Inigo Philbrick – a paradise bust

Inigo Philbrick, the handsome, fast-living Art World Wunderkind with galleries in Miami and London who was making mega-millions double-selling the same artworks to different investors at engorged prices has been found. He fled the USA months ago as lawsuits mounted and was arrested by the FBI on the Pacific island of Vanuatu

“As alleged, Inigo Philbrick was a serial swindler who misled art collectors, investors, and lenders out of more than $20 million,” U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman said in a statement. “You can’t sell more than 100 percent ownership in a single piece of art, which Philbrick allegedly did, among other scams.” He’s now been dubbed a mini-Madoff after the Ponzi selling financier who was sentenced to 150 years in prison.

Born 23 April 1987 in Connecticut, Philbrick is a Sun Taurus in a controlling opposition to Pluto with his Sun also in a creative and evasive trine to Neptune and trine an innovative Uranus in late Sagittarius.  He has Jupiter North Node in pro-active Aries sextile Mars in Gemini.

Bernie Madoff, 29 April 1938, is also an acquisitive Sun Taurus; both have Mars in Gemini and Mercury in Aries and Jupiter quincunx Pluto.  But Madoff has an Earthier chart with Uranus, Venus, maybe Moon also in Taurus.  Philbrick’s chart leans towards Fire. Both have strong 9th Harmonic charts which tells what brings pleasure and is often notable amongst those inclined to financial scams.

He’s not looking remotely happy at the moment with his Solar Arc Pluto moving to oppose his Mars over the next few months which is scary, trapped and acutely frustrated as his life grinds to a dead halt. Plus tr Uranus has been elbowing his Sun opposition Pluto over the past two years and into 2021, upending his life and forcing him to let go control.

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  1. Guessing he’ll spend some time in a dark damp place with concrete walls and steel bars. Far from sunny Vanuatu with palm trees and sipping on coconut daquaris.

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