upland of some kind. I suspect one of his marvellous “deals” has been struck with the Sunni oil rich states to pay for such a war, engineered by his ultra pro Israel son in law Kushner. All pretty grim

  3. Thanks Marjorie. I wondered what you think about the links between Donald Trump’s natal planets and Israel’s?
    The Mars in late Leo in both charts, plus Trump’s Leo ascendant (if accurate), and the Israeli Sun in Taurus conjunct Trump’s MC (and Algol)? Israel’s MC is conjunct Trump’s Saturn and Venus in Cancer too. Their ascendant in Libra squares onto Trump’s Saturn/Venus in Cancer, plus other links between the two charts. It’s looking like quite a web.

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